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Why Small Breasts Are Better than Big Fake Ones

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Like it or not men love breasts and while they are not a man’s only attraction, for centuries a woman’s bosom has been the symbol of sex and fertility, any woman knows that a nice pair of Breast can draw any man’s attention. For decades, women have strived for bigger breasts.While most men may gawk at a big fake bosom, ask any guy and he will say that natural is better, regardless of size and I will tell you why.

Fake breasts only draw short-lived attention

Sorry ladies, while you may like to think that those big round boobs will draw a man’s attention, they will but only for an instant, while they may look great, at the end of the day most men would love to have a one night stand with you, especially men who have never slept with a woman with fake breasts in the first place, after that, the rest may be history.

Plastic coated breasts

While this may sound a bit harsh, I can remember my grandma having plastic over her lovely and comfortable sofa, but as nice as it was the plastic blew it, breast are no different, underneath that muscle or skin fake breasts are simply liquid filled  plastic bags, most men would prefer to fondle small natural breasts any day.

Fake breast can be spotted a mile away

Spotting fake breasts is easy, they are so round and point up and straight out making them easy to spot from a mile away, while you may think they look sexy, there is nothing sexy about them at all, a small pair of natural breasts will win any day, even if one breast is slightly larger than the other most guys will not care.

What if your breasts pop

A few years ago I had a conversation with a girlfriend that had breast implants and she was really upset after having had sex with her boyfriend for the first time, in fact after that first incident it was all over, why? Because her boyfriend was reluctant to play too much with her breasts fearing that if he was too rough the implants would burst or rupture.

Small breasts with big nipples are just as fun

No matter how small your breasts are they are still fun to play with, any guy will tell you breasts of any size are fun to fondle, in fact,  there are many women with small breast who have large nipples which for most men is just as much of a turn on as women with bigger breasts and small nipples.

Fake ones will eventually have to be replaced

Regardless of how good your implants are the female body goes through many changes which can cause the breasts to shift, after only a few years fake breasts may have to be replaced or removed do to them leaking, not to mention over an extended period of time implants will develop mold on the inside.

Your boobs will eventually grow

I have countless friends that all wanted bigger breasts, me included,  but what happens after a couple of kids? Yes your breasts get bigger, in fact, mine are now the perfect size, so if you are single and have itty-bitties don’t worry, after marriage and a couple of kids that will all change and your breasts will grow.

Keep them firm

No matter what your breast size,  big or small most men prefer natural any day over fake breasts, the important thing is to keep them firm and soft, trust me your guy will love what you have, regardless of size,  if you really want to make them slightly bigger a simple breast cream can do wonders, making them firmer and fuller, the best thing of all is that they will still be natural.

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Why Small Breasts Are Better than Big Fake Ones


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