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Six Effective Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block

The attempt to Write about your writer’s block is the best way to overcome it, say experts.

Every author experiences the stagnation called “writer’s block” at one point in his life. You sit before the computer with fingers on the keyboard. Nothing comes to mind. Your brain simply refuses to cooperate even with your best efforts. ,  . And you just want to end it all. This is something that happens to all of us. But your success depends on what you do to overcome the same.

Here are some expert-recommended tips to try if you are someone experiencing it at the moment.

  1. Explore the cause

The first step to getting rid of that writer’s block is to understand the cause. It may vary from person to person. However, the most common among them are fear of criticism and perfectionism. It may also happen that you are trying in the wrong time. The topic may need a bit more brainstorming.

Fear of rejection is perhaps the most prominent among the reasons authors experience writer’s block. Some may even not dare to venture in this direction because of it. You fear that you may be wrong. And no one is going to accept your point of view. Still others wait for the right moment. They want to make sure that everything is in good order before even beginning the project. See to what group you belong to and try these tips.

  1. Have a plan

Set aside a specific time to write. Make it a part of your daily routine. Write whatever that comes to mind. When you continue this practice, your mind too will follow suit. It will be ready with an innovative idea when it is time to write something.

  1. Change the direction of your creativity

Move away from your project for a while. Do something else that you find inspiring. Writing a poem or painting a picture will help a lot. You may even try to do photo-shop if that is what you prefer. Try preparing a scrapbook. If you want to have a bit more exercise, clean your garage. Just make sure that your creativity is getting the diversion it needs. After a few hours or days, you will get back that flow. Come back to the project at hand and enjoy writing.

  1. Answer the question; do you know enough about the topic?

Partial knowledge is the most dangerous thing. If you are ill-informed on a topic, you will just feel blank after writing whatever little you have onto your document.  Read as much as possible about the subject at hand. When you feel that you know enough, stop and start writing. Your mind will be filled with information. And you will have a tough time to stop the flow.

  1. Read books that contain prompts to write

There are numerous books that contain prompts meant to arouse creativity. Read and try a few. Within a few minutes, your mind will gain back that flow.

  1. Write like a child

You are sure to remember your exercises in English when you were a kid. You didn’t have to write anything. All you were expected to do is to fill the blanks. The biggest animal on the land is … The largest river in the country is …

All these times, you never faced a writer’s block. This happened because everything was clearly defined. Try this trick and your writing will surprise even yourself. Prepare an outline of the project you want to complete. Just make sure that it is as detailed as possible. Done this, fill the blanks. You will definitely complete the thing before the deadline.

Skipping that boring part too is proven to work wonders. You feel stuck because what you want to write is not exciting enough. Jump as far as you can and write the part you find exciting. Just see to it that you are revising it carefully. Otherwise, the attempt will stick out like a sore thumb.

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Six Effective Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block


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