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Can we really make money through internet?

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People of all ages, mostly who want to do something but can’t do anything ask this question if we can make Money online. Type this search and you will find hundreds and thousands of people saying yes and offering you a product and making money out of you, that product can be scam or legit but we never know. I personally wasted my money on those things as well.

One thing can be said in response to this question though – few major companies are making hell a lot and are ahead of lot of people. Their owners have done so well and every penny was earned through internet only. Not to mention, few names would be Google, Yahoo, Facebook. If they can make money, so we can. Now reading this, many will go like yeah, but everything has been created now. Let’s talk about Facebook, this is a social site and we thought alright, its being done. We are already social now and nothing new can be created but look at the twitter, they are doing great job too and then LinkedIn came in which I use more than Facebook.

I am not a pro on programming and I don’t even have a great idea. What can I do?

Well, that’s great. There are always ample number of ways. If you don’t have a new idea, you must have knowledge. The life you have lived so far, studying/working, there must have been things you would have learned and could be great asset to someone who is searching those on internet. Why not put your knowledge out for those who are searching for it on a beautiful blog?

You know nothing but about beauty, Write on beauty tips. You are into movies and television, write a blog about serial and movies reviews. Even if you are great at doing your job, there are losers as well, write for them.

Few non-English speakers got another excuse – We can’t speak/read/write English. Well, who cares? If you have great knowledge, start writing. Write in a bad English for some time and if you can, get help from others, maybe office colleagues or someone you know. If you can, write in your own language. You can use translator as well which is free tool online.

I have no money to buy Domains and I don’t know how to create a blog?

Well this is crappiest excuse. Simply go to blogger or WordPress and create it for free. There are many others like Weebly which provide great artistic designs but blogger and WordPress give you more power I guess. If you want to make money online, don’t just keep googling and let Google make money out of you. Let’s make money now. Once you have enough money, you can get someone to write for you, to make a website for you, buy domain for you and everything else.

Writing is good, convinced but who will pay me? How will I make money?

The answer is hidden in again those big brands. How and why Google or Facebook are making money? Because they have high number of users. The first step is to create a page, something people want to stop by and read. Once that is done, create another similar. Some information will get you more hits than others but do we care? Let’s keep throwing information. Track your traffic using Google analytics which is Free tool from Google. Don’t even think about making money for at least 3-6 months and when you have at least 50-60 articles written out of which at least 10-15 are performing very well. I will advise to wait for at least 6 months and write about 100 articles if you can, that would be great achievement. If you are not serious, you can’t make money online. Find something else.

Question remains the same. How to make money if I have visitors? Well, the simple answer would be to make this clear is to get advertisers on your website or blog. Of course, not on the blog you can attract advertisers but you can seek ad agencies like Google AdSense or alternatives to put ads on your blog. Make sure you don’t reach any advertiser unless you have good traffic. That would be the first step and later on, you can get yourself into affiliate marketing selling products from eBay, amazon and many other websites even I might not be aware of.


The conclusion is that if you are really interested in making money, I would highly suggest you to start working and walking on the right path. You can begin with blogger if you want or maybe WordPress. In next posts, maybe I will share more on the same topic.

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Can we really make money through internet?


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