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Domestic Abuse

Stop Domestic Violence

I felt rather strongly about this topic, in fact so strong was my conviction towards it being wrong that I decided to blog about it. This has got to be one of the most serious topic’s I’ve ever discussed or featured, but trust me it brings me no joy, as the matter is rather upsetting!

Before I begin today’s post, I request all readers to PLEASE SHARE, LIKE AND REPOST THIS POST; I’m not asking for publicity, that would be rather selfish; but honestly a way to tackle and help reduce this evil from spreading, awareness needs to be raised! Your help is much appreciated.
We are surrounded by crimes and criminals of all sorts regardless of where we travel in the world; it’s all the same. A homicide can result in a conviction of murder, involuntary or voluntary manslaughter; stealing can result in a conviction of theft, robbery or burglary both dependent on the manner in which the acts were carried out by the accused. Most crimes are set out in an Act of Parliament i.e. The Theft Act 1968 or come into existence through common law i.e. homicide offences, also known as judge made law or alternately as a result of EU legislation or Directives. However these are well established crimes, known to all; though be it as a moral wrong, these need not require further debate though they may benefit from further reform.

Domestic Abuse on the other hand, requires more thought, attention, spotlight and awareness.
Whilst we wish that domestic abuse was a sad reality predating the 80’s, the fact of the matter is that unfortunately it still exists in modern day Britain and pretty much the whole world; so if you like me were under the impression that domestic abuse was a problem faced by eastern countries or a third world curse, think again.

Adopting a rather informal tone, now, let me introduce domestic abuse; a grim reality of a technologically advanced world showcasing equality for both genders. Up until now I hadn’t ever thought about domestic abuse in the same way, it had always felt as being a matter that had no connection with me whatsoever, something that was perceived as being so distant that it was an alien concept. I was under the impression that domestic abuse was a small issue still prevalent in modern society within rather orthodox and narrow minded families; but the problem is bigger than I first imagined it to be. Did you know that in Britain alone domestic abuse is one of the biggest crimes that goes unreported?

Let’s discuss domestic abuse. Domestic Abuse is a crime!

Here’s the scary thing whilst intimidation through physical or non-physical threats on the streets would result in the offender being charged with assault, battery or section 20 of the offences against a person act; domestic abuse is often perceived as being ‘okay’ or ‘normal’ by most victims that are subject to it. This because they've become so accustomed to such torment that they believe they’re at fault and deserve the ill treatment they receive. Be informed though that domestic abuse does not have just one form in that it’s not always physical or even violent; it comes in multiple forms, constant verbal abuse which leads to  psychological damage and or depression or loss in self-confidence also count.

The severe effects of domestic abuse and what such torment can lead to have been highlighted in the case of Ahluwalia (1992), which lead to the recognition of battered women’s syndrome (BWS). Help stop domestic abuse by reporting it!

Whilst females are more likely to suffer from domestic abuse, the reality is that males can also suffer from domestic abuse. Another myth about domestic abuse which I discovered is that, people often think that females are the ones who suffer from domestic abuse; this in fact is so untrue. In fact situations where a male victim has been subject to domestic abuse stands a higher chance of going unreported as opposed to a similar situation where a female is the victim of the same crime. The explanation behind this is rather straightforward; the social stigma that is attached with the reporting of such crimes. It rather seems so that males are bound by society’s expectations, in that a male figure is seen as being ‘macho’ and can also often be referred to as being ‘The Man of the house’. Such predated views in society need to change if we are to stop domestic abuse in its tracks, why should society be able to dictate what the characteristics of an ideal male or female are to be like?

Time to leave with you a final thought. I’m sure all of you that took your time out to read the above will agree with me that domestic abuse is a crime that takes the most evil form, why? Because it takes place in the home, a place which is supposed to provide a safe haven for all to put up their feet and relax. Moreover it is a serious crime and a serious moral wrong which takes effect on the ‘loved ones’ by those who are meant to be their ‘loved ones’. All in all like all crimes domestic abuse needs to be stopped in its tracks, we cannot be claiming to be living in 21st century Britain if the ideologies and behavior we are sounded by are so ancient and irrelevant; certain members of our society are living in constant fear and oppression. Remember the term Domestic Abuse… Report it…

I rest this post, but not my case!


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Domestic Abuse


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