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5 Pros & Cons of Living at Home

5 Pros & Cons Of Living At Home

It was one rather cloudy and rainy Friday morning, the day I completed my exams in May. I was happy, happy knowing that I had a good five months of resting time waiting ahead of me. Though how foolish was I, thinking that the next five months would be somewhat productive.

I'll start blogging and vlogging on a daily basis... Thought one Mehul... Foolishly...

Now here I am, typing away, five months on from May. Sitting in with my laptop writing as if it's therapy.

Well, what's done is done... Time to move on and accept the fact that I'm a final year Law student now who just needs to buckle down and work as hard as I can. Easy said then done!

Anyways, lets get cracking with today's post. Today I want to talk about Living at home whilst being at University. Given the current economic climate, it is now becoming increasingly common for students to live at home whilst being a university!

So here are my top five pros and cons of living at home whilst being at university.

P.s Why not sit back, relax and enjoy the video as opposed to reading this post?

1. Saving Money - Yes I always talk about saving money and why should I not. Given the current economic climate, students are constantly being shrouded in debt and living at home can help ease that debt a little. I mean, you'll need to borrow less money, which means you don't have to pay back as much with interest added on top. Hence this definitely belongs at the top of the list. Also, why not take this opportunity to save up a little?!?!

2. Social Side - Now, when I was at college, (yes I spent 3 whole years at college!) I heard a lot of 'Scare Stories' of supposed people who failed to make friends throughout their whole university course. However, upon starting university, I quickly came to realise, that this was nothing but a myth. I found that a lot of people on my course, were in exactly the same situation as me and thus making friends was no different at university than at college!

3. Commuting - When you're living at home, it goes without saying that commuting to and fro university is going to be an inescapable part of your uni life. With that said however, my fellow commuters out there will agree with me, when I say that commuting quickly becomes the bane of your life. I mean you can wake up as early as you like and get to the bus stop on time, but what you can't do is physically make the bus come on time. Hence, this can be seen a major con of living at home!

4. Having Your Own Space - Now I cannot stress how awesome it feels to just get back home, in your own room after a long day at university! Not only that, having your own space also gives you flexibility and choice to study at the university library or at home. Additionally, being at home also means you don't need to run as many errands as you would have to if you were living out! You can leave the worrying to your parents while you focus on your studies.

5. Distractions - It goes without saying that sometimes, it just so happens that you're constantly surrounded by various distractions at university ranging from your new found freedom to your friends. Living at home means that you have a place where you can get away from these distractions and truly focus on the most important aspect of being at university; your education!

Always remember, that regardless of whether you live on campus or stay at home; you will always be a just as much a student as anyone else!

Stay Happy!

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5 Pros & Cons of Living at Home


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