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How to Unblock Netflix and Watch Region-Blocked Content

If you are here then you are looking solution for How to Unblock Netflix ? or you are facing problem-related to “Region-Blocked Content” then here you can find all these questions answere here.. Let’s start..

Netflix has come a long way, from being launched as a simple video-streaming and DVD-rental business in 1997, to producing over 126 Netflix Original series in 2016.

Grossing over 8.83 Billion in revenue, and serving 109.25 million users globally, it has become the 32nd most visited website on the planet (approximately).

What is Netflix? (What you didn’t know!)

The numbers above might seem extravagant and flashy, the reality is, Netflix is over $21.9Billion in debt, which has increased almost 30% in the past year alone, from $16 Billion in September 2016 (source: Wikipedia).

In its earlier days, it worked on a flat-fee, single-rental model, but in 2000 they adopted the monthly subscription model.

Another interesting fact is it handed out a whooping $1,000,000 honouring an open-challenge to anyone who created an algorithm which could beat Netflix’s “user’s rating prediction” algorithm by more than 10% to Bellkor’s team!

Netflix also has a different production model, whenever a new series is signed, the money is provided upfront! And that too, almost always for a minimum of 2 seasons!

So bottom line, Netflix is full of surprises (and problems), user-centric problems, problems its users encounter. That’s what this article aims at providing solutions for.

We can’t cover every problem that a Netflix users faces, but the most common ones? Sure.

Questions we will be covering:

  • How to unblock Netflix?
  • How to watch Netflix from other countries?
  • How to install NordVPN in your PC? (The ultimate solution for most Netflix problems).
  • How to connect your pc from any other country server?
  • How to access your Netflix account from multiple countries?

How to Install NordVPN on your PC? (and why?)

The reason we’re starting with this section is, installing Nordvpn will magically and instantly solve most of the commonly occurring problems with Netflix.

So when we address the other questions on this article, it’ll be easier for you to understand as you’d already have NordVPN on your system, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Why do you need NordVPN?

NordVPN is a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, and the primary help it provides you is changing your IP address.

The IP address is what Netflix (or anything else on the Internet) uses to determine your location, and quite a few problems on Netflix occur because of your location of residence.

For e.g. Netflix wasn’t, and still isn’t available to every single Country of the world, so if you’re from one of those countries, you’ll need a VPN.

Because when you use NordVPN, it’ll let you choose from it’s over 60+ IP addresses, which let you virtually be anywhere else in the world, and to Netflix, it’ll appear as if you’re from that country as a result it’ll be much more liberal to you.

Also, we’re recommending NordVPN specifically because, most other VPNs result in a “Proxy error”, and are unable to unblock Netflix. But, we’ve tried and tested NordVPN and only after satisfactory experience it’s being vouched for.

How to Install NordVPN?

In order to Install NordVPN, simply get NordVPN from their official website.

Once you have downloaded the file, double-click on it to launch the installer. A popup would prompt you to select the Installation folder, specify where you want NordVPN installed.

It takes couple seconds at best, and then it directly self-launches, it’ll ask for your login details, which once entered will directly take you to the welcome dashboard. You’re done!

So you’ve just installed NordVPN. Let’s move on to the other sections of using the tool to solve our Netflix problems.

How to Unblock Netflix?

Ever see an error identical to the above screenshot? It’s just one of the possible errors you get when your Netflix is blocked for various different reasons.

The easiest way to unblock Netflix is to employ NordVPN. In a majority of the cases, Netflix is blocked on the basis of your geographical IP address or because your VPN has been detected, and is unable to unblock Netflix.

And we’ve already talked in the above section about how NordVPN helps you change your IP address, so once your IP address is changed, in most cases you’ll be allowed to access Netflix. (Also because unlike your earlier VPN, NordVPN can’t be detected by Netflix).

No more steps required, simply install NordVPN (steps provided in the above section)  and click on any country from the map (preferably the U.S.A) to connect to it.

Once you’re connected, open the Netflix official website and you shouldn’t have any problems.

How to Watch Netflix from Other Countries?

As I said in the introductory section, Netflix isn’t available in every country of the world, not yet! Here’s a map illustrating the coverage better:

(Image Source: Wikipedia).

Although it does cover a majority of them, still it’s not at 100% (yet). Why should your entertainment be sacrificed and caught up in the politics and bureaucracy among the countries, isn’t that right?

So what do you do when it isn’t available in your country yet, but you still need to “Netflix and Chill”? You “pretend” to be from a different country, simple isn’t it?

So by now, I hope you have NordVPN already installed on your system? If yes, fire it up, and click on any other country you want to access Netflix from.

In my case, I just connected to United Kingdom.

Once you’re connected, simply go to and now you’re accessing Netflix from this country that you selected.

How to Connect your PC from any other Country Server?

This is basically the same thing as accessing from any other country. By connecting to a server (IP address) of any other country, you can pretend to be from that place on the Internet, and not only Netflix, but the whole of the internet becomes available to you.

You can even use it to make payments using a virtual debit card if your country or currency isn’t accepted on a certain platform.

Either way, here’s how to connect your PC from any other Country server-

Install and initiate NordVPN (refer to the above section for steps), click on a country you wish to connect from the map displayed on the tool’s dashboard.

Or, in case you’re someone like me, not really educated on maps, you can use a country-list as well, simply click on “Servers” from the top-bar and you can then select from a list of available countries.

Once you’re connected to a server from a different country, you can verify the connection by going this link.

As you can see,  in my case I’m being shown as if I’m from United States, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been there. So, that’s how you connect to a server from a different country.

How to Access your Netflix Account from Multiple Countries?

By default, whenever there’s a change in your IP address because you moved to a different country (physically or virtually) and if Netflix is available in the country your IP address is from, it can be accessed normally, without any steps being required.

Although, if you aren’t physically in a different country, but want Netflix to think you are, in that case, again I’d urge you to employ NordVPN and choose a country of your choice.

And if you wish to use “multiple”, as in “more than one countries” to access Netflix, in that case as well, you can simply disconnect, and choose a different country any time of the day and still access Netflix without any roadblocks.

Final Words

I believe we’ve addressed some of the most asked questions regarding Netflix folks, these obviously are just a fraction of the problems you might face on the platform, but I’m sure these problems specifically won’t trouble you anymore.

Also, it’s not that NordVPN is the only VPN on the planet. But, it is one of the few VPNs which do not get detected by Netflix, and let you unblock the platform.

Also, because speed is a major factor when you’re streaming a video, and not many VPNs could match the speed that NordVPN provides us with.

Not to mention that it doesn’t cost as much either as any other VPN, and it has quite a few additional bonuses as well which help tackle more than just “Netflix problems” for you, if you’re paying for something, you might just as well get the most out of it, right?

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So that’s all on this How to unblock Netflix guide folks. I hope it helped you out, do share it with your folks, they might thank you for it.

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How to Unblock Netflix and Watch Region-Blocked Content


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