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What have you done to cut your monthly personal expenses?

What have you done to cut your monthly personal expenses?

I’m more of a saver than a spender, and I am very aware of the pitfalls of consumerism.

• I drive a 10-year-old Rav 4 that I love! No car payments.

• I have a cheaper cell phone plan, using a smaller provider than the big monopoly providers.

• I don’t watch tv, so no cable, though my husband has a Netflix account and I’ll watch comedy specials on occasion on the iPad.

• I don’t subscribe to any music streaming.

• Come to think of it, I’ve never been that much into entertainment – I don’t buy tickets to concerts, sports games, or movies (I am in the minority for sure – a lot of people around me love watching movies but I forget movies so fast so I hardly go to the theatre). What do I do for fun? I take walks with my family, work in the garden, read, surf online, and I have a lot of occupations to keep me busy.

• I don’t buy books, I borrow them at the library. I always have a lot of books on hold or on renewal for my family.

• I don’t have healthcare premiums – I live in Canada.

• I don’t eat out too much – we do batch cooking, I always bring my own lunch, snacks, and coffee in a thermos to work. I am adamant about perfectly planned meals that incorporate fiber, protein, fats, carbs, and high water content fruit. Plus I tend to eat more plant-based proteins such as lentils, Sprouted Mung Beans, quinoa and chia seeds which is less expensive than animal protein.

• I don’t eat junk food or buy soda, I prefer to eat whole foods.

• I don’t shop for clothes – at age 39 I have enough clothes already and still fit and wear the same size clothes when I was a teenager. Since I always use a drying rack instead of the dryer, my clothes never wear out either. Over the years I’ve donated the ones that I don’t wear, and kept the ones that I do. Plus, the hospital provides sterile scrubs for work which is free!

• I have already furnished my house with the furniture I envisioned, so I am done with that. I am a minimalist and don’t buy art, decorative items, etc. however I do put up photo frames around the house.

• I don’t have a gym membership. I’d rather walk or bike or clean my house. Sometimes we do buy passes to the swimming pool, or indoor playgrounds.

• I cut my own hair, my husband cuts our son’s hair. I dye my hair blue myself with a $6 blue hair colour from Sally’s.

• I have never taken out a student loan as I used my savings from my jobs to fund my schooling.

• I avoid brand names if I can – I’ll buy generic drugs and products. I definitely avoid luxury brands (LV, Christian Louboutin, Coach, etc). Function over form, every time.

• I don’t drink/smoke so I always save in that area.

• I always pay my bills on time every month, I have never been late because I absolutely loathe paying for unnecessary interest (except for mortgages, which is the only interest I can stomach).

• I put down 20% down payment for housing every time I buy a house so that I pay less on interest – I hate interest!

• I always look for sales and rarely buy at regular price, especially at the grocery store. For example, my beloved mint hand soap is regularly $8.99 but twice a year when it’s on sale for $4.99 I’ll buy 10 at a time. If toilet paper is $4 off at Costco, I’ll be stocking up! I’ll buy clothes for my son at Old Navy when it’s on clearance.

• I buy Asian skincare/cosmetics online which tends to be much cheaper than western retailers (ie. Sephora). For example, the Korean company The Saem, their pigmented concealer is $6 and compares similarly to Make Up Forever’s concealer at $40.

• I use Amazon Subscribe & Save to get my monthly supply of body lotion, paper towel, Ombrelle sunscreen, and sprouted mung beans which saves me 15% on these recurring products, and it’s free shipping.

What do I spend money on? I spend it on mortgages, investments, condo fees for rental units, property taxes, childcare, quality groceries, income tax (almost 40% of tax is deducted from income), photography equipment, business licenses and software, cleaning supplies, vehicle and house maintenance, extra curricular activities for my child (gymnastics, jujitsu, etc), gas, insurance, parking, plants, occasional dinners and coffees out with friends, gifts, trips, and vacations.

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What have you done to cut your monthly personal expenses?


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