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The Top 3 Best Near Infrared Saunas On The Market

If you’ve seen my heavy metal detox article, you’ll know I started using Infrared saunas based on the recommendation of my functional medicine doctor to detox from having mercury amalgam fillings for over 20 years. What I like about infrared saunas, is getting the body to heat and sweat to induce hyperthermia, is the most natural way I’ve found to get rid of heavy metals… particularly mercury and aluminum like I have.

What I don’t like about infrared saunas, is the price, dealing with pesky sales agents who try to sell you a $6,000 fucking sauna like it’s a stick of gum, and just the misinformation in general that could potentially cause further harm to myself and anyone I let use my sauna. Point being, just because a sales agent from the biggest and best sauna company SAYS they have a low emf sauna, no off-gassing laminates, and on and on, can potentially be bullshit. This drives me nuts so much, that I ordered my own set of emf meters (very expensive ones I might add) and started testing them myself. It’s the only way I can be sure that some expensive hot box isn’t going to destroy myself by cooking me like a microwave when I use it 5 days a week. However, this is also a unique opportunity for me to help others, and put this information together for other people, so they don’t have to go through spending tons of money on things that don’t work like I did. Hopefully this will help you understand what’s important about a near infrared sauna, and which models will be best for you and your budget. By the end of this article, you will be able to have a much better idea of what to looks for in your infrared sauna, and easily be able to select a model that’s right for you.

Get This Sauna Book & This Niacin Supplement Before You Start Your Weekly Sauna Sessions

Update – if you are going to start sauna treatments, I recommend you get these two things below and learn how to use them. I learned about the no-flush Niacin from Ben Greenfield. I bought this and it’s helped me to remember to replace essential minerals and electrolytes when using a sauna multiple times a week more intensely. (especially because I drink distilled water as well)

Clear Body Clear Mind
A Book On How To Use Saunas To Detox Your Body

The Book That Teaches You How To Use Niacin To Get Rid Of More Toxins While Using Your Sauna

Niacin For Detoxing During Infrared Sauna Sessions

No Flush Niacin For Cleaning Out Toxins During Sauna Sessions

Top Rated Near Infrared Sauna Manufacturer Reviews

There are tons of sauna manufacturers these days, and further down below in this article we’ll cover the difference between near infrared and far infrared… Point being, not a lot of sauna manufactures market themselves specifically as being a “near infrared” sauna manufacturer, but instead call their saunas “full spectrum” and include near, mid, and far infrared.

With the exception of SaunSpace by Brian Richards, and by Denise, those are the only two infrared light driven, “near infrared specific” saunas on the market.

ClearLight – The Top Rated Low EMF Full Spectrum Sauna With Near Infared

Clearlight is at the top of the list, because I have personally been to the Hippocrates institute, and value Dr. Brian Clements recommendations, which are usually on point as you can see in many of these talks. They use Clearlight exclusively at the institute for all patients that are there to heal from various diseases and cancer.

Clearlight Sanctuary Infrared Sauna - With Near Infrared Emitters AddedWhile I still have not personally tested the emf levels on my meters with Clearlight, I still stand behind the fact that they are going to be one of the best low emf saunas on the market. They have a unique patented method of mounting their emf emitters back to back, which is almost like wiring a set of speakers out of phase, subsequently cancelling each other out. (I know about this from my high school days of working at a car stereo shop after school, installing head units, sub woofers, etc…)

Their older models weren’t quite as good as the new ones, but even top athletic endurance bloggers like Ben Greenfield recommend Clearlight, ans use them themselves.

One thing to note, is that the near infrared on a clearlight sauna, comes from two front mounted near infrared heaters, unlike the LED near infrared emitters behind the wall panels of other brands like a Sunlighten below. I believe this is superior in design, and also keeps the heating elements farther away from your body as well, for an extra layer of protection. (you don’t want near infrared bulbs too close to you for too long, as you can see in my DIY near infrared sauna building tutorial.)

  • Clearlight EMF Test Results
  • 2012


Sunlighten has been endorsed by some big names, and you simply can’t ignore the build quality. Even Dave Asprey from Bulletproof loves his, and several other notable mini health celebrities also endorse Sunlighten.

Sunlighten Mpulse Infrared SaunaRight of the bat, the one thing that I don’t like about Sunlighten opposed to Clearlight, is the price. You’re going to pay over $5,000 dollars for an Mpulse Sunlighten model, and the only thing cheaper than that is going to be far infrared only… which we don’t want.

There is no question that the build quality is worth every penny however, it’s just a matter of you deciding if this fits in your budget or not. For me personally, I’m looking for the best bang for my buck. If I can get a low emf sauna that will get the job done and get my heavy metal levels down, I’m in. While I like gadgets and gizmos, they’re not essential for me improving my health.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the Mpulse, is from what I understand, the actual amount of near infrared you get from a sauna session in a Sunlighten sauna, is less than 20% since they use near infrared LED’s to power that portion of their sauna.

  • Sunlighten Mpulse

SaunaSpace – The Best Near Infrared Sauna That’s Portable (great for apartments!)

SaunaSpace is an extremely unique near infrared sauna, and there is only one other company that offers something even remotely close to it on the market.

Saunaspace Near Infrared Sauna Kit - Portable - Affordable - Low EMF

Near Infrared Portable Sauna Kit

The build quality and bulb quality is second to none, and for anyone looking for a portable near infrared sauna, that doesn’t zap the shit out of you with ultra high emf’s like some of these portable saunas, you can’t go wrong with Saunaspace pocket sauna.

Now I for one, think $3,000 bucks is a lot for a non wooden sauna, but for the right person this is the best fit for getting a sauna fitted in your closet, spare room, apartment, etc…

For a lot of people, space is a huge concern, and stops them from being able to have a sauna in their home at all. And let’s face it, using a sauna at the gym is just plain… nasty! Not to mention, there are probably several good sanitary reasons NOT to use a gym sauna at all, even if it is just a Finnish style steam sauna.

  • SaunaSpace Pocket Sauna

For true detoxing from heavy metals, plastics/BPA’s, and other pesticides, you want a near infrared sauna or a full spectrum sauna for sure. Saunaspace is also one of the only near infrared sauna companies to be listed on the Dr. Wilson approved sauna list.

An interview with the founder of SaunaSpace:

Finding Saunas On Sale And Stock Warehouse Deals

Some people have asked if I know of anywhere to get closeout sauna models on sale, since money is tight. I don’t really know of any that I would personally vouch for or have used myself, but you might try and Wayfair for closeout/sale items. However, most of the exact same saunas for sale on Wayfair, are also available on Amazon… and I’d feel a LOT more comfortable buying one sold by Amazon in case I didn’t like it and can send it back. (just make sure you buy one that specifically says at the top: “Shipped and sold by”

Near Infrared Saunas On Amazon

There are also several other options that look good on Amazon, and are much more affordable, I just can’t vouch for where their made or if some of their parts come from China or not.

EMF levels are always a huge concern to me, and I might consider purchasing some of the amazon models and hand testing them in my home for you guys, just to help offer more affordable models that you can know for certain are safe to use.

After all, you wouldn’t put your kids, or a loved one in a microwave… so let’s not pick a sauna that does the same thing right?

At any rate, there are several infrared saunas on Amazon that have rave RAVE RAVE reviews, and their customers couldn’t be happier.

There’s even some really good reviews that I value myself, by verified purchasers who seem to have good knowledge of electrical and magnetic fields as well. This review of the JNH sauna, is really good, as is this review of the Dynamic sauna brand.

The only thing I would note about that first review, and I’ll quote it right below, is you can’t always trust a cheap Trifield emf meter to give you accurate emf measurements. I would like to see the same test with a higher end meter like the Acoustimeter and a UHS2 Gaussmeter. The important thing to know, is that almost no sauna is ZERO EMF… just remember that before falling for a “no emf” sales gimmick!

One of our main requirements was a sauna with very low EMFs. I had noticed other companies offered copies of their EMF certifications on their websites, but JNH told me the Intertek report was confidential so that was a bit of a red flag. Thankfully I happen to have a TriField EMF meter 🙂 JNH’s website states the heaters are tested at 0-0.6mG with “0” distance (right up next to it). With the sauna running, at the top of each element it does, in fact, test at less than .6mG. As you move the meter down the element they bump up to about 1.2mG, probably getting higher as it approaches where the power source enters the element. This is why I bumped one star off the rating. The bottom of the 4 upper elements in the sauna is where the main part of your body is, so really you’re being exposed to the 1.2mG of EMFs, not the .6mG. (While this is all controversial, most “safe” levels are considered under 1mG.) And while I believe JNH’s “zero EMF” guarantee refers to the elements only (and in all honesty, my thoughts are that this is misleading! It is NOT zero EMF. But it is generally pretty low.), be aware that the closer you get to the control panel or the power box, the EMFs are quite high–nearly 500mG for both. My suggestion–if this concerns you, sit mainly on the other side of the sauna! You could also put a huge chunk of smoky quartz or black tourmaline in the sauna to neutralize some of the EMFs. Overall, the EMF levels in the ENSI model are most likely much, much less than other models, which is what we were looking for. – J Slight

The Top 3 Rated Infrared Saunas On Amazon

Below are the best selling options of infrared saunas on Amazon that I would consider buying. Not all are near infrared, but not all of use have a near infrared budget either. I still believe some type of sauna is better than no sauna at all… just as long as it’s low emf as possible!

Keep in mind not all sauna companies offer the ability to add near infrared heaters to a far infrared sauna. So like above, when you see me talking about adding the near infrared components to a Clearlight sauna, that isn’t universal across all brands. I’m not certain if every single on of these companies offers both a near and far infrared heater in their specific models, or if they are all full spectrum options with mid, near, and far infrared heaters.

JNH Lifestyles – The Most Popular Infrared Sauna On The Entire Amazon Marketplace

JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Price Range: $999 – $2,400

Click here to see the current price of 2017-2018 models

Quick Specs:

  • No chemical build materials, no plywood, and no adhesive contaminants
  • UL listed components and ETL approved
  • Low emf models available

JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Saunas

Dynamic Saunas

The Benefits Of Near Infrared Sauna

As indicated by Dr. Wilson, near infrared sauna lamp therapy provides the following benefits, in addition to detoxing the body naturally from heavy metals, plastics, toxins, pesticides, and food additives from processed food stuck in our fat cells and lymph system.

  • Detoxifying internal organs
  • Eliminating bacterial infections, viruses, fungus, parasites, etc… from heat therapy
  • Stress management via relaxing the nervous system
  • Many athletes report an improvement all areas across the board
  • Increased energy (1)
  • Weight loss & cellulite reduction
  • Heals skin from the inside out

Why I’m Interested In Infrared Lamp Therapy And Use A Sauna

About 6 months ago, on 5/2/17, I had my first mercury amalgam filling removed. Shortly after the last one was taken out, I went to see a functional medicine doctor to find out why I was constantly tired all the time. One of the things that came up on my hair analysis, was heavy metals. Both aluminum and mercury were higher than normal, and I began taking supplements that help detox the body of heavy metals.

Mercury Fillings And Heavy Metal Detox

I wanted to try some chelation therapies, but was a little afraid to after doing a metric shit ton of research, and finding out that it can be really hard on your kidneys using certain chelators. So I opted to start using Metal Free instead, and began going to a float tank place nearby, and paid for individual sauna sessions. My very first infrared sauna session, was in a Sunlighten Mpulse sauna… which is a full spectrum sauna consisting of near, mid, and far infrared modes.

After my very first session, it was like someone had “turned the lights back on” upstairs, and I could suddenly think clearly, without brain fog. But those results weren’t permanent, and within a day or two I bask to feeling shitty again.

I would later learn that, what you see on a hair test level is not always an indication of how much of that particular metal you have in your body. Our fat cells store a large majority of our contaminants in the body, and getting them out safely can sometimes be challenging like in the case of mercury. But that’s where saunas come in, particularly near infrared saunas that heat you up from the inside out!

A near infrared sauna can make you sweat up to 6 times the amount of toxins as opposed to just sweating on a run or something, and not using one at all. Needless to say, daily sauna therapy is now on my radar and daily regimen.

Dangers Of Cheap Infrared Saunas To be Aware Of

Made In China

Wood Off-gassing

Not Having Low EMF Emitters

Poor Third Party Testing Of Magnetic Fields And Electric Fields (EMF Ratings Bullshit)



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The Top 3 Best Near Infrared Saunas On The Market


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