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10 Festivals To Brighten Your Spirits: Incredible India

The largest democracy of the world with the most beautiful skyline, India being the second most populated nation, celebrates all the possible cultures of every ethnicities. The Incredible India, land of Gods and Goddesses, cultures, traditions and festivals gives your spirit the relaxing cool it needs along with the beauty that comes along with the vast scenery. If this New Year, your resolution is to travel, consider yourself to be blessed to experience all that your body and mind needs in one country. Your 5 senses would never be fully utilized until you visit these top 10 most unconventional festivals celebrated in different regions of the beautiful land of India:

1.Magh Mela

What better way to start off the year than to enlighten your spirits and attain inner peace and natural energy for the rest of the year. Celebrated in all the pilgrimage sites of India, Magh Mela is the largest fair of the world. If you want the real view of this holy festival, visit the holy city of Prayag, Allahabad, one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in India. Hundreds of thousands of saints, sages and people come to the holy spot of confluence of the rives Ganga, Yamuna and Puranic Saraswati where according to Hindu Mythology, the creator of the world, Lord Brahma, performed “Sacred Yajna”. This festival begins in the month of January at the time of Makar Sankranti and ends in February at the time of Maha Shivratri. While people take a bath in the holy water in Prayag, In Uttarkashi you see a completely different sight of India in the same festival. People come together in dhoti of their Goddesses, immersing all the beats in Manikarnika Ghat which is believed to give ideal salvation to human souls when cremated here. Also, the week-long celebration is cherished with best clothes, handicrafts, traditional dances and folk songs with particular style of food.


2. Hampi Festival

The once flourishing capital of one of the greatest empires of Indian history, Vijayanagar, the ruined city comes alive with bright lights and colors once a year during Hampi festival. The entire state rejoices the mesmerizing beauty of colors, puppetry, folk music and dances, mud wrestling, rock climbing and rural sports. This three-day festival is the largest carnival in Hampi giving you an opportunity to pack your bags and travel south to Karnataka. Give your eyes the pleasure of watching just the view of exciting colors and fireworks.


3. Torgya Monastery Festival

The diversity of India, gives flourishment to every culture. The free will of practicing it brings us to your next spot for traveling from far south to far east, Arunachal Pradesh at the Tawang Monastery. Torgya, is the festival celebrated by Monpa tribe. This three-days festival not only give your eyes the pleasure to watch incredible dance forms known as Pha Chan and Losjker Chungiye, colors, rituals, splendid robes and props but also signifies the destruction of evil spirits and harmful forces. The most anticipating thing about this festival is the ritual of distributing a sweet and local beer. The sweet distributed is called Tseril which is prepared by solidifying the mixture of barley and sugar or molasses while the local beer also known as Tse-Chang, distributed to the devotees in very small quality, a few drops may be is served in a human skull.


4. Rann Utsav

From East now, gear up to travel to the other side of the country, West, in Gujarat. Gujarat is famous for a lot of things, especially Gujarati food but other than that Gujarat also hosts the longest festival of the world lasting for 3 months in the beautiful white salt desert of Rann of Kuchh. To describe something as big and beautiful as this is just the word “Magnificent”. The feeling of getting connected to nature and feel the culture rise in your bones with the vibrant celebration of colors, culture and expressionism with profusion of art forms is beyond comparable. The venue is the city of tents near a small village, Dhordo. Go out on perhaps the most romantic date of your life with the Moon, travel around on camels for sight-seeing or bird watch with hot air balloons or go beaching and shopping. The stay and food are just heavenly pleasing.


5. Goa Carnival

When it comes to festivals and celebrations, the one place that never runs out of the celebration vibe is Goa. Fun is Goa and Goa is fun, the carnival has been celebrated in Goa for over 500 years now ever since Portuguese ruled Goa. Now, people across countries are attracted to this amazing show of music, dance and vibrant, splendid colors. See Goa in its brightest form this year now and feel their real culture flow through your veins.


6. Khajuraho Dance Festival

Well the heart of the country expresses itself in a very unique way. While Madhya Pradesh is famous for jungle safaris, Khajuraho in particular holds the very beauty of the state art in itself which has been the beauty center of traditional Indian dance forms. This classical dancers’ paradise features exclusive performances of traditional Indian Classical dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri and Kathakali. Even you are not a dancer, the sheer beauty of this festival will keep your sights contained till your heart’s content.


6. Pushkar Camel Festival

If you think you have seen it all, think again because no matter who or where you are in the world you have to see the largest multi-day annual live-stock fair of the world. Call it Pushkar fair, Pushkar Camel Fair, Kartik Mela or Pushkar Ka Mela, this traditional festival held at Pushkar city of Rajasthan is a must watch for everyone. This festival is known for huge camel, horse and cattle. Also, the city of Pushkar holds a key religion value in Hindu mythology. The festival spirit cheers the bright and vibrant colorful culture of Rajasthan with tug of war competitions amongst men and women, matka phod, longest moustache, bridal competition, camel races etc. If you want to get your spirits lifted and you’re running low on energy, set yourself a tour to this huge festival at the time of October or November.


8. Desert Festival Of Jaisalmer

Rajasthan, being the largest state of the country area wise, has the most colorful culture in the whole country. The golden-land holds a three-day extravaganza for you in the month of February with beautiful display of bright colorful robes, energizing dance performances, incredible music from traditional instruments, puppetry, folk dances, moonlit concerts and some very long and big mustache display. The highlight of this festival is the sport fit for the state, Camel Polo which is a must watch if you want to get those adrenaline spikes. This event highlights the true beauty of Rajasthan making this festival one of the biggest center of attraction for all the people of the country and tourists.


9. Bihu

If there’s one dance form which beats every other when it comes to the energy level it spreads and demands is the Bihu dance form. This festival is the heart and soul of Assam. Being celebrated thrice a year in three different forms, Bihu unites the complete state. The first is the Bhogali Bihu, the feast festival, happens at the time of mid-January and is all about food. Eat the best traditional dishes of Assam in this celebration under the bonfire which is the highlight of this event near a river. The second is Rangoli (Bohag) Bihu which happens in April, is the most popular amongst the three which marks the beginning of the New Year of the Hindu solar calendar and the coming of spring. This festival is popular for the famous Bihu folk songs and to celebrate the fertility of women who dance sensually to cherish their fertility. The third is the Kongali Bihu has a different flavor all together with a feeling of constrain and solemnity. Farmers lit earthen lamps are lit. Also, to protect the maturing paddy, farmers whirl bamboo sticks and recite rowa-khowa chants to protect the field from evil eye. People also light up lamps at the tip of the tallest bamboo to guide the souls to heaven.


10. Hornbill Festival

Apart from the hottest chili of the world and keeda market, Nagaland is also famous for the “festival of festivals”, the Hornbill festival. Every year in the first week of December, this is the most spectacular event of the nation with only one motive to revive, protect and highlight the beautiful culture of Nagaland. Named after the great Indian Hornbill bird, this festival marks the extravaganza display of tradition including, colorful dance performances, art and craft display, naga wrestling, archery, and cultural shows. Hornbill also includes performances from various international artists and other events making it one of the most anticipated festivals of the world.


With so much in store for this New Year, pack up your bags and travel and explore the rich culture of different states of India. Style accordingly and cherish your travel moments. Capture the beauty of every state and let your senses be fully utilized. Zobello wishes you a very Happy New Year. Style with the season and redefine your wardrobe for your perfect travel vacation. Happy Shopping, happy traveling!

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10 Festivals To Brighten Your Spirits: Incredible India


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