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5 Rules for growing a long beard

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Maybe it is No Shave November or you may have just moved to East London. Whatever it is, you may have a sudden hankering for growing a Beard and the question arises in your mind “How do I grow a thick long beard?”

While for most of us this is usually a glimmer in thought, but for some other as we have noted this can turn into an obsession. We have seen those beard fanatics who keep rolling their moustache up even in their sleep. Admittedly it is a difficult job to maintain a perfectly perky long beard that looks clean. It can be a slippery slope growing a beard. As if left unattended for a couple of days even can make it look like a food-magnet rug on your face with stray hair and uneven shape. But Beards for men are much more than just a style statement.

Beards can do a great deal for a man as we have seen for a lot of people with very public lives. They can be career changing, they may define new position and status; they allow men to standout and be recognized separately from the boys. Beards have long been uniting men socially; they have been doing so for several years now. As we have seen from old timey photos of moustache men and bearded men in their own clubs. Beards are like a rite of passage for a man and almost everyone goes through it at some point in life. But beards though seemingly simple and laid-back looking actually need a lot of tending, and while some achieve it easier than others it is not due to difference in Skin tone and hair type which is a common misconception. It is because of the difference in approach towards ones beard and the attitude towards it. Beards essentially a need a lot of discipline and are not the picture of slack as women would like to believe.

Here are five rules for men to grow a long stylish beard:

1.    Start from scratch

There is nothing better than starting from a clean slate when it comes to growing a good long beard. Set some time aside and shave properly so that your skin remains fresh and well treated. This will reduce chances of skin irritation and heal any minor underlying skin problems. Always remember that you should prepare thoroughly before you start shaving to ensure your skin does not react badly to the blade. Before shaving get a good wash with a nice face wash to cleanse any excess oil, dead skin and dirt from the pores. It is usually good to apply pre-shaving oil before you shave, which will help soften the hair and nourish your skin before applying a quality shaving cream, avoid using just soap to lather. Now that you are ready start working with the blade!


2.    Be persistent and don’t itch

Beards can get annoyingly itchy for the first few weeks and may even be so for the first month or half way along the growth. This is due to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells or dehydration of the hair. Even a few days worth of stubble may spur some irritation. So, keep the beard clean and remember to moisturize well with beard oil or a good beard moisturizer.


3.    Select a shape that suits your face

Do not give into beard envy and try out eclectic beard shapes that may not go well with your face. There are just some shapes that may look great on your friend or that model or celebrity you admire but will not look great on your face’. So, have a realistic approach and get some styling tips from loved ones or professional about which shape may be ideal for you.


4.    Remember to play to your strengths

Growing a beard can be as time taking as a full-time job. Even after your beard has reached the desired length and volume there is a lot of work that remains to be done. The best plan of action is to maintain a regime of trimming and shaping with a skilled barber. A professional can help get to the tricky areas and maintain a consistent style. So, start forming a healthy committed relationship with your beard barber.


5.    Show off that beauty

Your beard is a work of art; you put in a lot of hours of thinking, planning and hard work into maintaining it and growing it. So, that off to the world! Start clicking away selfies and put it on your beardy Instagram account, and while you do so don’t forget to tag us with a big smile on that hairy face!



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5 Rules for growing a long beard


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