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If All You Got Was a Short-term Relationship, That Could Be Because You’re Physically Attractive

We all want our relationships to last forever. But for some reason, things just don’t happen the way we want them to be. People come and go. Relationships come to an end.

When asked what are the qualities of an ideal man or woman, we normally don’t miss to answer one is that he or she must be beautiful or handsome.

But, with the findings of the study on “Attractiveness and relationship longevity: Beauty is not what it is cracked up to be” by Christine Ma-Kellams, Margaret C. Wang, and Hannah Cardiel of the Harvard University, you might change your mind and omit that from your answers.

Attractiveness and Relationship Longevity

On performing the study, researchers had asked two women to judge the attractiveness of 238 men from their photographs aging 17 or 18 in a high school yearbook. The researchers had also checked these men’s relationships for the past 30 years since their photo was taken, whether they’ve been married and or divorced, through the Ancestry.

Analyzing the data, they found out that those men who were rated as the more attractive were more likely to be divorced and to have had shorter marriages.

The same women also rated the top 20 actors and actresses on IMDB and the world’s 100 most powerful celebrities according to Forbes. And, the same result was found where those who were rated as more attractive were more likely either to be divorced or to have been married for a short period only.

Furthermore, 130 respondents, of which almost half is in exclusive romantic relationships, were asked to rate the attractiveness of their opposite sex based on a photograph. The researcher also rated the attractiveness of these respondents.

Responses suggest that when in a relationship, people who are more attractive are likely get attracted to others.

My Personal Thoughts

Perhaps, attractive people tend to have shorter relationships and get divorced because whenever their present relationship gets problematic, they can easily find a new replacement. Besides, to make someone fall in love with them is not a difficult deal.

Also, it leads me to ask myself, “Should women from now on ignore those too good-looking men if they want a long-lasting relationship? Or should women take a risk and give it a chance despite knowing it will eventually come to an end?”

It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.
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Absolutely, right. The study may have all its basis for its claims, but I still want to get hope from those remaining possible errors. I want to believe it doesn’t hold true for everyone.

We are scared of eventual breakups and pain but,  we can only prove it is possible to have a long-term relationship with heavenly gorgeous partners if we give it a try. If it works, thank God it happened.

If it doesn’t work, then fine. What’s important is that we have shown him/her our love. We have made sweet and happy memories and above all, we have learned a lesson. We have felt and experienced love. 

When you love, you should not regret anything, whether is turned out good or bad.

What’s your take on these findings? Leave it in the comment section.

More details on the study can be read from my sources: The British Psychology Society, Independent ; Photo: Pixabay

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If All You Got Was a Short-term Relationship, That Could Be Because You’re Physically Attractive


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