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Content over Color: Live for the King

Martin Luther King, a strong African American civil rights leader, spearheaded the civil rights movement in America. Would Dr. King be ecstatic or appalled at the state of race and culture relations in America today?

I believe as Americans, we take our freedom for granted. If it weren’t for the repealing of segregation laws, I would not be able to hold my boyfriend’s hand, walk around with some of my best friends, or even share a room with a person of Color. There is a lot to be grateful for on this day of honor. Mr. King preached his, “I Have a Dream” speech in which reached millions of hearts. In years to come, he would be speechless at what our freedom has done to our nation as a whole, if only he had the fortunate honor to see just that. Would he believe that our nation’s leader, President Obama, is a man of color? Since the world known speech was given, our nation has had several events to follow. Even though our country has rapidly grown to the acceptance of color, discrimination serves as an oblivious scar in our history.

Is our society truly accepting color? Do we blame our elders for not accepting this change in our society? I believe we blame ourselves, as an individual, for what our nation has become. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted, I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” in his famous speech. He pushes the idea of having individuals be judged by what’s inside and not outside. I believe that our acceptance of color has risen beyond what his eyes had ever saw, however, we are poor models of pure acceptance. Elderly white folk look at me in disgust when I walk around, holding my boyfriend of color’s hand. I, a child of “their kind,” how dare I show off the ever so desegregation of our nation? Wake up, it is the year of 2016, is our nation still in disbelief? Maybe they are judging based off of what they hear and see in other African-Americans. Our nation is full of hate and evil of all various colors of skin. It is not based on what you can see on the outside, but by the way you treat others. You see, our elders and those who have grown up around this idea of discrimination are raised to judge based on the color of your skin. If they hear an African American rapping about guns, sex, and weed, they automatically assume all those with dark skin are alike. So when they witness a white woman holding hands with a man of color, they are quick to think that he is just another rapper who smokes weed and robs banks. All while judging a man of color, a Caucasian guns down a school for absolutely no reason at all. Nonetheless, they are still quick to judge the man of color based on their first accounts with men and women of color. You see, it is not all about what you see on the outside, anyone can commit a sin of evil, it is not only those of color who get locked up behind bars. It is time that our country looks at each individual for who they are on the inside, forget about accepting all color, start accepting others based on the way they treat you. By doing so, you will see beyond each person’s barrier of skin, you will see them for who they are, you will judge them based on their heart.

Wake up, America! This is no matter to joke around about. If we continue to judge, are quick to assume, and act upon based on color, then we will never succeed as a nation. There have been way too many acts of discrimination in the past year and it is all because of what we see surrounding us. Let’s start living for the King and begin by living his dream.

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Content over Color: Live for the King


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