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Snaptube APK Download Latest Version Free 2022

Hi, If you are looking for an Application that gives all platforms apps in one stand. Like YouTube videos download, stream. Or MP3 audio format or all MP4 video or WhatsApp status videos Facebook access games shopping all very helpful apps. Available at the same platform name ‘snaptube’.

One of the most popular apps for all trending applications and videos, mp3, mp4. Snaptube Apk is For all format save time and space on your phone. It’s very easy to operate, On Snaptube you can download any video from YouTube. Or you can play it a letter with an internet connection also. Snaptube also a multi sites downloader apk. 

 Snaptube is also supporting 4K and 8K HD videos now. And also a wide selection of supported apps multi-format download. Plus it has mp3 downloading features. And the most important thing is this app is completely free. A smart night mode option will provide a smooth experience while watching videos in a dark.

Also, this is a very safe app for your privacy and safety. So download snaptube app to unblock all entertainment in your life. To download snaptube app and get more information about it read the passages given below. Also read snaptube apk for Android, also for Windows.

What is Snaptube apk?

Snaptube is a video downloader from, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other resources of videos in multiple resolutions support. The main feature of snaptube app is to download videos from YouTube in high resolution like 4K HD videos. Where no apps give this feature of HD quality nowadays.

And downloading music and videos from the Internet it is getting harder and harder and sometimes it is not even worth it. But snaptube apk has the MP3 format and direct download of audios or videos option. You can download videos from different resolutions. By the newest update of the new update. It has many interesting features and you can easily download it from here.

Snaptube features:

You can download videos in 1080p HD, 4k, HD and 8k ultra HD.
> You can download music in Mp3 format.
> Snaptube apk is a very small app that will not use much amount of your phone space.
> Snaptube has a very simple tool to download YouTube videos.

> Play video and download it directly to your phone.
> You can search for videos by using the keywords.
> This app also manages the video you have downloaded from YouTube.
> There is also a wide selection of multiple apps in this application.
>50+ supported sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Daily Motion, WhatsApp, and lots of special apps.
> Simple downloading process there is no complications in any site by snaptube.

Download and Install  apk for android :

To download snaptube APK file tab the button given below.

Open downloaded the apk file and double tap to install it in your android device wait till the progressing

> Now snaptube is installed in your device and you can see its icon in your device menu

> To open it tab the icon and download any video, search any video, download any MP3 song, and any video or MP3 want to listen.

> To enable unknown sources to go to your Device setting>Unknown sources and enable it otherwise Snaptube Apk will not work.

> Now you can install any unofficial apk file in your Device.

Snaptube on iPhone and iPad:

Nowadays everyone wants to download YouTube videos in a good resolution also Facebook videos. And snaptube apk is the best app for this purpose. But there is a condition on that can’t be download on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s,  iPhone 7,

But for iPhone 4S just download Simple app. And you can access all videos from YouTube without any trouble and problem for downloading this amazing app. You have to do one thing to Snaptube apk download.

which goes its official site and gives your iPhone number series and download this app. And also very small app that will not take much space to your iPhone. You know it’s totally free but unfortunately, this is not available on the iPhone store app. But there are some other ways to download this app on your iPhone and iPad.

This app can download videos from different video streaming sites along with downloading the video. Also, we all love to watch our favorite videos online. The good thing about this app is, you can download any videos in the same quality.
You do not need to worry about a video being compressed like other applications. If you want an MP3 or an MP4 video. These settings allow you to have the best experience on your device.

Alternatives for iPhone users :

Snaptube is a very popular App. Everyone wants to download this app. But for iPhone users, there is a complication for that. This app is not officially launched for iPhone users now. But users love to download YouTube videos. But there is a very complicated process to download snaptube apk on iPhone.

So here are the alternatives for iPhone users.


TubeMate is a very good app for YouTube video download. It has very easy access for search, downloads and watches videos from YouTube. Tubemate allows you to, Watch videos from YouTube with the extreme HD quality level. It has a feature of background downloading. Or you don’t have to worry about, that Use any iPhone, Go explore this app Download any video from any resolution. Like 4K HD and all resolution From YouTube.

YouTube ++

YouTube++ is a very special app from YouTube for iPhone users. It has a great feature of block advertise and download videos. There are lots of people who haven’t got enough from the original app. This app has a wide range of possibilities that aren’t available on the official app. This app has an Autoreply function.

App has also audio and video converter, the app is available for all users like iOS, Android and PC version users also. This app also blocked annoying advertisements, also There is no age restriction on this app.

So you can download this app when you are a user of the iPhone.


Vidmate is the best app and most demanding app for video downloading from YouTube and other sources of social media. And it’s a very popular app for Android or iOS users and PC users. You can also stream live TV in this app. There is nothing to say that vidmate is the best app, for iPhone users, full entertainment in one package.

For some reason, this app is not available on the iPhone store. That’s why the user needs to download this app from third-party app stores. Like tutuapp and other third-party app stores. So download this app and enjoy your life with lots of entertainment.

Key features of alternative.


> Search album singers or songs.
> You can download ringtones also.
> Create your own playlist.
>Tubemate supports iPhones 6, 6s, 5,5s, and iPads as well.


> Download videos to your device >block ads in this app.
> You can play audio and video in the background.
> Default playback quality in-app.


>Working live TV channels.
>HD video downloader app.
>You can download high-quality music also.
>It’s absolutely free for their users.

Snaptube apk cons:-

Snaptube main cons are this that this app is only available for Android not for iPhone ios version. This is a very special app for YouTube video download. That’s why iOS version users always wanted to download this app on their phones. But in the future maybe the iOS version will definitely be there in the market. Till then iPhone users can use alternative apps.
But in future definitely snaptube will be available for iPhone users also. But nowadays there are some other ways to download.

-: Occasionally restriction, this problem comes only occasionally. When you downloading some videos that time problem comes, but some times not regular. This is not a regular problem with this app. Also, this app is not available on the Play Store because of the violation of google policy. So you have to download this app from other third party resources.

-: There are very few full movie resources on app. But you can watch all the full movies when it comes to the app. So there are very fewer cons in this application.


The new version of snaptube apk . This version comes with an Android operating system. This version also gives very important features to give better experience. The new version of the app contains many new social applications to give a better experience to their users. like access to like app, and Instagram app, shopping apps, games apps, and many more applications in build. In this new version of snaptube you can also bookmark your history.

The new version of this application contents top social media websites and applications. Like a free MP3 app, Dailymotion, Whatsapp, and many more in this new version. App has no bugs and all the internet related errors have fixed. Now you can enjoy all the features and videos from snaptube apk without any problem. There have been ten updates within the past 6 months of the new version of app. Some features of this new version are given below…

– All new 8k 4K Ultra HD feature.
– Better user interface.
– All app old problems solved.
– Solved all internet errors.

-All new night mode feature.

Snaptube apk updated version Feature :

The newly updated (v4.81.0.4813310) version of snaptube has various attractive and amazing features. You should know all the features before you are going to download this app. All the features of the app have been given below. You are going to see the features now…

– Snaptube apk is a totally free app you don’t have to pay a penny for this app.
Just Download and entertain your life.
– One of the best features of this app it has the feature of 8k, 4k ultra HD video download from YouTube. and any other social media sources like Facebook and Instagram.
-The interface of this snaptube app is very simple everyone can download videos is a very easy way.
– Also, this app has a very nice night mode feature for your eyes safe in the night.
– Nowadays, This is the smoothest downloader app. This snaptube version app works very smoothly.

– This app does not require any identification to open and run. You just download it from our website link and enjoy it.

– Snaptube apk has a clean interface. Most of the people who have downloaded this app feel very familiar with it. The design of the app has made people very satisfying.
– Composed recording and music, this app has a great feature of composing of the music.
– Safe and trusted, snaptube takes the user safety very seriously on the top level. The company is very concern about the safety and security of its users.

Snaptube apk specifications :

• The new updated version has many updated social media applications.
• The app is working more smoother now and there is no trouble and any bugs.
• Snaptube apk has many applications like youTube, Facebook, Instagram, likee and shopping applications and games.
• There is also an MP3 downloading application in this app download videos and Mp3 with a good format.
• More specification about this snaptube app are given below have a look at here..

Snaptube apk VIP

• Snaptube VIP is a very special service for its users providing download links for very popular video streaming provided premium videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Dailymotion.

This app also can scrap the video from hosting Pages. This is a very good premium service from snaptube. There are no ads will be showing when you are using VIP services. You need to pay about 2 dollars for this service this VIP service you don’t have to face any error from the internet and any bugs also.

VIP version features:

• It supports a large number of the platform you can get thousands of video and music.
• This app can download videos more from than 30 sites.
– VIP version offers a very cheap Premium for  VIP users only 1.99 Dollars for the VIP application.
– Snaptube apk VIP is very trustworthy and Secure, the VIP app is 100% safe to use.
– After getting 600+ million downloads snaptube VIP and the normal app are very trustworthy now.
– If you want more features in this app then definitely you should purchase this VIP application official site.

Difference between snaptube VIP app and snaptube regular app:

Propertysnaptube VIPSnaptube regular
supported sitesMore then 30+only 13+
AppsMore featuresLess features
advertisementsNo adsMore ads
ServicesPremium servicesNo VIP service
UsersUsers can make any requestUsers cannot submit

:-We are not selling the VIP version here, and we are just Informing you before you buy the application.

Snaptube apk for PC Laptop

Nowadays snaptube apk is becoming so popular in many countries. It has lots of features that’s why people are wanting it. And this is why people also wanting this app for their PC’s and laptops. Now I am here to give all the solutions for PC for this app. Because there is no dedicated software and application for the PC.

If you want to use this application in your PC just do this thing only. This is the only same application that you are using on your Android phone. This really works also in your PC.
Notice only one thing. You have to use an emulator on your PC. Then this app will work on your PC there are lots of emulators available in the market nowadays. You can choose any one of them but I suggest BlueStacks is a good one.

Steps install SnapTube PC and Laptops:

– Switch on your laptop and window based PC.
– On your internet and open your browser.
– Now type on Google blueStacks for Windows download free.

– Then download BlueStacks from Google in your PC or laptop and install it.
– After the installation of BlueStacks software, you have to download snaptube apk file from the Button Given Below.


-After downloading the apk file of the app navigate it to where it is been saved.

-Now simply click on the apk file to install it and wait till it is installing

–  you can install snaptube application in BlueStacks software.
– Now you can enjoy snaptube app anytime anywhere where you want to enjoy your life with the help of BlueStacks.

Features of snaptube for PC :

– Download your favorite videos and Mp3 in a very good quality of formats.
– You can choose your subscription from YouTube in this app on PC.
– Download your favorite videos in super HD quality.
– You can explore your favorite channels in different categories.

Is SnapTube apk safe?

Snaptube is one of the most famous application to download YouTube videos in HD quality. It fulfills all our requirements for downloading YouTube videos. It gives all MP3 and all videos in 8k 4K quality with free of cost. So now we are going on, is snaptube app is safe, or not. First of all, you should know about this app is authorized by Google. And it’s totally safe application and there is some more reason about the safety of snaptube apk they are given below…

– There is no virus in this app any other bug or any internet-related issue this shows that this app is safer.
– This application does not involve any unwanted application in our device.
– And also this app authorized by Google which shows that this application is safer.
– But if you are not satisfied with the snaptube app. you can also use some other application like the alternative of snaptube apk it’s alternatives also given on this page.
– The new version of snaptube apk newest update. And snaptube app is getting time to time updates by the company. So this is the safest app on the android version.

Is Snaptube apk illegal?

There are many questions on the snaptube apk on the Internet nowadays. And one of the most asking questions is, snaptube is legal or it is illegal? So we are going to discussing the app more deeply and will come to the conclusion in a normal way. We can say,
The application which does not follow a certain policy is called an illegal application or work.
We all know that snaptube gives a lot of best features of download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with HD quality. And also we can download MP3. And snaptube apk gives these all features without any cost. When we will search on the Internet that type of way to download videos from YouTube.

We will find that there is the policy of YouTube that no one can download their content and that will be very costly for download. But snaptube provides us this type of special feature without any cost. A creator makes a video for earning. But if the video will be provided to the user without any cost then what will be the benefit for the creator.

The method of providing free videos from YouTube or the other social media special application like Facebook Instagram is against the policy. That’s why this application is not available on the Play Store or App Store.
In the last point from the above conversation, the conclusion comes that snaptube is very near to be an illegal app.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] :


Why Snaptube isn’t available in Playstore?

Snaptube can download all YouTube videos facebook and Instagram videos without any cost. And YouTube belongs to Google there is the policy of Google. Which prohibits YouTube downloading apps because of the copyright issue. And this is a very big concern to Google on YouTube. That’s why snaptube apk is not available on the Play Store. But snaptube is a very safe and clean application. So you can download this application from other sources without any trouble. To Download Snaptube new version Click the Button.

Can I Use snaptube in my iOS device?

Already we have discussed all the material of iOS devices. That snaptube application nowadays is not available for the iPhone and iPad. Snaptube is only available for Android devices and pc users only.

How can I update my snaptube apk?

When the time of update comes application gives the notification to update your app. Click on the downloading button in the app. And your application will get updated. If the update doesn’t work please uninstall your current application of snaptube and download the app again and install it.

How do I download videos?

When you like some videos in the application at that time you would like to download that video. You can do only one thing. Go to the detail page click on the downloading button on the right side of your device. Choose your resolution then downloading will be started.

Snaptube apk errors and fixes:

Fix Snaptube all problems

Snaptube app is an amazing app with no bugs and errors. But some times it may show you some Errors. But Don’t worry we have solutions to all types of Problems. The Errors and its solutions are Given Below:-

Snaptube connection error :

If you are facing snaptube connection Problem. Then you can solve this problem in some simple steps.

First, Uninstall the App from your device.
Then Check for the latest Update for the App and Download it.
Now, Install the App again and you will find your problem has been solved.
Now, Open and enjoy the app.

The app is not installing on Android :

If snaptube apk is not installing on your Android Device then your ‘Unknown Resources‘ option is not enabled:-

Open your Device Setting.
Now Tap on security option.
Find and enable the ‘Unknown Resources’ option otherwise, the App will not Install.

Wrapping up

Now I am listing some fantastic features of snaptube at last once again have a look.
– Can download videos in 1080p HD,4k, HD and 8k ultra HD.
-Download music in Mp3 format.
– 50+ supported sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Daily Motion, WhatsApp, and lots of special apps.
-With the simple downloading process there are no complications in any site by snaptube.
-Support a large number of the platform you can get thousands of videos and music.
– 100% safe and Secure application.
– It’s a totally free app.

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Snaptube APK Download Latest Version Free 2022


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