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Miracle Farm Blueprint Review

The Miracle Farm Blueprint is a series of eBook PDF files sold online for $39.97 USD. The eBooks promise to teach you how to make a survivalist farm in your own home. Here’s our review.

What is The Miracle Farm Blueprint?

The Miracle Farm Blueprint is a series of downloadable eBooks that teach you various tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to implement sustainable farming in your own home.

The Miracle Farm Blueprint claims to “hold the key to your survival and the wellbeing of your entire family.” Like many other products marketed towards survivalists, Miracle Farm Blueprint spends a significant amount of time convincing you that the world is going to end and your family is in serious danger if you don’t follow the exact lessons in this book.

The author of the book, Michael, claims that the lesson inside Miracle Farm Blueprint “blows the doors off any other survival plan” and claim to be a “miracle system” developed as part of a “global initiative” to feed “the most severe disaster hit zones on the planet.”

Basically, the idea behind Miracle Farm Blueprint is that you can learn how to create a small farm capable of feeding your family for decades. That farm can grow delicious, protein-rich, vitamin-packed food in any environment. It’s a hydroponic system that combines a garden with a fish tank and a water filtration system.

Does that sound too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the lessons included inside Miracle Farm Blueprint.

How Does Miracle Farm Blueprint Work?

Miracle Farm Blueprint claims that it will work “even if you live in a barren desert or frozen tundra.” It also claims that it will work even if you have no farming or construction experience.

Michael says the system will cost “almost nothing” to get and is capable of running on autopilot “year after year after year”. By implementing the farming system today, you’ll never have to spend another dime on food ever again – so it can be useful even if you’re not in a post-apocalyptic situation.

Best of all, the system claims to give you 6 times as much food as conventional farming while using 90% less water.

One of the first rules of the internet is that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. The problem with Miracle Farm Blueprint is that the author explains nothing about how this system works upfront. He just makes enormous, impossible claims and expects you to believe them before you buy the book.

Michael never gets around to explaining how his system works (until you actually buy the book). However, we know some key features of the system, including:

— You use red wiggler worms in your garden to enrich the soil. These worms add key nutrients and “richness” to the soil.

— That soil then produces fruits and vegetables.

— You use those fruits and vegetables to feed the fish.

— The fish fertilize the plants.

— A continuous built-in filtration system produces endless clean water.

— The cycle repeats, allowing you to produce self-sustaining food year after year.

That’s how you get protein, organic fruits and vegetables, and clean drinking water from an at-home garden system. It’s a hydroponic system mixed with organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and fish farming.

What’s Included with Miracle Farm Blueprint?

Miracle Farm Blueprint includes the core blueprint eBook along with a number of other books:

— Miracle Farm Blueprint

— Bonus #1: Emergency Preparation – How to Take Care of your Family When Disaster Strikes

— Bonus #2: Emergency Drinking Water – How to preserve your supply of water and manage your emergency drinking water in an end-of-the-world situation.

— Bonus #3: The Survival Guide to Canning and Preserving – How to preserve all the fruits, vegetables, and fish you’re making with your sustainable garden system.

Miracle Farm Blueprint Pricing

Miracle Farm Blueprint is priced at $39.97.

That price gives you the core Miracle Farm Blueprint along with the three bonus texts listed above. There is no physical product with this purchase: it’s just a bunch of PDF files delivered to your email inbox after your purchase is confirmed.

Payments can be made using any major credit card. They’re processed through well-known online eBook retailer Clickbank.

Should You Use Miracle Farm Blueprint to Protect your Family?

The sales page for Miracle Farm Blueprint tries to convince you that you’re a bad provider for your family if you don’t implement this miracle farming system immediately.

But there are some major red flags around Miracle Farm Blueprint. First, the author of the program, Michael, doesn’t provide any details about himself, his background, or his qualifications.

Second, the program doesn’t list the actual cost of the “miracle farming system” you’re going to build. However, considering it involves a large fish tank, hydroponic equipment, and other high-end equipment, it could cost you several thousand dollars.

There are also little details about the Miracle Farm Blueprint system upfront. Michael hasn’t provided any pictures of his own system – so it’s unclear if he actually puts his lessons into practice, or if he just likes to tell people how to make better gardens.

It’s one of those systems that sounds good in theory – but would be tough to put into practice. After all, do you know how to collect fish feces from the bottom of a fish tank and then distribute that to your garden? These are some of the engineering problems you’ll need to solve if you want to build your own miracle farming system.

Ultimately, Miracle Farm Blueprint seems like a great idea: you can create a food production system that provides, fruits, vegetables, fish, and clean water to your family. However, unless you’re good with tools and have a few thousand dollars lying around to build this system, you’re probably never going to build it.


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Miracle Farm Blueprint Review


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