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7 Types of People you’ll Meet while Traveling

Traveling isn’t expensive. You can explore cities, beaches, and other destinations for cheap. It can take a whole lot of your savings but we’re telling you: traveling makes you richer.

Yes, Traveling can drain your wallet but we could all agree that after your trip to Europe or Southeast Asia, you’ve become a better person. And that the experience is worth every single penny; plus, there nothing else you can buy that can make you richer mentally and socially.

As you go on your journey, you’ll cross paths with plenty of travelers: some you may get in touch with for a lifetime, some may push your patience. Regardless, it’s one of the things that makes traveling memorable—meeting different people from all walks of life. Here are the types of people you’ll meet along the way.

The Party-goer

Looking for someone who can tag along with you at a spontaneous night out? This person is the one to look for. The party-goer is up for anything and everything anytime, and they know where the good clubs scenes are. Also, if you’re not much of a partier, better stick to this one for s/he knows what’s up.

This person has traveled far and many; each trip, they don’t lose the chance to check out the local pubs/clubs to get the feel of how the people there go about with their night outs. Chances are you’ll have a great bonding experience with this one, watching the sunrise after a great night of partying.


The Local Adventurer

It’s great to meet locals as you go on your adventure; to be friends with one is like having a tourist guide with you. If you meet one in your travel, hold onto them dearly.

Local travelers are the ones whom you can rely on. Some maybe the same as you, new to the destination you both are in, but with the city/country’s culture, they are knowledgeable enough—from the best local beers to the must-try food dishes. Get local insights about the city, the beauty of it and its downsides (all nations have it), learn their language, learn their traditions, get to know their perspective about things. Being with a local will make your experience 100% better.


The Luxurious Traveler

Budget travelers may have met a few of these people. You know their type—stays at 5-star hotels, dines inexpensive restaurants, a splurge in every trip, etc. When you ask what plans they have for the day, chances are it’s going to be an extensive list of costly activities and food. Nonetheless, they’re great to hang out with.


The Newbie

From the name itself, these people are new to going on adventures; whether alone or with a group, they’re new to the game. They may seem unsure about certain things, but one thing’s for sure—they love learning about the fundamentals of traveling.

These people are fun to be around with. They’re always excited and enthusiastic. Every meal will taste the best and during long bus trips, you’ll find them awake looking at a map, staring outside the windows appreciating the view, and always seem to be surprised at certain things long-time travelers wouldn’t think so otherwise.

The Planner

It’s hard getting this person to come with you to hike up a mountain since they already have plans laid out. They have a well-researched and well-scheduled itinerary that covers everything they want to see and do. Squishing in an impromptu activity can be a real deal-breaker for them.

Though they have a downside since they’re too organized for adventurers, having a planner to hang around with isn’t bad after all. If you have no plans, they got you covered. They might even take you to places you haven’t been to yet or never plan to. But with their knowledge of geography, organization skills, and the likes, you’re safe with them around.


The Clingy Soloist

Solo travelers are admirable; they’re independent and cool people who aren’t afraid to walk the earth by themselves. They are sociable and knows how to go about their way.

However, since they’re flying solo, they can be a little too clingy sometimes. You’ll realize this when you hear them ask about your day plans and invite themselves to come along. Not all solo travelers are like this though so it’s important to be aware. If you don’t want them to tag along, there’s no need to be rude. Just tell them you have plans as a group, and they might feel left out if they do come with you. Tell them politely and surely they’ll understand.


The Bragger

“I’ve been there as well..”, “I know some place better…”, “That’s great, but I have a better story to tell…” Basically, everything this person says exclaims: “Me! Me! Me!” you’ll spot the type when someone’s sharing a travel story and they’ll cut them to share how better his/her experience was. They can be fun but there’s no denying they can be pretty annoying.

What other types of people you’ve met and make friends with while on your travel journey? Share it with us!

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7 Types of People you’ll Meet while Traveling


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