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A New Companion : Saint Lucifer..!!!

Chapter 1


“Writing Sucks..!!”

Even the spell check hates me, now why is it red lining ‘sucks’? oh wait, there’s an extra ‘s’. Okay so its me who sucks at writing. A blasphemous thing for an Author to say. Or not so much, after all, writing 3 amateur novels about the universe and blackhole doesn’t make you an author or a writer. Especially if you don’t sell more than a hundred copies.

I had always wanted to be a writer, but i guess it needs talent more than just printing out words. A writer needs a clear head that can think outside of this comic book stuff. Too late to go back now. I am 25, single and most of all uneducated. Well, I don’t have a college degree is what I meant. Not like I wasn’t accepted in one. It’s just that attending classes are a bore. I would rather be home and read some really good stuff. Like the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Now that is one hell of series. That guy was talented. Nobody I know could have such a phenomenal imagination, i suppose, and Brandon Sanderson ofcourse.. Then there was a time when I read the shit out of Harry Potter and Eragon. Also there was a twilight phase. Now these were novels people loved, they had something new to offer, somewhere new to take their readers. How could I ever, like, write about things that never happened to me?

I need to write about something that people want to read. Who cares about blackholes and universes anyway? Let’s write about vamipres, or werewolves. That seems to gather an audience on its own, some real good marketing done there. I would have to come up with a new angle with these creatures. Like, if they were to be real, how would they walk or move or talk or travel. What if they could teleport? Just appear out of thin air, no smoke no bats, no fur no capes and best of all, no sound.


Imagine opening a champagne cork, that’s how I popped out of my seat. I guess it was my heart that was dragging me up in the air. My eyes were shut so tight, the first thing I could grab was the pen stand on my table. Throwing it right where the voice came from, I dashed straight for the pillow to guard myself from whatever was coming. Before I could grab my shield, the pen stand came flying back, hitting me square on my head.

“What goes around come back around, kid” said the voice that had knocked me so hard in the head. Half expecting a vamipre thirsty for my blood, who had come to kill me because I had figured out their secret. I was a surprised to see an Old man with a puppy standing near the closed door of my bedroom. This should be creepy right?

“Who the fuck are you and how did you get in? Where’s my room mate?” I said, getting up from my crouch and quickly checked for anything that could be a weapon, either in his reach or mine. He sensed that I guess, and quickly held up his other hand, the one without the pup, in the air. “I am not here to harm you and your room mate does not know I am here. If you don’t make a noise, that is.” I eased up a bit and only then did I get a good look at the pup. He was very small and fluffy, and wfully quite for a young one. I somehow knew that he was male, knew it without a doubt in my mind. The pup raised his eyes to meet mine and at that moment I knew I wanted him. “Who’s pup is this?” I asked the Old man, whose expressions suddenly changed to that of intrigue. “Nobody’s till now. But i had brought him here for you.” he said as he stretched out the hand holding the puppy towards me. Not caring about the Old man anymore, I took the pup from him. He fit right into my palm. “He’s a St. Bernard, just so you know” explained the guest ” and he is your responsibility to take care of him. Feed him and make him strong. You both would need to be strong, when the time comes.”

With just that the Old man started to turn away from us. Me and the pup. “Who are you? And why did you give him to me?” I asked him. Suddenly the pup started getting uncomfortable in my hands. “I guess it’s feeding time.” said the mysterious visitor. But i could feel his heart beating as clearly as I could see. His breaths were getting heavier, not like panting but still it stirred something in me. Looking into my new friends eyes, I felt as if I could feel his life, his thoughts, his discomforts. He didn’t feel hungry, he was hot. “I need to turn on the A.C. and you need to spill some beans about this visit Old man.” I told him, with a threatening look which I’m sure he didn’t take seriously. I quickly flicked the A.C. switch with my free hand and turned towards the Old man, “What’s his name?”. “You can call him whatever you want. He was born 40 days ago, and trust me, he has been looking for you since.” said the Old man turning once more. I was transfixed with this creature. I felt like he was a part of me since I was born and its only now that I saw him for the first time.”I’call him Lucifer. What do you think?” looking up, all I saw were the bedroom walls and no Old man. Frantically looking all around the room, I had to make sure he wasn’t hiding because sure as hell I did not see the door open. What the fuck is happening..?

But I still had Lucifer, and suddenly my focus shifted back to what mattered most to me. Holding him, I could feel his every move and I could make out that his stomach was growling. It is time to feed after all. I guess we have some milk and bread in the fridge. “Let’s go Lucifer, make you strong. You are going to be one nice surprise for the gang. Won’t let them bother you much though.”, he slowly rubbed his nose on my thumb, like he could get what I was saying.

Looks like I would have to brush up my writing, now that I have two to feed.


A New Companion: Saint Lucifer.

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A New Companion : Saint Lucifer..!!!


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