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Hacking Your Space: Giving The Office An Overhaul

Are you running a very dull office? Does it need a new look? Or is the place falling apart? It could be time you need to look at where you work. How are the Staff feeling? It may not be appealing for your members of staff if you have them working in a line of desks, or you’re not giving them the opportunity to relax in a suitable space. Workplace morale is a key factor to the productivity of businesses, and if workers are happy their work productivity will go up. Here are some ways to give your office a kick and give it some style while also improving the workplace environment & also these below hacking your office space, giving the office an overhaul.

#1: Create Open Spaces

Working in an open area helps for increased communication between colleagues. It gives everyone the opportunity to see each other clearer and can reduce the claustrophobic feeling that a lot of offices have and can make staff feel safer in their environment. Having an open plan office is becoming more popular these days, so go with the grain.

#2: Decorate Your Space

Sometimes just adding a dollop of color to your workplace can elevate its appearance. Going for soothing and neutral colors like blues and greens (instead of harsh reds) can help create a more relaxed environment. Increasing the amount of light in a space works wonders also, as those long artificial light panels tend to make an area look very dull.

The more cooler startups also have pictures by new artists, photographs and even sculptures dotted around the office. So in addition to changing your commercial door hinges, change the feel by decorating.


#3: Give The Staff Access To Leisure Activities

A trend by the big online companies is to have games like air hockey and pool available. If a member of staff is feeling burnt out by overworking, they can take their mind off the issues and have a bit of fun. While it may feel counterproductive to have games in the office and potentially distract employees from their work, it has been known that actually having access to these games increases productivity. Get a pool table and see what happens!

#4: Remove The Cubicles And Walls

One for any office. Watching people pop their heads up over their cubicle wall like a meerkat that’s just heard their name may mean that people are focused on their work. But having people isolated to their own space doesn’t work for a company that needs to promote the ability to work well. Removing the walls will open up the floor and make for easier communication between staff members.


#5: Create A “Chillout” Space

Having a space where people can go and relax that is not the lunchroom is very important for staff’s overall wellbeing. Decorating a dedicated space that is not littered with work slogans, figures and statistics aids in creating a calm mindset. If a member of staff is feeling overwhelmed by work, home problems and is not able to focus, they can go and spend 15 minutes there. Ways to decorate a chill out space would be to put relaxing chairs or beanbags down, have a music player with various types of music to suit people’s needs, and to put nice pictures on the wall.

#6: Install Standing Desks

Another popular trend with offices. With the rise of health conditions and the news that sitting down all day may very detrimental to our health! Installing standing desks are a way to combat this. The health benefits for the employee are varied, from encouraging a less sedentary lifestyle to an increase in productivity. It might be time to think about putting those chairs to one side in favor of getting people on their feet.


#7: Health Foods

If people are stressed or tired, they will go for the quick fix and get a sugary drink or chocolate snack from the machine, this will only provide a quick fix. Having a snack full of sugar will provide an energy spike followed by a fall. Replacing the soda machines with water and healthy drinks, healthy working environment, and adding healthy snacks like nuts and seeds, will serve to reduce that mid afternoon slump after lunch.

#8: Upgrade To The Cloud

Many companies are switching from a typical I.T. infrastructure to a cloud based system. The benefits of doing this range from helping the environment – it takes less resources to compute information, to storage – the cloud can store much more data, eliminating worries about running out of storage space. Cost is reduced also as the businesses does not need to keep upgrading their computer hardware on a regular basis.

#9: Work Outings

If your workers are more like friends than employees, half the battle is won. If people feel relaxed around a manager, it can be argued that a healthy dialogue between colleagues is opened. A way to maintain a healthy dialogue is to have regular meetups outside of the work environment. Doing this, you can cement the bond between colleagues, or even start a bond between people who have never spoken apart from to borrow the stapler. Having regular work socials also gives people the opportunity to let their hair down.


#10: Upgrade Internet Speed

Increasing your internet connection speed makes sense from a cost perspective and a productivity one. Every day there is some sort of internet connect-ability issue for most businesses. This can be because the connection is too weak to sustain the amount of computers. If your internet speed is causing complaints from staff, the amount of time that it takes for them to resolve the issue can lead to issues in deadlines not being hit. That, in turn, leads to extra business costs and time wasted.

A Sense Of Humor

This can go a long way. While it is not a physical attribute to increase productivity, try and do a funny doodle on the writing board, or have a “joke of the day” competition. A sense of humor will make people not take things too seriously, and enjoy their day more. This results in a better environment to work in.

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Hacking Your Space: Giving The Office An Overhaul


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