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The Differences Between Men and Women

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Alright, kicking off this blog is the first subject that comes to my mind, as i sit here, drinking my hot coffee, trying to figure out what the hell should i talk about. The "men vs women" matter, is something that-to be honest-has taken a lot of space in my mind over the years, and has surfaced almost every time in a conversation between me and my friends or during my relationships.
After hearing a lot of different opinions on this matter, i came to realise how much oblivious are both sexes to each others point of view. It seems that most of the time we tend to hang on stereotypes such as "women are crazy", "men care only for sex", an things like that. At this point i must make it crystal clear, that i hate stereotypes of all kind. Sure, sometimes they can be funny if used in that particular way, and humor is always harmless, but in my eyes stereotypes are nothing more than the perpetuation of old ideas or beliefs. As an Aquarius I'm against that by nature.
So, why are we so different? Why is that we have different approaches on every little everyday thing?
Shopping for example, a man will simply walk in a store, buy the thing he needs (which made him go to the store in the first place), pay and leave. A woman, will roam the isles for a while, browse around, buy a couple of things that got her attention, check the prices between different brands of the same product, buy a shitload of things she doesn't need, and probably forget to buy the thing she went to buy in the beginning. Right? No.
Lets take it from the top, and by that i mean our brains. First, here are some facts.

  • The male brain is highly specialized, using specific parts of one hemisphere, or the other to accomplish specific tasks, while the female brain is more diffused and utilises significant portions of both hemispheres for a variety of tasks.
  • Men are able to separate and isolate information, stimulus, emotions or relationships into different compartments of their brains, while women tent to link everything together.
  • Men are able to block out unnecessary information while focusing on an issue. Women see everyday things from a broader point of view.

So what does all this means? Its pretty simple. Men are able to use specific parts of our brains, for the respective specific issues. Women on the other hand, use their whole brain on every issue. That's why a woman can see a variety of different aspects in a single issue, while a man will simple sit down and try to fix it. In simple words, men are simple beings.
We are often "accused" of not being emotionally connected, at least i have been, but here is a paradoxical fact. Studies suggest that men are more emotionally sensitive beings than women! How is that possible? Because we evolved so we could hide it better. Can you imagine a sensitive man in prehistoric times?  Yeah, i thought so.
At this point i would like to use this example i made up, in order to explain my theory to female friend of mine, the basic difference between our "species".
So, imagine the male brain as a warehouse full of boxes neatly stacked but never ever touching. Each box has its title such as: "car", "girlfriend", "PlayStation 3", "work". So every time, we pick up the respective box, open it, and focus on its content, one box at a time (simple brains, remember?), and then we put it back in its place, again neatly. Women on the other hand, have all the same boxes, but this time are connected with a string. An emotion string, so every time you use a box, you unconsciously tie it with an emotion, that carries to the next box. Not only that, but men have a special box, above all others, that women do not have. The Empty Box. When we use that, we can just sit there, and think about nothing, just watch the game, or play video games for hours and be just stupidly happy. That drives most women mad, because they can't understand how we can be so "immature" as they prefer to call it.

Still, why this differences occurred in the first place? How can the brains of the same species be so different? Could it be...a different evolutionary path? I am convinced as such.
It was always my opinion that women are more evolved than men, not just their brains, witch i believe are stone cold calculatory devices, but their bodies too. Women easily spot details and even slight color changes, They can pick up lower frequency noises easier than men (although they cant hear better than men, that's just a myth), and recent studies suggest they can even detect fear. That's right, women can smell it when you re sweating out of fear and react to it, even though they are unaware of that capability. They posses higher pain tolerance, and above all, the gift of life. So, is it possible that we walked different evolutionary paths during our time in the planet? Before we answer this let me ask you something first. How many men, walk into a room, and the first thing they notice is something that needs repair? A broken outlet, or a slightly leaning table? And how many women have walked into a room and the first thing they checked is, if that room is comfortable, if its well lit, and clean, if the furniture are properly placed, and the color pattens? How many women moved in a guys house and totally changed the place? Almost every one. Because we are wired to do these things. During our evolution, men would provide safety, while women a caring environment. for their offsprings.
It is believed that the early human societies, of prehistoric times were matriarchal. Simply put, men would provide, while women would rule the society. But, isn't that still happening? Even with all the progression and changes to our culture? It could just be basic instinct. All people, no, all living things have the instinct of procreation, they constantly try to ensure the passing of their genetic material, to create a next generation and ensure their continuation. a man must ensure his significant other's well being in order for her to perform the miracle of life.
Now, i know these last sentences may seem regressive. "But I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself", "we don't need men", and stuff like that are common reactions in the struggle for equality. Of course you are. Everyone is capable of taking care of them selfs. But in order to progress, in order to continue evolving, we need each other. You see, as we come to a conclusion, this is the only thing that makes sense. We need to take care of each other, each in their own way. Instead of pointing our flaws, and failing to understand why we behave like that, we should embrace each others difference because we complete each other, and even though we tent to complicate things, we must understand that we are half animal, and half divine beings, we have instincts, but also choices. Don't forget that the ancient Greeks believed the very essence of perfection and balance
was the unification of the two sexes, the Hermaphrodite, the perfect human.

-Thank you for reading.

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The Differences Between Men and Women


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