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Nature, The Great Healer

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Researchers say that spending time in Nature is must for a healthy existence. Is it that important?

Following are a few benefits nature has in store for you.

Everyone knows that spending time in nature is refreshing. However, the information that it is a must for your healthy existence may appear surprising. But it is the truth.

Given below are some of the great things Mother Nature offers.

  1. It makes you emotionally strong

Spending time with nature, especially near vegetation, according to scientists increases one’s vitality. Vitality, they say, is the emotional strength of a person. When in the company of nature, you feel happy and refreshed. Making it a habit will help you stay calm during the struggles of life.

  1. It protects you from seasonal allergies

The advice may appear terrible for someone suffering from seasonal allergies. However, studies show that it will help a lot. This may not work for those suffering from chronic allergies. However, it is highly recommended if you want to stay safe from the same.

  1. Sunlight protects your eyesight

The instances of myopia among children are on the rise. Known in general as nearsightedness, the condition is the result of the elongation of the eyeball. Researchers are of the view that myopia happens due to lack of exposure to sunlight. They recommend at least three hours of sunlight for children to protect them from myopia.

  1. Nature corrects your biological clock

Watching Netflix for long hours affects the quality of sleep. This may perhaps be a daily experience if you are someone like me. Fortunately, there is a powerful treatment for it; time in nature. When you stare at screen for long, melatonin, the hormone responsible for the regulation of sleep gets lower. As a result, you find it difficult to fall sleep. Studies show that just a few hours of nature is enough to resolve the issue. However, reverting to the same old habit may undo the effect. Try to minimize your time with Netflix.

  1. Time in nature improves concentration

Experts say that time in nature will improve your concentration. They took two groups of children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They asked one group to play outside regularly for a few days. The others were not required to do it. Those who enjoyed being in the outdoors showed lesser symptoms of the disorder than those who didn’t. The interesting thing is that both the group was given the same activities. A few minutes in nature on a regular basis also improves productivity and boosts creativity.

Time in nature is also a great relief from the vicious circle of information technology. You need some time for yourself to stay functional all through the day. Be kind to yourself and allow nature to heal you inside out.

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Nature, The Great Healer


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