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Gelatin-Five Reasons To Love It!

If you have ever had Jell-O, you are sure to have come across Gelatin. You may have never noticed it though.

The information that gelatin is a rich source of nutrients may surprise you. But that is the truth. The substance is a protein taken from Collagen. It is found in the ligaments, tendons and skin of animals.  All you need to get the same is to boil any of these parts in water. Gelatin is made generally from pigs or cows.

Companies use gelatin to give a thick gel-like texture for shampoos and numerous other cosmetic products. People even use it in puddings and ice creams. For medical science, gelatin is a covering for vitamin capsules. The substance is rich in amino acids. These are known as the building blocks of human body. And their presence gives gelatin the following ten health benefits.

  1. It rejuvenates your skin

Collagen is the substance that helps the skin maintain its elasticity. As you age, the amount of collagen decreases in your body. As a result, your skin starts sagging. Consuming gelatin, a rich source of collagen compensates for the loss. And you get back that lost youthful vigor and luster.

  1. Gelatin eliminates those wrinkles

Proline, an amino acid found in gelatin is the best friend for the fashion-conscious. Dermatologists often prescribe it as a supplement to rejuvenate skin.

Wrinkles appear as the result of loss of collagen and the degradation of skin. Studies show that collagen contained in gelatin is an effective treatment for wrinkles. It minimizes fine lines. Gelatin, according to them, boosts the production of collagen. Consuming the same on a daily basis helps you stay young and healthy for life.

  1. Gelatin boosts hair and nail growth

At times, a visit to your favorite saloon may leave you anxious. Your hair may get shorter than you expected. Your nails may have been removed too far. If you are concerned of either of these two, gelatin is the best medicine. Both hair and nails are made of protein. And upping the same will strengthen them and help them grow faster.

  1. It compensates for the harmful effects of red meat

Consumption of red meat raises the homocysteine level in blood. This increases the need of the vitamin like B6 to reduce the same. Higher level of homocysteine is something no one wants. It carries the risk of cardiac arrest and other fatal health issues. Gelatin contains these vitamins and helps the body balance out this threat to life.

  1. It improves the quality of our sleep

Gelatin contains the abundance of Glycine.  The amino acid, according to scientists, improves the quality of sleep. It works wonders for someone who wakes up at regular intervals at night.

Gelatin is also proven to heal digestive troubles. And it is a health tonic for your joints. The substance is also a great detoxifier. Glycine, the amino acid present in it, helps liver with its routine detoxification. Finally, it is the right-hand assistant of the fitness-conscious!

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Gelatin-Five Reasons To Love It!


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