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Eight Effective Tips To Detect A Lying Candidate

Managers are quick to notice a lying job applicant.  However, they often find themselves unable to pinpoint the dishonesty. Do you belong to this group? If yes, the following insights will definitely help.

Before that face-to-face interview

A thorough background check is the first step towards hiring someone. But what if you find something unusual? The effective way is to conduct two separate interviews. Ask two consultants to interview one candidate. They should seek same information in different ways. This will bring to light anything that the applicant seeks to hide from you. Try these tips if you don’t have that second reporter.

  1. Try to understand the language of the eyes

A candidate reluctant to look into your eyes should definitely sound the alarm bell. But this is never the situation with an experienced liar. He will never let himself succumb to the pressure. Another method is to notice deviations in the movement of the eyes.

People often say, right-handers always look to their right when thinking of something. Unfortunately, this is only the partial truth. Your success here lies in your ability to notice sudden deviations.

You may find that a candidate always looks up or to the left when answering your questions. If the eyes deviate at once when asked about something, he may be making up something. Even this is not a full-proof strategy. Hone your skills from experience.

  1. Spend time exploring resumes

? As hiring personnel, you are always busy. You need to go through hundreds of resumes for one open position. However, surveys show that majority of managers just scan the resumes. In fact, they spend just four or less minutes on an application.

A resume designed as per formatting rules won’t be longer than two pages. Read through them to filter doubtful claims. Detect hollow boasting with the help of buzzwords in the industry. A candidate’s claim of achievement should have the backing of evidences from experience.

  1. Detect the attempt to over-compensate

Doubt anyone who repeats the same claim again and again. The repetition may come to such an extent that you begin to doubt its credibility. Here, the candidate is trying to convince himself of his ability to perform a job. Everyone is willing to get to the next level. But not all are experienced enough for it.

  1. Double check the references given

This is perhaps the easiest way to check the credibility of a candidate. Go a step ahead of the normal check and confirm the information you see in the resume. Check the title, job responsibilities etc. You may also ask the candidate to mention the job responsibility of a specific title. Requesting for contact information of other employees too is a great thing. They will give you an honest review of the candidate in question.

  1. Test the candidate

Do a pre-employment exam. Notice if the candidate is honest when answering the questions. If not, you may be dealing with an exaggerated resume. You should also let your intuition guide you in this regard.

  1. Check social media

Checking the Social Media Accounts of potential candidates may appear as an invasion of privacy. But this is an effective weapon managers have at their disposal. Check the Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus accounts of the applicant.

The candidate may claim to be target-oriented and focused. However, an outpour of tweets during the office hours will imply the opposite. Be mindful of inconsistencies between the resume and the posts that appear on his/her Social Media accounts.

  1. Read the body language

Body language is another effective indicator of the truthfulness of a candidate. If the person is lying, he will have a tough time maintaining the eye contact. His communication too may change greatly. Difficulty to establish eye contact with the interviewer itself is a sure sign of a dishonest applicant.

  1. Be mindful of omissions in the resume

Check for omissions or big gaps in the career. Certain candidates change the beginning and ending date of their first job to compensate for a long gap. Lack of mention about the grades in training too is a surefire sign of a dishonest dealing. If you decide to conduct a telephonic interview, ask the candidate about the omissions.

Catching the candidate off-the-guard with follow up questions too is another effective strategy. If the person says that he knows a certain dignitary, request for more information. If he mentions a particular job, inquire about the first project. If the person is truthful, you made a perfect choice. If not, he may look confused when answering. Look for someone else.

Remember, an aspiring candidate will research on ways to detect a dishonest employer. Practice utmost caution when interviewing brilliant job applicants! Otherwise, your hard-earned reputation will erode slow and steady.

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Eight Effective Tips To Detect A Lying Candidate


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