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Quit Belly-Aching About Your Belly-Ache, Fix It

Dealing with tummy trouble? There are a lot of causes for stomach aches and a lot of them aren’t all that serious. However, there is some cause for concern. Stomach issues might not just be because you ate some bad prawns. They can be linked to your overall gut condition, mental and emotional health, and can even be a warning sign that you need help immediately. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common causes and what to do about them.

Trouble down-under

It should be no surprise that stomach pains are most often related to problems in the abdomen, overall. If you experience bloating at the same time, it might just be a case of trapped wind which is easily solved with over-the-counter relief. If you also diarrhea, it might be gastroenteritis caused by food poisoning or caught by someone else which should pass on its own. If these are recurring issues, however, then you might be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotics for IBS do more than targeting the individual symptoms like other medications might. They also look at the gut health that plays a huge factor in how severe your IBS gets. Beyond medication, IBS might mean you need to start keeping track of foods that lead to the symptoms named above, as many people have individualized triggers that they must learn to avoid.


Trouble up-above

There’s the old stereotype that stressing out leads to heartburn, Stomach Ulcers, and pain. That’s no stereotype. Stress does very real damage to the body. In particular, it causes the stomach to shut down thanks to the body’s response to the fight-or-flight situation happening in the brain. If you’re feeling under pressure, having sleep problems, or generally irritable alongside your stomach aches, then stress might be the main culprit. Beyond seeking therapeutic methods of dealing with stress, try to locate the areas of your life that those pressures are coming from and find a way to either solve those problems or remove yourself from them. A lot of modern stress, for instance, comes from taking on too much at work. Think if you need to scale back some of your responsibilities. It’s not an easy choice but your health should always come first.


When in doubt, get checked out

You should be seeing a doctor if your stomach ache is recurring so you can see if it’s down to IBS, Celiac disease, lactose intolerance or any other issues. But you should also book an emergency appointment if that stomach ache is debilitatingly painful or anywhere near that level of discomfort. Bleeding stomach ulcers, appendicitis, and inflammation of the gallbladder are all serious issues that can lead to major complications, but quick treatment or surgery can provide immediate relief with short recovery times.


A stomach ache that lingers, keeps coming back or causes severe pain should never be ignored. The above points can point you in which direction you might have to treat it, but you should always get the doctor involved so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

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Quit Belly-Aching About Your Belly-Ache, Fix It


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