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10 Hacks for Better Sleep

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We all know how important good Sleep is for a healthy mind and body. But millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders, mainly due to stress and other similar reasons. Insomnia or sleeplessness can affect your health and wellbeing, and also lead to illnesses.

Here are ten hacks to help you get a better sleep every night…

1. Relax

You cannot sleep well if your heart is racing. To be able to get into sleep mode, you must relax and calm down, allowing your body and mind to prepare for rest. Do a simple meditation or any other soothing activity before bedtime to calm down your senses and allow better sleep.

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2. Have a routine

Sleep needs to be regular. If you go to bed at different times every night, then your routine is getting disrupted. Similarly, if you have no fixed time for waking up in the morning, it causes the same disruption. For sleep to come normally, you must have a fixed time to go to bed and a fixed time for waking up in the morning.


3. Prep your room

Make your bedroom cosy enough to invite sleep. Remove the TV and laptop from the bedroom, close the curtains to block out light, and make your bed relaxing with pillows and sheets and blankets. Keep your bedroom only for sleeping. When you do that, your body will know that it’s sleep time whenever you’re in the bedroom and help you rest better.


4. Avoid the electronics

Put all your backlit devices away at least two hours before you go to bed. The blue light emitted by these devices stimulates the brain and prevents sleep. Avoid the phone, laptop, or TV a couple of hours before sleeping to ensure proper rest.


5. Avoid caffeine

The caffeine present in beverages like tea and coffee helps you stay awake and alert, something that’s totally not required when you’re trying to sleep. Instead of reaching for caffeine, try some decaffeinated green tea, which contains the relaxing agent L-theanine, aiding sleep.


6. Soak in

Before hitting the sack, take a warm bath preferably with essential oils. It will help you relax, soothe your body and mind, and prepare you for sleep. It always helps to de-stress before bedtime.


7. Read a book

Getting engrossed in a story de-stresses you and unclutters your mind. Reading a book before bedtime induces sleep, and aids in a better rest. But it has to be a physical book, not your Kindle.


8. Use scents

Lavender is the most helpful scent when it comes to curing insomnia and helping you relax. You can either put a few drops into your bath water, or use in a dispenser, or pour onto your pillow before you go to bed for a calming, relaxing sleep.


9. Make it quiet

If you live somewhere noisy, do everything possible to make your bedroom quiet when you go to bed. You can either shut the windows, or turn on a fan, or use some white noise to drown out the sounds and make it quiet.


10. Play music

Relaxing music like jazz, blues, or other instrumental music helps soothe you and get you into sleep mode. Listening to some soothing music before you go to bed will de-stress you and help you sleep well.



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10 Hacks for Better Sleep


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