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The “NO EMF” Sauna Scam: How Infrared Sauna Companies Are Lying About ZERO EMF Levels

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Looking for a Low Emf infrared Sauna, and coming across sauna companies claiming to sell “No EMF” or “Zero EMF” saunas? In this article (and video), I show how I was duped into believing this false marketing. I bought a sauna that was supposed to be low emf, and turned out to be super super high emf, and totally unsafe. The next sauna I bought was a “NO EMF” infrared sauna from Amazon. While it definitely didn’t have the sky high levels of the high emf sauna, it was nowhere near a zero emf sauna, and the company flat out lied. I was determined to get to the bottom of this, and ordered several emf meters and learning how to test saunas for emf levels. After reviewing several saunas to save other people from wasted time and money, and getting zapped with emf’s, I figured out the racquet going on in this industry.

The No EMF Sauna Scam Explained

Every sauna that connects to a wall outlet, has some level of emf. Always.

We have people running around sauna groups with nothing more than a Tri-Filed meter, salesmen from the sauna companies themselves hopping on YouTube doing “sauna reviews” with a guassmeter that doesn’t test all frequency ranges, sauna manufacturers that know exactly where to place the meter to get it to read low, and I could keep going on and on…

Point being, there are a million ways to dupe desperate customers (because we are… we’re suffering and want to heal dammit!) into thinking a sauna is low emf, let alone zero emf or no emf.

Fact is, “no emf” doesn’t exist without distance. You’re sitting in a box that’s plugged into your house electrical wiring, you’re going to have some levels of EMF… it’s just the way it is.

But, and this is a big but, there are several ways I’ve found to minimize your emf exposure in a sauna, and several ways sauna companies are lying to use about their models being low emf.

There Is No Such Thing As “NO EMF” In An Infrared Sauna Or Traditional Sauna

Because of the way carbon heating panels are wired, every single infrared sauna on the market is going to have some level of EMF.

Now, to what extent, and whether or not that is harmful or not, really is determined by how much the manufacturer is being truthful in their marketing, and how much effort and profit margin they’re willing to give up in order to lower the emf levels in their saunas.

Things like putting the wiring in grounded conduit, using mucable for their emitter wiring, and moving the power supply away from the body, so all the electric fields that are generated from every single wire that runs to each emitter, isn’t running right under your butt (they’re usually under the seat), or worse, right over your head (they often put the guts of the sauna in the roof).

All Infrared Saunas Are Powered By Electricity (therefore, there will ALWAYS be some type of electric field… Any sauna company that tells you otherwise, is flat out lying to you)

Some people buy in the American standard of 40 milliguass for a safe emf limit. I think that’s way too high, and the Swedish safety level is 2 – 3 milliguass.

For me personally, anything over 1mg that I’m going to sit in close proximity in for over 60 hours, is a bit much. Sure, if it’s a temporary situation, or the duration is much shorter, I wouldn’t worry about it much. But for long term use, especially when you’re trying to detox or heal, this is a big problem.

Sauna companies very often will say a sauna is “NO EMF” if it’s below whatever level they deem the safety limit. This is often never confirmed through a real emf test with a decent set of meters, and this industry is unregulated so no one is policing them either.

We, the people that buy them and use them, are the ones left holding the bag.

Sauna Manufacturers Want You To Believe There Is No RF (radio frequency: a common form of emf found in cell phones, smart meters, bluetooth devices, wifi routers, etc… (I’m looking at you sauna makers!!!))

Some sauna makers have put some effort in to shield their infrared emitters from ELF’s, and claim to be a low emf solution for those that are emf sensitive.

Now normally I would think this is great, but after close examination of their most recent models, they put wifi modules in the roof, and bluetooth stereos right in the wall panel next to the controls.

So now we have a “low emf” infrared sauna if you took away the accessories, but now we’re beaming RF right at the customers in an enclosed box, likely with foil insulation in the walls as well.

If you know anything about RF radiation, it’s very easy to shield. In fact, it’s so easy, you can just use a piece of tin foil to knock it down 50% most of the time. I have videos on youtube that demonstrate this if you’d like to see.

So why is this such a big deal?

Well, the same way we can shield a wifi router with foil, is the same way sauna users are getting trapped rf inside their sauna from bluetooth and wifi.

You see, the metal lining of the insulation in the walls, traps the RF inside just like a faraday cage keeps it out. This makes the situation much much worse for would be regular sauna users with a sauna model like this.

Without shielding cages around this equipment, there is no way on the planet these saunas are low emf, let alone no emf.

Most of the sauna emf testing from third parties you see listed on a lot of these manufacturer websites, always has pictures of the infrared emitters sitting on the ground outside of the sauna. How do you think they’re able to generate the results they have in the report?

How Electric And Magnetic Fields Are Different Than Radio Frequency

This is a very basic description, but your emf fields come from electrical wiring, the earth, or some type of motor magnetics.

RF radiation, is usually broadcast in some fashion, be it a smart meter, wifi router, bluetooh module, and so on.

Of course infrared saunas can have both, but almost all of the cheaper sauna models do not have any RF radiation in them. They don’t come with bluetooth modules, no wifi so your phone can control the sauna with a smartphone app, and so on.

But what they do have, is ELF, electric fields. When you see someone with only an RF meter on youtube testing a sauna for “emfs”, you know you’re not seeing the full picture, and that source should not be trusted.

What Actually Matters In Your Sauna (safe emf levels in a sauna)

What truly matters in your sauna to make it safe for your family, is to have ELF levels under .5 milliguass in the seated position. Now this doesn’t mean that you won’t have higher emf levels elsewhere in the sauna, but the biggest trump card with emf’s is distance.

You want to make sure that if your sauna does have bluetooth or wifi, that is has a separate switch so you can turn it off before you get in it. It’s fine to use it as a preheat function like it’s intended, so you can turn the sauna on remotely before you get home. But once you’re inside, that needs to be disabled or your getting zapped worse than you think like I mentioned above from the foil insulation trapping the RF inside the container.

Why Most “third party testing” From The Most Popular Sauna Manufacturers Is Bullshit

I could generate favorable emf test results for just about every sauna I’ve tested thus far. It wouldn’t be honest, but it would look real.

Anyone can say their sauna is low emf, and unless there is some standardized method of testing one against the other in a regulated industry, how in the hell can these testing companies be trusted?

In short, they can’t.

Non Standardized Testing Leads To Inconclusive Comparisons That Are Unregulated

Unless you have the same procedures, with the same equipment, in the same lab, to compare every sauna manufacturer on the planet with, then you can’t really say that XYZ company has under 3mg emf levels in their sauna, while ABC company has over 5mg.

The results would be inconclusive every single time. There would be no control, no true comparison, and no accurate level testing. This is pretty much what we see in those fancy pictures now when you look at a sauna company’s “emf test reports” on their website that show different levels measured on certain parts of the emitter.

The one thing they’re not telling you, is the ELF (electric field emanating from the sauna) has as much to do with the wiring in the walls that power the emitters, as the actual emitters themselves.

So when you see some emitter being tested outside of a sauna, that is no even close to being indicative of what the true levels are when the whole unit is powered up.

Deception at it’s finest yet again.

The Only Way To Know For Sure, Is To Get Your Hands On Them Like I’m Doing (or watch my videos of the one’s I’ve been able to test)

The closet thing we as detoxers can actually trust, is ourselves. We need to use the same equipment, in the same manner, and physically try these things out in order to accurately tell which ones are safe and which are not.

I don’t know which models you’ve tested, but I’m ordering several models until I find a good safe low emf solution that I believe in. I still need to detox from my heavy metals from amalgams, so time is of the essence. If you know of a good brand that you’ve personally tested, let me know in the comments below.

Here Is The List Of Safe Infrared Saunas I Would Buy For My Family

To recap…


The Myth Of No EMF In An Infrared Sauna

Don’t buy in to the marketing hype companies importing from China are duping you with. There is no such thing as no emf in an infrared sauna. If it plugs into a wall, it has emf of some level. Whether or not that is harmful or not, is what we’re trying to find out in our sauna reviews.

Not Even Telling You The Difference Between RF & Electric Fields In Their “Test Reviews”

Most emf level reviews of saunas, only shows you one type of emf. There are three types you need to check: RF, ELF, and VLF. Leaving out ELF and only showing you RF is the oldest trick in the book. See the video at the top of the page here where I demonstrate this.

A Sauna Might Test Great With An RF Meter, But Might Have A 100 Milligauss Electric Field Right Next To Your Head That (they conveniently leave out of the emf test report!)

Be weary of these people running around facebook groups and youtube with a Trifield meter, with no idea how in the hell it actually works. Most people use the term EMF universally, and have no idea they could be talking about only one of three things.

Trifield meters are great for establishing the presence of EMF’s, but should be relied upon for accurate levels or reviews. Not to mention, half the people with a Trifield meter, don’t even know if they bought the weighted or unweighted model.

Thanks China

In short, China doesn’t give a fuck. You see it all over the place, and they will slap a label on any product for any reason if the price is right.

If a Chinese manufacturer says a sauna heater is low emf, half the companies just use that in their marketing, and don’t test anything or double check any levels.

In short, they simply don’t care about the long term health of their customers, and only care about selling you shit to make money.

The Bait & Switch: Low EMF Far Infrared, With HIGH EMF Near Infrared Emitters Tested Separately

This cracks me up, literally. Some sauna companies that advertise as “full spectrum” have separate heaters to achieve different types of infrared output in their saunas. NIR and FIR combined, often can’t be achieved with a single carbon or ceramic heater.

So while an emf test report might show a low emf carbon emitter, the other set of heaters placed elsewhere in the sauna are completely different, and very often high emf ceramic heaters.

Using An EMF Meter In A Non Standardized Testing Fashion… To Generate “3rd Party Test Results” That Are Inconsistent Across Brands

Unless the same guy, with the same meters, in the same fashion, is testing multiple brands, then how the hell can you believe that one sauna company has 10 milliguass, and another only has 2mg?

You see this over and over again on the forums, in youtube videos, in sleazy sales video comparisons… It’s the classic case of Sunlighten VS Clearlight, yet no one truly shows you the truth.

This is what you should be asking:

  • What meters were used in the test?
  • What settings?
  • What position were the measurements taken in?
  • Which model exactly?
  • Is there dirty electricity in the facility the unit is plugged into?
  • What are the levels in the seated position as opposed to the power supply, so we can calculate the fall off rate?

How You Can Fudge EMF Test Results Just By Changing The Testing Location For Radiation Frequencies And Electric Fields

As you can see in my video at the top of this page, you can easily fudge emf numbers if you know what you’re doing.

I can sweep a sauna all day long and show you low emf numbers, when in fact, the sauna has super high emf level right where you sit.

These idiots on youtube, forums, and facebook groups should not be trusted unless you see them testing multiple brands, in the same fashion, with multiple meters.

Trusted Ultra Low EMF Saunas I Have Personally Reviewed (and would by for my own family)

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The “NO EMF” Sauna Scam: How Infrared Sauna Companies Are Lying About ZERO EMF Levels


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