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8 Mistakes I Made When I Started My Blog

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Hey guys! Like with any new thing you try, you have a few things (if not, a lot) to learn and Blogging was exactly the same. While I had a blog before EveryLittleThing, it wasn't very good and when I started this one, I knew absolutely nothing. Let me tell you now, I still have a long way to go, but in that one year and a bit, I know a lot more than I did before and it shows, in case you're up for a stalking session...
​G x

1. Not doing your research into the choice of blogging platform

There are plenty of blogging platforms that are now out there- but just because you like the look of one, it doesn't mean that its the best one. I chose Weebly (clear in my domain name) because I loved the look of the templates and it's pretty fool proof- with drag and drop features. However, I didn't do my research properly (leading into my second point) so I'm a bit restricted to getting a fairly cheap domain name and what my blog looks like with the template. Just do your research before you begin, some popular blogging platforms include WordPress and Blogger and I know of some other ones such as Weebly and Wix. 

2. Or just not doing any research point blank

I don't want to keep repeating myself, but I literally knew nothing about blogging when I started so for half a year, my blog wasn't even on Google and I relied on my social media blog links for views. Weebly isn't very good for that, after some research half a year later so I had to do something. I'm sure if you have the same problem, you can sort it by Googling it and submitting your blog link in etc... but I think why my blog is a lot more accessible on Google as I joined Google Analytics and it obviously knows my blog exists. I know the problem but I probably sound like a dumb bitch who doesn't know what she's doing- I do apologize...

My point? Do some research about blogging, blogging platforms, how to create interesting blog posts and all that jazz!

3. Taking awful photos

My finest photograph ever, I think you'd agree. Okay but seriously, why?! I mean this links with doing your research and practice makes perfect but you really need to know very little about photography to get some nice looking photos. I don't have all the fancy-ass cameras and equipment because I'm 14 and my pocket money doesn't stretch that far. Jokes aside, I'm trying to tell you that most of my photos are taken on an iPhone 5s but the photos you can take can be amazing, or they can be awful.
Taking photos in natural lighting is key if you can't afford professional lighting and I like to have a clean background (aka, my throw or my parent's IKEA rug). If you're into all those marble and grid backgrounds, you can literally just print them out and take a photo of the object on it (trust me with this one, I've done it too!). 

4. Not editing photos

I can be super lazy when it comes to editing blog photos, and I'm sure all you bloggers reading this can agree it's not the most fun thing to do! However, editing is key and most of the time, I either put a VSCO cam filter on my photos (that aren't makeup swatches because you know, keeping it real) or whiten up the background to make it look more professional and crisp. I feel like crisp was completely the wrong word now but anyway, editing photos can make them look a lot more professional and appealing when they're on your blog or on somebody's Bloglovin feed.

5. Or just stealing other people's photos

​Because that's tooootaaaalllly your own photo Gabija...
If you can avoid this, please take my advice that you don't want to be doing this! First, we have copyright on our backs and some places that you want to 'copy' and 'paste' from are super tight about things like that and, I mean you know... Also, it just looks unprofessional and kind of lazy if you get a photo of some Real Techniques brushes from Boots and put them in a review. It's not hard to take your own photos and chances are, they'll look better!

6. Ignoring the word 'Networking' all together

... because why bother attracting readers when you can wait for them to come to you? Not only do you discover so many amazing blogs through communities such as Bloglovin, but you can get so much more than that. You can meet new people, find new blogs, leave a comment and get yourself out there! (Needless to mention, I could've used a lot of that inspiration from other blogs when I'd just joined Blogosphere)

7. Not proof-reading your posts

All my fellow bloggers out there have all been there, when you're just so excited for a post to be done and upload to the point where you literally can't wait any longer. However, this excited-ness (or most of the time, in my case anyway, laziness) comes back to bite you in the ass when you realize you might have just made some of the worst typos ever and people have already been reading your posts. 

I'm not saying we can't make the occasional little typo or two (I mean... we all do!), but I can't read a post if it's full of typos and little mistakes!

8. Not posting frequently enough

Funnily enough, I make this point after not having posted in 6 days but I think we all know that people aren't going to come to your blog if you literally never post! 

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8 Mistakes I Made When I Started My Blog


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