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Before I went into labor, I heard so many different theories about the experience. "It is the worst Pain ever", "it doesn't even hurt that much", "its the best experience of my life". In my experience, it hurt more than any pain I've ever felt in my life.

I woke up around 7am that morning, feeling different. I had pains that I'd never felt before so I got up and luckily my father was standing in the kitchen. He woke my mum up and they told me to take a shower and the pain might go away. It was still early on for his arrival so we suspected it was false alarm. I took a shower and suddenly the pain was gone, so I went back to bed. Two hours later, I woke once again with the same type of pain but even worse so then I knew, it was time! I took a bath hoping that it would numb the pain once again, it helped a little but not completely so after about an hour I went and laid down in my parents bed as I stayed there for a few hours dealing with the pain. We drove to the hospital after getting permission and arrived around 3.30. By that time the contractions were so intense I started crying. So many different emotions flew over me, and to my surroundings, I was not pleasant to be around... haha. A little old woman greeted us and the first thing I said to my mum was "I don't want some old fucking lady"(I really am not that mean otherwise). Once we got to our room two younger women came in, one doctor and one intern and that was when my water broke. Little did I know that the intense pain I'd felt in the waiting room, was just the beginning. I had already dilated 7, so it was too late to take any drugs besides the gas and later on that did not help anymore. As the pain got worse, the meaner and angrier I got. My poor mother was trying to make me feel comfortable and I just yelled at her (Sorry mum). I even scared away the intern... poor woman. She had the guts to face me once again later on, but not alone haha. My labor went extremely fast, 2 hours and 16 minutes later, Little Noah was born. Instantly they laid him on me and the first thing he did was poop on my belly. Haha. The only other experience when it comes to labor that I've had before is what I've seen in movies and TV shows. So by then I expected my happy ending. I finally had my baby in my arms but no, it was not over. Next thing they did was put a shot in my leg, and then in Noah's leg. Then I had to get rid of the placenta. That thing looked so nasty! After that they had to check to see if I needed stitches, and of course, me being me, I did. They gave me an anaesthesia that did not help one bit and they stitched me more than they had told me they would. So then again, I needed the gas. After that everything was finally done, My friends Rita and Jesper came to visit and the doctors taught me how to breastfeed. I had finally gotten the happy ending I was hoping for. Around 11 o'clock I had to go stay at a breastfeeding "hotel" for new mums, and we spent two nights there. Breastfeeding was hard at first but now we are getting really good at it. Yay us!!

The picture was taken right after he was born when I finally managed to get on my feet. 

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