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20 Local Liquors in India – Desi Daru, Mahua, Toddy, Chhang, Feni, Apong and More

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Please Note: CyberHowTo discourages the consumption of Alcohol and tobaccos-related products. This post is for information purpose only.

When we talk about travelling, most of us are very excited about the whole prospect of going out, visiting monuments and tasting different cuisines. However, how excited are we with the idea of tasting the booze of the places that we visit.


Here are the top 20 local liquors that you will definitely not find at any bar you visit. Let’s find out,

1) Mahua

Mahua trees are are found quite commonly in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and West Bengal. The Drink is derived from the fermentation of the flowers that grow on the tree. However, do keep in mind that the drink is highly intoxicating and should be consumed in very little amounts.

2) Toddy

A very famous drink in Kerala, Toddy is probably one of the simplest drinks to make especially in the coastal areas. All that needs to be done is to collect the flowers of the coconut trees and then the juice from it is fermented to turn it into an alcoholic beverage. This drink is pretty mild at 5-10 percent alcoholic content.

3) Chhang

Quite popular in the North East and Ladakh, Chhang is also referred to as “hot beer.” This drink is made from Barley and is a staple for residents of Ladakh for centuries. At 5-7 percent alcohol level, the drink is mild.

4) Sekmai Yu

The Sekmai town of Manipur is famous for the drink, hence the name. Often compared to the Japanese Saki, this drink has 2-10 percent alcohol level.

5) Zawlaidi

This drink is a grape wine which is famous in Mizoram. It is pretty cheap and is famous for its bubbly taste. The alcohol content is 11-14 percent.

6) Handia

Often referred to as poor man’s beer, this drink is mostly drunk by Central and Eastern tribal people. With 18-25 percent alcohol content, the drink is definitely quite intoxicating.

7) Desi Daaru

Also called tharra, the Desi Daaru is probably the most commonly used local drink for the whole country. Made by fermenting the sugar cane pulp in large ceramic containers, the alcoholic content is experimental and can go as high as 90 percent leading to quite a few deaths due to intoxication.

8) Ghanti Kinnaur

As the name suggests this drink is consumed in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. It is made by distilling grapes, pear, wild apricot and peaches and is used for daily consumption by the locals.

9) Feni

Originating from Goa, this is another very popular drink, so much so that it became the first Indian drink that has a Geographical Indication registration. The alcohol content is at 42.8%.

10) Arrack

At 50-70% of alcohol content, Arrack is the stronger more fermented and distilled version of toddy.

11) Po:ro Apong

This is the cultural drink of Adi and Mising tribes of Assam. The alcohol content is not known, however, it is said to be pretty intoxicating.

12) Chuwarak

Made from rice, pineapple and sometimes Jack Fruit, this drink is common in Tripura.

13) Judima

Another Assamese drink in the list, Judima is so mild that it is often administered to new-borns and is believed to ward off evil spirits.

14) Kiad

Kiad is a drink from Meghalaya which when diluted is not that strong. However, you can definitely get the 70% concentrated ones as well.

15) Kesar Kasturi

A drink from Rajasthan made from Saffron (Kesar) and 22 other spice, the drink is quite refreshing. Earlier it was meant for the royalty, however, now it is readily available.

16) Lugdi

It is a mild drink mostly consumed in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. It is quite refreshing and has low alcohol content.

17) Gudamba

It is a drink made from sugar canes found in Hyderabad. The alcohol content is quite high and caution is advised before its consumption.

18) Bangla

A drink from West Bengal, it is often offered to goddess Kali, however, it is not advisable for consumption owing to spurious contents.

19) Kodo Ka Jaanr

This drink made from finger millet is widely consumed in Sikkim. Boiling water is added to the concentrate and then the mixture is consumed.

20) Xaj

Another North Eastern drink on the list, Xaj is widely consumed by Ahoms of Assam. It is made from the fermentation of rice with some spices. The alcohol content is quite low.

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20 Local Liquors in India – Desi Daru, Mahua, Toddy, Chhang, Feni, Apong and More


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