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Are you for or against vaccinations?

This is one of those subjects that seem to pop up all the time lately; should parents be forced to vaccinate their children? My honest opinion: NO! I believe that whether Vaccinations are life saving or life threatening, it is a human right to be able to say no to vaccinating your child. When I made the decision to vaccinate Noah, I was so uneducated on the matter that I trusted my doctor to 100% when she convinced me that it is the only way to let my son live a full and healthy life. After doing my research, I now wish I would've known better AND would have been better at standing up for my own rights. That does not mean that I am fully against vaccinations, because I believe that they do a lot of good a lot of the time, but I have a hard time understanding why a three month old has to be poisoned with them, and not just wait until they are older and their immune system is stronger?

The Pros of Vaccines

I don't think that vaccinations would exist if they did more harm than good, and people these days do get a lot sicker than back in the day so more vaccines are probably needed. According to nation foundation partner organisation, 2.5 million children are saved from diseases that vaccinations are said to prevent each year. In the long run, a vaccinated child is more economical than a seriously ill child. It can also help the future generation due to a vaccinated pregnant women sends on her strong immune system to her unborn child. Due to vaccinations, some diseases no longer or hardly exist anymore. such as smallpox which is no longer a needed vaccine due to how little of a chance it is now for children, or people in general to catch the Disease.

The Cons of Vaccines

As we make the decision to vaccinate our children, let us not be naive to believe that it is always for the better. With vaccinations can come very serious and life threatening side effects. These side effects can include allergies and pneumonia but also long term seizures, comas, and permanent brain damage. The ingredients are so harmful that it can cause kidney damage and it is believed that a lot of the time when people develop life time issues such as asthma and allergies it can be because the body is not made to be injected by such metals. Vaccines may work to an extent but they are extremely unnatural and not nearly enough as effective as natural immunity (breastmilk *cough*). Some diseases such as chickenpox and rubella can be treated in a much better and safer way than with vaccinations.

I believe that forcing vaccinations upon people is a human rights violation and that people should be able to decide for themselves once they know all the facts. Noah got vaccinated at 3 months which is in general the average age to get them, but I think that it is way too young! For my next child I will have more facts and I will absolutely wait a couple of years but since we are travellers, I will definitely stay on the safe side and give the recommended vaccines, but not at three months old.

What are your thought on vaccinations? Comment below! Lets have a discussion!

Look at my handsome little man. I just can't get enough of his cuteness. The photo was taken yesterday after his bath!

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Are you for or against vaccinations?


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