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Best Ad Publisher Websites to Earn Money From Blog or Website

Ad Publisher website allow people to place ads on their website or blog and people can earn money from publisher websites. People who don't know more that ad publisher network or website then it required to understand about publisher and how it works.

What is ad publisher website ? 

Ad publisher website or Ad Network website is the platform to earn money online from your website or blog.  A blogger who has created the very good blog or any person who created the any kind of good website and get traffics to their website then they can earn as much money as traffics come to their website.

How ad publisher website work?

Ad publisher website provide adverting features and they earn money from the large company by putting their ads from their platform to publisher website. So they earn from the companies by putting their ads to your website and give some percent of amount to you by displaying the publishers ads into your website or blog. Different technique like CPM, CPC, CPA  used by different Ad publisher network according to their platform.

When you signup as ad publisher then it require to approve your website or blog before start earning money from the ads. Website or blog is approved by the admin of the ad publisher network and this process is called the Monetization . So before placing ad to your website you must monetize your content or website to the most of the ad network and if they approve you will start earning money.

List of the ad publisher network or website

1) Google Adsense

Google AdSense is simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website or blog. Google AdSense program run by Google Company that allows publishers from your online content  to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive ads. Google Adsense is the best way to make money then other platform from the my personal experience because there are many big advertiser agency works under the Google Adsense network. To signup for Google AdSense see below link.  

Method: CPC, CPM
Ad Type: Leader board, Skyscrapers, Rectangles, Text Links, Video
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

How to signup for Google Adsense Account

2) BidVertiser

Bidvertiser is an ad publisher network that is good  monetization tool it works on the CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action) means earning money for each ad that is clicked and additional revenue when the click leads to a conversion. It also works on CPM method.

Method: CPC, CPM, CPA
Ad Type: Leader board, Skyscrapers, Rectangles
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

3) publishers allow exclusive access to Yahoo Bing Network that gives you instantaneous access to one of the world's largest marketplaces for keyword-targeted advertisers. It does not matter that how broad or niche your website, its just only select the good advertisers appropriate for your content. display Ads for all IAB sizes uniquely blend text & display ads to drive higher RPM's like image, rich media, video, expandable etc.

Method: CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Type: In-Content, Custom Sizes & Responsive Designs, IAB Sizes
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

4) Vibrant Media  

Vibrant Media is good ads publisher website that Increase incremental revenue. Vibrant can be helpful to you for your existing editorial and image content. Vibrant connects consumers with relevant content in real time.

Method: CPC, CPM
Ad Type:  In-Text, Vibrant Image, Vibrant In Line
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

5) Adsterra Network 

Adsterra Network provides is the best publisher that allow effective ad formats to advertise online and to generate highest revenue out of your campaigns. Adsterra Network offer high impact ad elements, perfect as AdSense alternatives, tailored to your set campaign objectives.

Method: CPC, CPM, CPA
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

6) AdBlade Network

Adblade Network is a good publishers website for monetization solutions. Adblade's technology provides strong sales controls, drives revenue and robust reporting. Adblade Network can seamlessly integrates with any design to offer your audience a high quality user experience. 

Method: CPC, CPM
Ad Type: Standard IAB units
Requirement: 1-490,000 Impressions / Month

7) Chitika Publishers  

Chitika Publisher ads integrate seamlessly with your online content. Its very good publisher for the blog or website who has the more contents rather than image and that can maximize your revenue. It displays the ads from the Yahoo and other top-quality advertisers.

Method: CPC
Ad Type: In-Text, Text Leader board, Text Skyscrapers, Popup
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

8) Revcontent

Revcontent is the fastest growing native network in the World. Revcontent website engage users with up to 50% higher PPV( page views per visitor) which is different then all other publisher network. It provide transparency & control to check real time. It is a self serve platform for reporting.

Method: PPV 
Ad Type: Block of Images, Custom Blocks
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

9) Clicksor

Clicksor is an online contextual advertising and publisher network based in North York, Ontario. This network is launched by Yesup Media Inc.

Method:  CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI
Ad Type: Banner ads, pop under, contextual ads
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

10) Undertone

Undertone publisher solutions put deep brand advertiser relationships and cutting-edge technology that help publishers to monetize their inventory in unique and valuable ways. undertone diverse many ad formats to provide high value solutions for your digital properties and drive incremental revenue on any screen. Undertone say they expect high CPMs and consistent ad delivery on existing revenue streams.

Method:  CPM
Ad Type: Banner ads, Pre Roll Video, IAB’s Billboard, Filmstrip, Sidekick, Slider, Portrait
Requirement: 250,000 Impressions / Month

11) is the good publisher network to make money from the your content inventory that utilize the industry's leading technology  for the cross platform optimization.

Method:  CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Type: Banners, Text-Links, Pop-ups,  Display Creatives, Sponsored Listings, Video Creatives.
Requirement: 5,000,000 Impressions / Day

12) Fidelity Media

Fidelity media is the best publishers network for those who has the good traffics. Its mainly based on the CPM and the cpm rate is also good. It has quality advertising content and effective inventory monetization options.

Method: CPM, CPC
Ad Type:  Leader board, Skyscrapers, Popup
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

13) Infolinks is a innovative ads powered by Intent and its contextual ads based platform that will display ads automatically to your content by just placing the some line of code in the page. 
Infolinks ads is  get more attention for their contextual links features. It has also some more ad option like long leader boards, links container, popup leader boards that can help publisher to earn more revenue from their contents.

Method:  CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Type: Contextual Links, Text-Links, Poup Under, Poup Sidebar
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

14) Media Nexus  

Method:  CPM, CPC
Ad Type: Banner Ads, Popup Under Ads
Requirement: 5,000,000 Impressions / Month

15) Creafi Online Media  

Creafi online media network provides high quality  media solutions for publishers like web banners, video ads, internet for advertising and business marketing.

Method:  CPM, CPC, CPV
Ad Type: Banner Ads, Video Ads, 
Requirement: 5,000,000 Impressions / Month

16) Haxhax  

Haxhax publishers is a  global premium ads marketing service provider and it has the best optimization method for optimization of your online inventory and provides the premium ads on the market.

Method:  CPM, CPC, CPV
Ad Type: Display Ads,  Multi-screen ad servicing
Requirement: 500,000 Impressions / Month

17) PropellerAds  

Propellerads is also another website to monetize your online content of blog or website. It has the option of many ads format like popup under, display banners.

Method:  CPM, CPA, CPL 
Ad Type: Banner Ads, Leader board, Skyscrapers, Rectangles
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

18) Epom Market  

Epom Market network provides highest eCPM for the ads implemented by their publishers. Epom Market supports the 100% fill rates for the ads display from their network. They have many global advertisers that can help publishers to earn more money from their ads.

Method: eCPM
Ad Type: Display Banner Ads, In-Text Ads, Mobile In App, Video Advertising
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

19) BlogAds  

Method: SELL Ads
Ad Type:Display Banners
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

20) AdMedia  

Admedia network supports many different types of ad formats like video and overlay ads , pre roll and mid roll etc. Admedia is also good platform to earn revenue by driving more traffics to you website or blog.

Method: CPM, CPC
Ad Type: AdMobile, Intextual Contextual Overlay Ads, Pre Roll, Mid Roll, Footer Roll, Video Sense, Video Slider
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

21) PulsePoint  

Pulsepoint is publisher network and its different then other that it allow to set your CPM  price and it can lead to you earn 100% of all impressions sold.

Method: CPM
Ad Type: Contextualization ads
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

22) AdCash  

AdCash is the ads network and that is good for the media website, movie and sports website and entertainment website or blog. It supports verity of ad formats like banners, footer, side in etc.  

Method: CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Type: Display Banners, Site Under, Footer, Interstitial, Side-In,Background, In App Interstitial, In App Footer
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

23) Tribal Fusion ( Exponential )  

Exponential has builds long term relationships by securing the highest eCPMs and the biggest advertising budgets.  It supports the IAB Rising Star ad formats and polite pre-roll generate high CPMs. Exponential publisher partners on a completely transparent revenue because the work on fixed cpm from their advertisers.

Method: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV
Ad Type: Video Ad Formats ,  IAB Rising Star ad formats
Requirement: 500,000 Unique User / Month

24) Conversant  

Conversant media publisher works  with many of the best companies, charities and  trade organizations  in the world. Conversant media publisher provide high CPM for the ads and publisher can take benefit from getting more traffics from their content.

Method: CPM, CPC
Ad Type: In-Text Rollovers, Full Screen Ads
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

25) WWW Promoter  

Method: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV
Ad Type: Standard Banner, Pop-Under.
Requirement: 1,000,000 Impressions / Month

26) InfinityAds  

Method: PPV
Ad Type: Popunder, Interstitial and CPC in-text ads
Requirement: No Minimum Traffic

27) Affinity

Method: CPM, CPC
Ad Type: In- Footer supports Text, Banner, Rich Media Innovations, Video and Lead Generation
Requirement: 5,000,000 Page View/ Month

The list of the above publisher site also earn money from their advertiser and they has aoso the features of the advertising. So we can say that the above post help to find the List of the advertising network to grow your business by giving the paid ads. 

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Best Ad Publisher Websites to Earn Money From Blog or Website


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