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How to Make Yourself Accountable to Yourself

When you make yourself accountable, things will change

To make yourself Accountable might be something you can agree on without any more in-depth discussions. We all have to act with a certain degree of responsibility in our daily life. But to make yourself accountable to yourself could change the approach in some way. 

You might be accountable to your boss at work, but are you accountable to yourself?

How often are you working until late, only to fulfill a promise to your boss? And at the same time, you postpone your personal goal, whatever it could be. Maybe you have decided to do something together with your partner or your children.

In these pandemic times, many renew the idea since a long time ago to start their own business. Maybe it’s a business idea you and your partner would like to launch, but the available time doesn’t play your way.

Do you regularly let yourself down or fail to live up to the standards you’ve set for yourself? Don’t worry if this is you. You’re not alone.

Most people struggle to behave in a way that is congruent with their values and goals. Most people make plans that they never follow or set goals they never come close to achieving.

This is a frustrating and ineffective way to live. There’s no one to Hold you accountable if you don’t do it yourself.

Be accountable to yourself, and anything is possible!

Follow these tips to master the art of accountability:

Keep a to-do list

Make Yourself Accountable to YourselfIf you don’t have a plan, you can’t hold yourself accountable for anything. Start each day with a detailed list of what you want to accomplish.

This list should consist of things that need to be done to maintain your life, as

well as things that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

The first step to self-accountability is a to-do list that you take seriously.

Make a schedule

 A list of tasks isn’t enough. When are you going to do each item on that list? What is the most important? What needs to be done first? Create a schedule and hold yourself to it. Start each day with a plan.

Review your performance

Review your performance each day. You can review at the end of each task or review all of your tasks at the end of the day. Make a note of your successes and failures.

What can you learn that will make you more effective?

How well do you feel about it?

What embarrassed you about your performance today?

Reward and punish yourself as appropriate

 When you do well, give yourself a reward. When you’re not performing up to your standards, punish yourself.

Most people don’t have trouble thinking of rewards, but here are a few ideas for punishments:

  • Don’t allow yourself to watch TV for a week.
  • Give money to a charity.
  • Don’t allow yourself to ride your motorcycle for a month.
  • Embarrass yourself publicly.
  • Snap your wrist with a big rubber band.
  • Force yourself to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week.
  • Make yourself watch a news channel that you despise.

Be clear on your goals

Your to-do list is largely dependent on your goals. It’s easy to sit around and accomplish little if you don’t have well-defined goals. You can’t Make yourself accountable without something to hold yourself accountable to.

What are your five most important goals? Make a list and review it at least once each day. Be able to recite them without thinking.

Have others hold you accountable

Have others hold you accountableWhether you’re training for a marathon or trying to buy your first rental property, let others know your plans. You might be more inclined to take action rather than suffer the public embarrassment of failure.

Who will hold you accountable without trying to sabotage your efforts?

Who really wants to see you be successful? This person could be a great

accountability partner.

It would be nice to be assigned a drill sergeant to hold us accountable each day. Unfortunately, we have to manage ourselves.

What would you be capable of accomplishing if you could hold yourself accountable each day? The sky would be the limit. However, we allow ourselves to get away with regular mediocrity displays and simply sigh as a response.

In one of my first articles, published almost five years ago, procrastination was the theme. The content back then is still valid, and it’s curious to see how procrastination and accountability go hand in hand. Tough words back then and they still remain up to date:

“Be a cheater or be cheated”

The First Step to Make Yourself Accountable to Yourself

First Step to Make Yourself AccountableToday is the day you can begin to hold yourself responsible in all areas of your life.

Be accountable to yourself, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

That little invisible monkey sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear that you can’t do what you pretend to do, kill it once and for all. 

Never before in modern time, so many at least start to think about doing something independently. That business idea that always has been there, and still is there, could be a reality right now. 

It’s curious, but every time there is a crisis in society, these business and entrepreneurial ideas pop up.

At least you should take time to figure out how to make such an entrepreneur adventure possible.

Get your free video series and find out how you can make it happen already this weekend.

Click here, start now….and make yourself accountable to yourself.


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How to Make Yourself Accountable to Yourself


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