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Keep A Journal To Stay Healthy!

When you were in your teens, you definitely had a diary. You used to express yourself out in the Journal. It remained a place to talk whatever that came to your mind without the fear of being judged. An outlet to pour out your emotions and fears, it always served as a tool to channelize your feelings. You left it when you grew up to be an adult. Controlling emotions is now regarded as a sign of maturity. You too flow with the current. Emotions, fears and concerns; everything gets a place in your own mind. These start influencing your character without you noticing. You grow to be an extrovert, introvert, psychopath; your pent-up emotions determine what you become in future. This description may be an exaggeration. Still, experts advise you to bring back that good old friend of yours; your daily diary. Presently, it will be called a journal.

When you Write down your emotions, they become clearer to you. It helps you overcome anxiety and depression if you are suffering from any. Naturally, you stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Remember, mind and body are attached in such a way that what ails your mind will reflect in your body too.

Following are the other health benefits this simple tool has to offer.

  1. It enhances your IQ

Research shows that the habit of keeping a journal has a close relationship with consistent increase in a person’s IQ.

A journal is an attempt to explore the depths of language. When you fail to get a word, you search for it and learn. The first thing that gets tested when determining a person’s intelligence is his/her vocabulary; experts say.

  1. It improves your creativity

Creativity is an innate quality for man. If you feel otherwise, you have never tried it.

Take a paper and pen in the morning. Write whatever that comes to mind. Don’t stop even if your ideas appear crazy. In fact, the stranger they are, the better you are. Allow your imagination to wander as much as it wants. Writing your ideas down will help you explore newer possibilities. As a result, your creative juice will flow without any difficulty on demand.

  1. A journal heals wounds

The information may appear surprising. However, this is the truth. When you write about emotionally charged topics, you put everything in such a way as to get a clearer perspective. This relieves you from stress and helps your body do the restorative work it needs to do.

In 2013, researchers in the University of Auckland, New Zealand took a group of 49 groups. They divided them into two groups. One was required to write for three days on events that upset them or to record their daily activities. Others didn’t have to do anything. After two weeks, scientists made a puncture wounds inside their upper arms and monitored their healing. They found out that the wounds of those who kept a journal healed much faster than those who didn’t do it.

This comes down to one fact. As mentioned above, writing about something helps to draw an impartial analysis. This helps him overcome the feeling. In turn, the person is able to sleep better and enjoy social interactions. The result is a stronger immune system and the positive outcomes that follow.

  1. It helps you lose weight

Write down everything you have during the day. There are those who note down every single thing as they come to mind. Others just write if they had junk food or anything forbidden. Whatever is the situation, a journal helps you regulate your food intake. And the result comes out in the positive.

If you are not someone who keeps a diary, cultivate the habit. You have nothing to lose, but to gain a lot.

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Keep A Journal To Stay Healthy!


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