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Creatikaa deals with interesting scientific stuffs, pleasant personal stories, short stories along with movie, cricket and food reviews.
Maya - A Fairy Who Found Me In The Woods
2021-05-19 08:38
Deep into the forest, along the riverside, was my cottage. I was sitting along the windowsill sipping a cup of tea, adoring the beauty of nature. The sun had a tough time penetrating through… Read More
Maya - A Fairy Who Spotted Me In Woods
2021-04-30 11:04
Deep into the forest, along the riverside, was my cottage. I was sitting along the windowsill sipping a cup of tea, adoring the beauty of nature. The sun had a tough time penetrating through… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 13
2020-05-21 04:04
Chapter 13: A Hope for Humanity -         Vidya Lakshmi As the growling grew louder and nearer, the three of them stood completely motionless. They di… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 12
2020-05-21 04:03
Chapter 12: Fear and Anxiety Awaits - Swetha AThe three of them stopped and stood still. Rudha turned around and tried to spread the light around her to see if she could spot where the growl… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 11
2020-05-19 07:52
Chapter 11: A Quiet Evening by the Riverside - Soundarajan R The three friends sat beneath a huge canopy on the banks of the river. Matthew and Nikhil occupied a levelled ground and leaning… Read More
The Heirloom Returns...
2020-05-16 13:52
Simon woke up to a bad dream. The clocked ticked 11.30 pm. He tried to recall the dream but couldn’t do it entirely. He could only recall it in bits and pieces. Something about the ri… Read More
2020-05-08 13:42
Chapter 10 - Journeying to the cure -         Sumithra Vasudevan Unni Nikhil and Mathew woke up chirpy, after a good night’s rest… It had… Read More
2020-05-08 12:08
Chapter 9 - A Brief Debrief -         Gladson M E Later in the day, the setting sun sowed golden brown upon the canopy. The gentle flow of the be… Read More
2020-05-01 13:09
“My God! Crossing this stream is impossible,” I screamed. “Do we have a choice?” Mahathi gave me an intent look. “Of course, we do! We can’t go back.&rdqu&hell…Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 7
2020-04-11 09:35
Chapte 7 - Better have it than not need it- Puviarasan SStephi stopped Matthew and said, “It would be foolish to approach the group of tribes now, there is no way we can fight them all… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 8
2020-04-11 09:34
Stephi stood up and walked towards her dull jeans bag that was hanging on the lower branch of a tree to keep her dagger back. Mathew could see her white shirt covered in blood. She tucked th… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 5
2020-04-02 06:21
Chapter 5: The Resurrection and DiscoveryBy Naveen KumarAs Nikhil watched with a helpless torment, the beasts feasted on Matthew and devoured him. Nikhil was swirled into the eye of an overw… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 6
2020-04-02 06:21
Chapter 6: Trouble or Help? By Arulmozhi Kamaraj “What? See Mat I know you went and touched the verge of death but this is completely insane? They are tribals, see their innocent face… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 1
2020-04-01 15:33
------------------------------------ o ----------------------------------While almost whole world is locked down due to this dangerous Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), a bunch of crazy… Read More
Endless Tales Of Corona - 3
2020-03-31 10:39
Chapter 3: The TrapBy Uthra MurariNikhil was horror struck as he timidly walked towards the pool of blood. For a moment Nikhil felt as though his heart stopped as he saw his own reflection o… Read More
2020-03-25 06:19
Chapter 1: Taken Captives - written by Priyadarshini SelvarajanNikhil and Matthew had gone exploring the seas. On a tempestuous night, when their boat had capsized, they used all their… Read More
The Darkness's Spark
2020-02-07 02:18
Sparkling sky pc - etsyIt was a New Year! A fresh winter wind, passed-on from December, embraced me as I entered the school. It was 8.45 am and a cool puff of air blended with sunshine… Read More
2020-02-03 13:16
It’s a New Year! A fresh winter wind, passed-on from December, embraced me as I entered the school. It was 8.45 am and cool puff of air blended with sun shine just rekindled my se… Read More
Cradle Of Love
2019-11-10 16:08
As I paced down the flyover on my bike, I saw  two   policemen following me on the rear-view mirror. One on the pillion waved his truncheon, instructing me to stop. I twi… Read More
The Matrimonial Saga
2019-10-19 18:00
On a Sunday afternoon, when the sun parched the land, I and Perumal sat under the   swirling fan blades that made an unbearable hissing sound. Perumal tilted the wine bottle in all… Read More
2019-03-23 17:50
I woke up on a disturbing note. It must be the dream.It’s still dark outside. I reached my phone to check the time, which showed 3.30 am. My eyes bulged out and mind, voiced again… Read More
The Post Office
2018-12-01 11:06
I woke up to a shattering noise. It was rampant. Footsteps everywhere. Everyone seemed busy as they were moving in and out recurrently.Hand drawn image of Post office. Courtesy - The Black B… Read More
Sarkar - Movie Review
2018-11-09 06:46
Vijay is on cloud-nine after winning IARA award – Best International Actor – for his noteworthy performance in Mersal. And Tollywood got much-needed consideration among the inter… Read More
The Huntsman - 100 Word Story
2018-10-11 18:03
Dragon fly NymphDeep inside the water, he was holding onto the surface, motionless. His senses were wide open perceiving everything he was flanked by.There was a movement, soft-on-surface, w… Read More
Fascinating Indian Mythology Fictions
2018-06-04 10:22
Remembering the facts and keeping the interest alive seems like a tedious job when we talk about Mythology. Indian mythology is all about never-ending discussion of stories on religion and t… Read More
Avengers Infinity Wars Movie Review
2018-05-02 17:19
The fans of Marvel are finally witnessing the biggest battle of all the superheroes they have grown up watching. Each person in the audience has profound memories of their first Marvel movie… Read More
5 Must Visit Places In India
2018-03-09 13:24
Starting from the southern-most city ‘Kanniyakumari’ to the ice cap mountains at Kashmir in the northern region, India is a huge country with culturally rich and historically sou… Read More
4 Fascinating Facts About The Taj Mahal
2017-12-07 12:35
The Taj Mahal is recognized all over the world as one of the finest man-made structures in human history. It’s considered a wonder of the world, and is one of the most popular tourist… Read More
P For Pizza, P For Pondicherry
2017-08-11 05:36
The one foreign dish that won hearts and tummies in a short span of time would be ‘pizza’. The soft dough, delightful cheesiness and flavorful toppings were enough to make me hap… Read More
Clouds - Haiku
2017-03-17 09:49
 Note: Haiku is a short Japanese poem, which is about evoking natural world in just three lines and possibly seventeen syllables Read More
Morning - Haiku
2017-03-10 12:08
A post shared by Divya Srinivasan (creatikaa) (@divya_srini) on Nov 26, 2016 at 3:24am PSTNote: Haiku is a short Japanese poem, which is about evoking natural world in just three lines and p… Read More
Snack Experts - Tasty And Healthy Snacking!
2017-03-07 09:28
Snacks are a major part in my daily food routine; I could even skip a meal but a piece of fruit, crispy fryums, bajji, vada or any munchies complete the day for me. But most of the munchies… Read More
The Three Musketeers
2017-02-19 14:49
It was a hot sunny day. A fruit seller was selling mangoes standing across one of the busy urban stretches flanking Loyola College, Chennai’s oldest and most prestigious college. Mango… Read More
The Touch Of Fear
2017-02-09 13:05
An old man was watching television. He slowly moved forward and came to the edge of the seat. His eyes widened and his brows went up. He looked worried and disturbed by something he saw on t… Read More
Nisha - The Finale Episode
2017-01-29 10:30
Click here to read Part I, Part II, Part III---Still Priya was holding her hands and tightened her grip, after realizing Divya was frightened. "Relax yaar. It's just a bell. You ar… Read More
Nisha - Part III
2017-01-27 11:56
Pencil sketch done by Artist VenkateshClick here to read Part I, Part II---As Priya snooped into her wardrobe looking for some more material that could continue the story, Divya shouted, &ld&hell…Read More
Nisha - Part II
2017-01-26 16:38
Pencil sketch done by Artist VenkateshClick here to read Part 1---“You? Seriously?” Arjun screamed.He saw something unusual and stumbled over his words. His trembling fear h… Read More
Nisha - Part I
2017-01-25 13:49
3.30 a.m. Power cut. Dogs barking.Pencil sketch done by Artist VenkateshArjun jolted from his troubled sleep, the pitch dark ambience and unnatural silence greeted him. He uncomfortably got… Read More
R.I.P. English
2017-01-19 11:32
An arrogant Englishman once said to an Indian, “We ruled and killed your people for more than 100 years.” The Indian was infuriated watching his tone yet maintained his composure… Read More
Serine At The Serene Malabar Hills Of Thane
2017-01-06 21:04
Everybody is vying to find a dream location to construct their home. When I say dream location it means a lot, it must make us feel happy and cherish every day and every moment. Personally… Read More
The Interview
2016-12-30 16:20
“So you are Karthik? Newly joined research scholar?” inquired an elderly man with a grin.“Yes sir!” I replied softly. “Area of specialisation?” “Tax… Read More
Love You Zindagi
2016-11-12 07:04
Dear Zindagi,You really are an intriguing and adventurous buddy to hang out with. I admire your ability of converting any moments upside down. And yes, you have the midas touch.I still remem… Read More
My Journey Of Learning
2016-11-07 17:13
My Journey painting by Aaron PerryIt all started during 2011 world cup when I was posting about the matches, Indian matches in particular, on my Facebook wall. It was much-admired by ma… Read More
Come Fall In Love - Trek To Mt. Everest
2016-10-18 11:13
Walking along any natural landscape simply rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. It might be across the beautiful mangrove patches along the beaches of Goa or coconut groves along the shores… Read More
When Joker Comes To Bollywood...
2016-10-05 17:04
One of the dialogue uttered by Joker in the movie Dark Knight. Almost every dialogue in that movie is a punch line, especially the one that comes from Joker’s mouth. Heath Ledger was s… Read More
Love You Maaa!
2016-09-21 14:05
Special moments - Water Colourpicture credit - Doris JoaWhile in painYou caressed my headIn a way I loveWith utmost careI opened my eyesTo see youAgain!Beautiful as always!“Love you ma… Read More
Marina, Madras And Me - Madras Week
2016-08-20 18:32
My first loud cry, my first few memorable memories and most of my emotions connect back to Madras. It is my birth place, my hometown, my work town and the place I live and love. No wonder Ma… Read More

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