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Personal Care For Men

Guys, the truth is that a lot of y'all suffer from extreme case of smelly balls syndrome. Please don't bad mouth a woman with poor hygiene if you know you are brewing your own "stink bomb" down below as well.

Smelly balls are no joke and can be a potential red flag when it comes down to intimacy. Seriously, no woman or fellow man wants to go down there and pass out from a kickboxing stench. My guide today will serve as a tool to help you improve your personal hygiene. I will only discuss this briefly but I encourage anyone with questions or more in-depth suggestions to please leave a comment in the comment box below. If you have a personal question, feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) or post a comment via anonymous and I would get back to you as soon as possible.

                            Things you will need for cleaning

(a) A clean washcloth. (I prefer washcloths made from 100% cotton...very gentle on the skin).

(b) Unscented lotion (or any of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion products..very gentle on the skin and it keeps you smooth and flake-free too).

(c) Clean dry towel

(d) Soap of your choice...Axe products are awesome..just saying!

(e) Warm water

(f) Unscented baby wipes
  • First of all, make sure your pubic hair is well-groomed/trimmed. Even if you hate shaving or waxing completely, please endeavor to trim your pubic hair.
  • Using a clean washcloth dampened with warm soapy water, scrub your penis and your balls thoroughly. Do not scrub too hard to avoid irritation and so on.
  • Remember to lift the shaft up and wash thoroughly. Failure to do so can result in accumulation of foul odor. In this step if you are uncircumcised, pull the foreskin away from the head of your penis before washing your penis. Failure to pull the foreskin back will cause in build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, oil and even bacteria, and it is very unhygienic, and can cause infections too.
  • The perineum should be given an utmost attention. This is often a part that goes unwashed by some guys. Scrub it thoroughly. The perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum, so failure to wash it thoroughly will result in very unpleasant odor.
  • When you are done scrubbing, dry yourself with a clean towel and make sure the penis is pat dry too. Apply a dab of lotion. Avoid heavily scented lotions because they can be very harsh on the skin thereby causing irritation.
  • Many guys complain of having smelly balls after working out or sometime during the day before their night shower and so on. The best remedy for this is to keep unscented baby wipes handy at all times. This is a lifesaver because if you are at school or work and notice you have smelly balls, all you have to do is grab some baby wipes and wipe your penis and balls down completely. This will keep you fresh till you get home for another shower.
Some guys mentioned using Talcum powders after shower to keep fresh. This is a No-No. Studies showed that talc-based body powder are carcinogenic (Cancerous) to humans.

               ***Consult your physician if the smell is persistent***

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Personal Care For Men


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