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Acupuncture Points to Quit Smoking Naturally

Smoking is addictive and it kills. You are aware of it as is clearly stated in your cigarette packet but how many of us pay heed to the muted warning. However, deep down we are aware of the fact that we have to give up Smoking and it better be sooner than later.

The ill effects of smoking are intense as it reaches your brain in a matter of seconds, (10 seconds to be exact) as soon as we consume it and you immediately feel a sense of calm and positive energy. That’s the good bit but the bad bit comes when you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms as soon as the effect goes away and you itch for a second round of tobacco, getting caught in a vicious cycle.

Now you know the feeling of getting trapped and not being able to release yourself from this trap, the very reason why people want to kick the habit but find it difficult to do so, despite their best intentions and their best efforts. So, is kicking the smoking habit completely impossible? To answer the question it is very much possible to stub off the cigarette once and forever, provided you deploy the right holistic tools. Stimulate the effective Acupuncture Points to Quit Smoking Naturally and also use it as a handy tool to get over the withdrawal symptoms.

Activate the 11 Acupuncture Points to Quit Smoking Naturally

The below-listed acupuncture points help in detoxification and also help in nicotine withdrawal.

  • Tim Mee

The fear of withdrawal symptoms is sometimes so overwhelming that individuals give up the idea of giving up nicotine. The withdrawal symptoms include a cough, sore throat, irritability, headache, dizziness, depression, constipation, and craving for cigarettes.

The Tim Mee point is one of the chief acupuncture points to quit smoking naturally and relieve these conditions. It also lessens the intense craving for tobacco and nicotine. This will get rid of all the accumulated toxins and help in the process of quitting smoking. The Tee Mee point is located at the edge of your wrist right below the thumb. When you raise the thumb you form a gap.  This point is a finger-width just below the gap.

#1: Lung Point Acupuncture Therapy (Lung 7 or LU 7)

The LU 7 point is easy to locate as it is just below the Tim Mee point. Smoking has a far-reaching impact on your entire body and it also causes inflammation in the tiny airways and tissues of lungs. This increases your chances of more breathing and coughing ailments. The lung point is a very potent point as it relieves symptoms such as incessant coughing and sore throat. It will also help detoxify your lungs and nullify all the effects that years of smoking would have had affected your body.


#2: Ear Acupuncture Points for Nicotine Withdrawal

Auricular therapy or ear acupuncture is a very effective therapy for treating symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It proves to be a bane for most addictions and that includes alcohol addiction, emotional eating, and smoking. It makes you believe that you are still consuming alcohol or having nicotine. The ear points play a major role in helping you quit the addiction.


#3: Point Zero:

Once you start having nicotine and tobacco, your body gets used to tobacco.  But when you quit the environment in your body changes and the Point Zero point helps adapt to the changing conditions of your body.It will restore the homeostatic balance and your body will be more adaptive to the changing conditions. It is located in the outer portion of your ear.

#4: Shen Men Point:

This point is not only effective in reducing withdrawal symptoms from things such as anxiety, stress, restlessness and other emotional problems but this is one point you simply cannot ignore if you want to quit smoking for good. It is situated at the apex of the triangular fossa.

#5: Autonomic Point:

Imbalances in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems can cause major issues with your health. To restore the balance in your body and balance blood circulation that boosts brain activity and hormone levels you have to stimulate the point. This point increases your feeling of determination to survive and your willpower to quit smoking. It is located in the inner part of the helix.


#6: Oscillation Point:

Located on the outer edge of your ear, this acupuncture points offers you some relief when you are experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms and balances the brain disorders linked to both the left and right side of your brain. Quitting smoking is tough but you get great relief from the emotional disturbances you face after giving up smoking, just by massaging this point.

#7: Tranquilizer Point:

Another point located on the outside lower edge of your ear, this works beautifully as it calms you down and also relaxes you. Once your mind is calm and relaxed it will help you to deal with things better that include quitting smoking.

#8: Endocrine Point:

Located just below the tranquilizer point it provides great relief from hypersensitivity the emotional imbalances especially noticed in people who quit smoking. It stimulates the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is located in the brain and governs a lot of ailments such as rheumatism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus and also some types of sexual dysfunction.

#9: Master Cerebral:

This point is located in the absolute lower edge of the soft portion of your ear. You can control many ailments such as anxiety, fear, poor memory, disturbed sleep, and pessimistic thinking. These are some of the important health problems that you can get rid of, with the master cerebral point. Apply constant pressure to this point and will help you to cope better with some of the withdrawal symptoms.


#10: Thalamus point:

This point is located in one and a half finger widths away from the endocrine point, towards the inner lobe of your ear. This point helps sort out many emotional issues such as providing relief in anxiety, nausea, depression, and elevated levels of blood pressure.

#11: Allergy Point:

Too many toxins get accumulated in the body as a result of the smoking habit. By massaging the allergy acupuncture point, you help your body get rid of these toxins.

Gradually decrease the number of cigarettes a day.  Daily acupuncture therapy on your ears for 3-4 minutes can provide you relief and reduce your craving for nicotine. Keep at it, and it won’t be long before you give up the habit altogether.

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Acupuncture Points to Quit Smoking Naturally


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