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Why do black people always feel unduly marginalized?

you'd think these things are a non issue in the western world

    I know, I know. I used a picture portraying rioting black women which in the context of the title of the article, is a little bit too particular, owing to the fact that black women in America are the minority in the minority, so to speak. Anyway, on to the main topic of the day; why do black people feel unduly marginalized? I am not going to list out reasons which I feel are the causes for this rather point out different edges to the topic.

   We all know about the yesteryears of slavery either by having read about it or by watching its various depictions in movies and all of the time, we see the same thing: the black man was virtually commoditized and sold like pieces of cloth to the highest bidder, to work as his owner saw fit until perhaps he was set free, could work no more or even until death. In few cases as is my subjective opinion, a slave would work so hard, impressing the slave master so much that he would be promoted to a more comfortable position, or in some cases even have the burden stripped off him entirely, as seen in the character played by Samuel L Jackson in the 2012 movie Django Unchained;
left to right; Samuel L Jackson and Leonardo Di Caprio

      The very deluded former slave basically ran the metaphorical slave ship and was head of all the servants working on the property. From his scripted speech, it becomes increasingly obvious how much of a self-hating white supremacist he is and as such, the comparisons to "Uncle Ruckus" in the very mature rated cartoon Boondocks.

    Now why do blacks always feel marginalized? like they have to work harder than the white man to get to the same place? Like they have to always be watchful lest they lose their position and status? Like they can never be given same courtesy and treatment as the white man? Well because this is true, at least for the most part. I feel like the only race that are given a worse first impression than blacks are the Arabs and they had to work very hard to draw our attention to that stereotype. All blacks have to do is be black: sag your jeans, wear cornrows and speak that untainted black-american English and voila, good to go. The reason is this: from day one, the black man was given an unfair disadvantage. He entered the continent in the most embarrassing way possible and endured a position of shame, the scent of which still endures even if in the tiniest form till today. That scent is what he is continuously trying to wash off, at least the ones that are trying.
       I might be ending the article abruptly but in every unjust act,  I believe there is ever the slightest sliver of justification. Which racial group has the highest number of gang-bangers, street thugs, drug dealers and even prostitutes? Think about it and even as i write this, I AM BLACK.

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Why do black people always feel unduly marginalized?


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