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Tips to Become a Good Photographer

One of the main reasons we take Photographs is to ensure that our memories of the people and the places we have met and seen never change, even when those people and places do. The latest technology and powerful cameras on phones such as the one that you get with the iPhone 6 ensure that most of us don’t worry too much about the quality of the photographs. They are just a way to preserve memories.

However, not all of us are content with merely taking photographs. Some of us see these new tools as a means of taking better photographs. This means that among other things, you will need to study composition and experiment with the photographs that you take. Here are some tips that can help you become a better photographer.

Focus on Learning

The biggest mistake a lot of people make, particularly when it comes to photography, is that they go and buy the most expensive cameras and lenses they can find, mistakenly believing that this is what will ensure good photographs. They couldn’t be more wrong. If you want to become a good photographer, learn the techniques that professional photographers discuss and practice them. Study the greatest photographs ever taken. Experiment with a “mere” camera phone and study ways in which you can improve the composition. For example, don’t put the primary image in the center of the photograph. Move it over to one side and see how intriguing the photo becomes.


Shoot at Twilight

Some of the best photographs are generally taken in the twilight hours – either just before sunset or shortly after dawn. Regardless of the setting, be it a beach or a mountain or a desert, the lighting ensures that you take some very interesting photos. The light at such times plays around the features in the landscape, creating some very unusual effects. Try to capture these effects with the unique colors of the sky as the background to the photograph.


Take Photographs of “Ugly” Things

Look at the ‘ugly’ side of life for inspiration. Take photographs of objects that aren’t usually considered appealing when it comes to aesthetics. The mess in the kitchen sink, the plastic cups in the recycling bin or even a vacant lot can act as your subject. Experiment with lighting and composition. If you can make such a photo look good, you are on your way to becoming a skillful photographer!


Restrict Yourself

Instead of carting along your amazing DSLR camera along with all its gee whiz lenses, you could just take your iPhone along and take photographs using that. On the other hand, instead of restricting your gear, you could restrict your subject matter. For a week, only take photographs of trees or animals. All of this means that when you’re taking the photographs, you’re going to be very careful about the angle of the photograph and its composition. You will have to find unique shots and that is a skill that you can apply once you’ve removed the restrictions.

Go for an Art Class

Not for nothing is photography known as an art. It requires a lot of understanding of depth, perspective, contrasts and shading. These are all factors that go into the composition of a good photograph. Going to an art class will help you get a better understanding of all these aspects. You will be able to put yourself in the middle of your photograph and understand the differences between the shots of a landscape and a city street. Your technique will improve as now you have a better idea of composition.


Change Your Positions

For most of us, it is instinctive to lift the camera to eye level and take the shot. However, when you change your perspective, the possibilities open up. So change your position. Lie down, sit on a step stool, or bend to one side. Change your position and you will change the way your photograph appears. What may appear mundane from eye level may end up being totally mesmerizing when shot from below.

Another thing to remember is that there will be shots that you think are not good. You may discount them as fails and want to delete them. Don’t do this. Sometimes the same shot that you felt was mediocre today shows its brilliance when you view it with more experience under your belt.

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Tips to Become a Good Photographer


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