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15 Indian Home Remedies that Actually Work

Most people are put off by claims of Cow Urine curing infections and onions fighting the common cold. But while some Indian home remedies seem drastic, they are extremely effective in curing a host of maladies.


Check out these simple Indian home remedies that actually work:

1) Ginger Juice for Stomach Ache

The next time you have a Stomach Ache, extract some juice from a piece of ginger, apply it to the affected area, and voila! Bye bye stomach ache!

2) Boiled Grapes to Relive Constipation

Did you know that grapes relieve constipation? Boil 10 to 12 grapes in milk for 5 minutes and allow the concoction to cool. Once you’ve strained the grapes, eat them while drinking your milk for healthy bowel movement.

3) Cow Urine for Healthy Kidneys

This might be a little difficult to swallow, but you’ll need a tall glass of cow urine if you’re planning to clean out your kidneys. It’s got diuretic properties that help flush out the impurities from your body.

4) Salt-Coated Garlic for Aching Teeth

Dip a clove of Garlic in rock salt and you have a remedy for aching teeth. Place this piece next to the affected tooth and the pain will subside. Alternatively, you could chew garlic in the morning as it cures aches while strengthening your teeth.

5) Green Grass for BP Monitoring

If you’re a victim of high blood pressure, just spend 15-20 walking around barefoot on green grass. Your blood pressure levels will gradually stabilise.

6) Drops of Honey to Improve Eye Sight

Ever seen a bee with bad eyesight? You won’t, thanks to their love for honey.
If you’ve got cataract problems, simply apply a few drops of honey onto the affected high everyday and soon your cataract will disappear.

7) Butter and Ghee for Softer Lips

Chapped lips can be irritating, if not painful. If your lips are in this shape, all you need to do is coat them with a nice helping of butter or ghee. These ingredients will help soften and moisturise them.

8) Egg Yolk for Healthy Hair

Crack open an egg and drop the yolk into a bowl of coconut oil. Stir the mixture and apply it to your hair to treat hair loss. Don’t forget to wash out your hair with shampoo after an hour!

9) Roasted Garlic for Back Aches

One of the many uses of garlic, is in the treatment of back aches. Take some coconut or mustard oil and boil about 10 cloves of garlic in it. Apply this mix to your back for instant relief.

10) Mashed Bananas to Treat Insomnia

Take a bunch of ripe bananas, mash them, and add roasted cumin seeds to the mash. Consume this delicious mix right after dinner to treat insomnia.

11) Peanut Butter for Hiccups

There’s no fancy preparation for this cure; simply take a teaspoonfull of peanut butter and gulp it down. You’ll get rid of hiccups in no time.

These are a few Indian home remedies that people use in their daily lives to treat a host of problems. Some of them may seem a little impractical, but they work wonders.

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15 Indian Home Remedies that Actually Work


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