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Why Exercise In The Evening?

I enjoy my Morning Exercise routine.  After a few minutes of alone time at 5 AM, I sip my favorite coffee and then head out to gym. The quiet walk to gym and meeting acquaintances and friends on the way is true fun. Combine it with the exciting time with my work-out companions there! I feel that I am on top of the world every morning!

A refreshing shower and a heavy breakfast put me on that productive mindset. A few minutes of packing up and an hour of driving take me to my office!

Even with all the excitements of a morning routine, I am a bit curious. Why some people prefer to exercise in the evening? A research in this direction comes up with the following insights.

Health benefits of exercising in the evening

Experts say that evening is the best time to exercise. In the morning, your body temperature is at the lowest. It implies that you will have to deal with rigid and cold muscles. Even your energy level, according to them, is lowest at the time. This increases the risk of injuries. And they say that if you don’t warm up well before the exercise, you just defeat the purpose. Besides, the routine will work well only for a morning person. A night owl will have a tough time waking up at early for a workout session. And sticking to such a routine is simply out of question.

Research reveals that it is in the evening that people perform maximum during a workout session. It is also great for anaerobic leg exercises.

All these observations bring one thing to light. The ideal time to exercise to strengthen your muscles is evening. Your body too will be better prepared for high-intensity and strength-training in the evening. This happens because of its high temperature in the afternoon and in the evening. This makes it easier for exercise or any other intense physical activity.

Following are the things evening exercises will do for you.

  1. You stay safe from the rush

The number of early birds is much higher than that of night owls among hard-core exercisers. This fact alone comes to your rescue. Yes, early birds get the worm. But night owls benefit the extra towel that remains after the rush. You get your choice treadmill and that extra elbow space on the floor. If you are familiar with the morning rush, exercise at night once. You won’t have to guard your large bottle while filling it from the fountain. And now is the time to try your exercise session that needs 20 pieces.

  1. You sleep better

It is always said; working out at night will disrupt your sleep pattern. However, experiences prove the opposite. A one and a half-hour exercise will help you get that long restorative sleep. Loss of sleep may happen. But that is quite rare. And as you know, a long and deep sleep is a must for muscle recovery.

  1. You will gain more friends

If you are a night owl, you may have notice one thing. Most of them are sort of relaxed. They will enjoy a conversation if you allow it. Early birds, on the other hand, are A-class. They will be in a hurry to get to work. For this reason, classes will be stricter. Night owls tend to fall on the other side of the spectrum. They enjoy exercise and are friendlier when compared with their morning lark friends.

Working out at night also protects you from that extra snack before going to bed. However, if you are a morning person, exercising at night may not be the choice for you.

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Why Exercise In The Evening?


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