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Dixiedollsglow - Subscription Box News & Reviews Blog
Bringing you the best in beauty, fashion, food, coupons, lifestyle, and subscription box reviews
2018-01-28 23:48
Hello my Dolls! You know the old saying, “When it rains, it pours.”? Yeah, that’s a fairly accurate description of my current situation. As I write this I am currently with… Read More
December 2017 Sips By Review
2017-12-31 03:23
 So I must take a moment to let you Dolls know how sorry I am for the recent rash of disappearing reviews. In the process of purging drafts of November/December reviews, somehow the act… Read More
November 2017 KitNipBox Review
2017-12-27 23:52
Growing up, we always had pets. Cats and dogs mostly. When my husband and I got married, I tried for 10 years to get him to warm to the idea of having a cat. He loves dogs and despises fluff… Read More
November 2017 Sips By Review
2017-12-27 03:37
There is absolutely nothing in this world I find more comforting than a nice cup of tea. It can soothe, energize, relax. Well, there’s pretty much a tea for everything! Seriously, I ha… Read More
October 2017 Owlcrate Review & Coupon
2017-11-28 08:17
So, were any of you Dolls brave enough to fight the masses and get your Black Friday shopping on? My husband did but I chose to sit out the crowds this year. I have seen people fight over wa… Read More
2017-11-25 02:03
Wanna know something that's a really bad idea? Riding a 4 wheeler in 45 degree weather with no hat or jacket. Yeah. I am sick as a dog thanks to that. In my defense, I didn't plan on riding… Read More
November 2017 Uppercase Box Review
2017-11-19 09:57
Anyone else already itching for the holidays to be over? In part, I am. Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year, but it's just so much chaos that comes along with it. We all get busy, r… Read More
September 2017 Coffee And A Classic Review
2017-11-05 00:36
So before I get into this, I owe all of you guys an apology for the lack of posts recently. You Dolls know that's unusual for me but I've had some health concerns recently that have kept me… Read More
September 2017 Lip Monthly Review & Coupon
2017-11-03 05:31
Ok, totally not even on topic but Peewee football is crazy. I don't know what some people are feeding their kids, but when the opposing team of 5th graders are all about 2 feet taller than y… Read More
September 2017 Uppercase Box Review
2017-10-16 18:30
You know, replacing cedar siding on my house is actually more difficult than I thought it would be... more expensive too. Fortunately we finally have all the new panels on and now that it's… Read More
September 2017 Owlcrate Review & Coupon
2017-10-10 23:23
Do any of you have a guilty pleasure genre of books? Come on, you know you do. Mine happens to be a very specific category - Time Travel Romance. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy but if you've e… Read More
July 2017 BookLoot Review
2017-09-26 02:41
Fall- where are you? You're supposed to be here but I see you nowhere. Here in the South, it feel like the dead of Summer. It's hot...hotter than it has been in months and it's really puttin… Read More
2017-09-22 06:11
I'm seriously finding the price of school lunches today to be totally ridiculous. I know I'm going to sound like an old person here, but when I was a kid we paid a whole 50 cents. It's now … Read More
August 2017 Lip Monthly Review & Coupon
2017-09-18 20:37
I've been so busy lately with revamping my house and with football season, that I've had very little time to do much else. I sat down the other night and while watching the premiere of Outla… Read More
August 2017 Uppercase Box Review
2017-09-14 20:58
The home repairs continue... ugh. I thought I was nearly done painting things but now my house insurance gives us a laundry list of "suggested" improvements we need to make and it's right ba… Read More
August 2017 The Wallflower Box Review
2017-09-12 02:17
I will admit that I am an extremely shy person. If I don't know you, I have a tendency to come across as 'stuck up' until I get comfortable. That's not the case at all but thats the vibe I g… Read More
August 2017 Terra Bella Box Review & Coupon
2017-09-07 02:16
I knew it would happen. As soon as school starts back, my household gets sick. Yay for us! (That was sarcasm, btw.). First my son gets a cold, then my husband (who very rarely gets sick) and… Read More
September 2017 Cate & Chloe Review
2017-09-05 15:12
You ever start a project and then, midway through, really regret that decision? Yeah, that's me right now. Since I got new bedroom furniture, we decided to put our old suite in our son's roo… Read More
August 2017 BookCase.Club Review & Coupon
2017-09-04 19:32
My cat is having a field day since we started switching out our bedroom furniture. She's lost her mind, running from wall to wall, diving under the dresser, catching sight of her reflection… Read More
August 2017 DaCosta's Secret Review
2017-09-02 04:06
I'm worn out. Seriously, I have been bargain hunting to redecorate my bedroom for weeks now and I've found some amazing things. I'm one of those people that needs to do things immediately th… Read More
August 2017 Tea Runners Review
2017-09-01 03:21
There are lots of activities in this world that I find particularly enjoyable. Singing, writing, interior design projects... but nothing relaxes me quite so much as a good book and a cup of… Read More
Summer 2017 FlourishBox Review
2017-08-25 23:42
Two weeks into the school year and I'm already pooped. I don't know how my kid manages to maintain the energy level he does. Up at 6, then school, then football practice, an hour to shower a… Read More
July 2017 Owlcrate Review & Coupon
2017-08-23 23:25
You know that feeling you get when you see a book that just haunts you until you absolutely must buy it? Yeah, that was me last week. After years of avoiding it, I finally began the epic mas… Read More
August 2017 Odd Sox Box Review
2017-08-22 08:25
As long as I can remember, I've always had the problem of terribly cold feet. Not in the anxious sense, as in my feet are literally always super cold. It annoys the crap out of my husband to… Read More
August 2017 Orange Peel Box Review & Coupon
2017-08-21 17:28
I'm a sucker when it comes to anything that smells delightful. Candles, Cosmetics, detergent, room sprays, etc. if it smells good, I am buying it. I suppose a lot of it has to do with scent… Read More
July 2017 Terra Bella Box Review & Coupon
2017-08-14 16:59
So, I started watching Hoarders the other day and, funny thing, I fell down the hoarding rabbit hole. These shows are like a car crash - you just can't look away. As sad and horrifying as th… Read More
July 2017 Emma & Chloe Review
2017-08-10 20:56
And so, my Dolls, the school season begins. We've braved the mess of tax free weekend, found all our school supplies, and have already started with football practice. Yup, it's beginning to… Read More
July 2017 Degustabox Review & Coupon
2017-08-10 02:11
As back-to-school fever sets in, I sat at the grocery store pondering the age old question- do I pack my child's lunch or give him lunch money? It's a question I ask every year, but the answ… Read More
July 2017 Mommy Mailbox Review
2017-07-31 21:38
Can you believe that July has come to a close? It seems an impossible thing to me. I feel like Summer Break only just started and we're already nearly finished with it. And you all know what… Read More
July 2017 Shelflove Crate Review & Coupon
2017-07-27 22:42
Yay! Oh, my Dolls, I am so beyond excited about today's box! I've been looking forward to this for weeks and it has finally arrived! You all know that there is only one thing that could poss… Read More
July 2017 Uppercase Box Review
2017-07-25 03:58
Do any of you have any obsessions? I do, and I'm about 99.9% sure that most of you can guess what it is.... books. I adore reading over just about every other pastime and lately the love for… Read More
July 2017 Postmark'd Studio PostBox Review
2017-07-20 22:38
You know, in the age of technology where everything and nearly all contact with loved ones is via an internet connection, it's easy to forget what pen and paper are. Yes, I'm a blogger. Yes… Read More
June 2017 BookCase Club Review & Coupon
2017-07-19 04:30
I know I promised you Dolls that I was going to work my way through all of the book boxes, and I am, but I'd also like to share some favorites that I've previously featured as well. After al… Read More
June 2017 Lip Monthly Review & Coupon
2017-07-19 00:15
My makeup drawer is seriously in need for an overhaul. Seriously, I have two giant dresser drawers packed with nothing but cosmetics. It's a problem. I mean, I know that your supposed to thr… Read More
June 2017 Owlcrate Review & Coupon
2017-07-13 19:57
You know, I stare at my bookshelves every day and wonder just exactly how I have managed to accumulate this many books. Subscription boxes account for some but mostly it's due to my sheer la… Read More
June 2017 Mommy Mailbox Review
2017-07-12 02:42
It's not even mid-July and they've already started putting out the school supply list for my sons class. At least it isn't very long this year, though it does include a pair of earbuds and t… Read More
June 2017 Degustabox Review & Coupon
2017-07-11 04:32
So, remember how I said I got super sunburned? It's now peeling. I look like I have some sort of contagious skin disease happening. I can deal with it on my body but my nose and forehead are… Read More
June 2017 The Bookworm Box Review
2017-07-06 04:47
I swear, every single time I go out to the lake, I forget to put on sunscreen. This time, I was diligent about slathering myself down.... I still burned. Who checks the expiration date on su… Read More
June 2017 Harrison Blake Apparel Review
2017-07-02 23:24
I love fashion, you all know this. I remember having stacks and stacks of magazines when I was a kid that I would cut style and fashion tips from and create my own little book from. Even if… Read More
June 2017 Emma & Chloe Review
2017-06-28 18:56
Ah, Summer is now officially here! Fun, Sun, and soon, chilling out at the lake. Which means, I desperately need to go find a new swimsuit. I wish I was still confident enough to wear a biki… Read More
June 2017 Terra Bella Box Review & Coupon
2017-06-24 02:02
Ok, at some point this week, I started scrolling through Hulu and came upon the show Misfits. I always wanted to watch it so I figured, "hey, might as well watch an episode or two." Yeah, I… Read More
May 2017 Indie Book Connect Review
2017-06-12 07:47
Ugh, I'm getting behind again. I know, I know, but June is a crazy month for me. There are a ridiculous amount of birthdays, my 30th birthday, and my wedding anniversary. In other words, the… Read More
2017-06-06 23:18
I've loved writing for as long as I can remember, especially journaling. It's therapeutic. I know I've said that before, but it truly is. I always kept Journals, but when I was 15 and lost m… Read More
2017-06-01 23:46
6 more days until I hit the big 3-0. As much as that number used to terrify me, it doesn't really feel like a big deal now. One reason is the fact that I don't look my age, I guess. I'm a ri… Read More
2017-05-31 03:27
I absolutely hated cooking when I was younger. I was determined that just because I was a girl, didn't mean I had to know how to cook. A ridiculous idea, now that I look back on it. Everyone… Read More
April 2017 Emma & Chloe Review
2017-05-28 03:07
This has been such a hectic month. My son is finally out on summer break though so hopefully our lives can settle and I can relax a bit now! No more end of school field trips, choir concerts… Read More
April 2017 Uppercase Box Review
2017-05-18 13:54
We all know I have a deep seeded love of books so it shouldn't surprise you to see another book related Review. I seriously have such a huge book buying problem. I just bought $300 worth of… Read More
April 2017 Valor Blocks Review
2017-05-18 03:00
I am so freaking tired of rain. As I type this out, yet another thunderstorm is raging outside. This isn't the worst year of flooding in the last decade or so, but it's still bad. Rivers at… Read More
April 2017 Chapter Factory Review & Coupon
2017-05-16 18:42
Didn't I tell you Dolls that I was on a mission? A mission to try every single book subscription one box at a time! There are so many of them out there and I get slot of emails asking me abo… Read More
May 2017 Mommy Mailbox Review
2017-05-14 00:59
I honestly never thought, in my self centered teens, that I would ever be a mom. It's easy in those years to think that way. I had nieces and a nephew so I figured that was as close to kids… Read More
April 2017 Terra Bella Box Review & Coupon
2017-05-10 23:38
 Sorry for the extended absence this past week, my Dolls. I fell down the Netflix rabbit hole thanks to The OA, 13 Reasons Why and Sense8. Three fantastic shows that are like a drug and… Read More
March 2017 Emma & Chloe Review
2017-05-05 17:07
I feel like a child saying this, but I am so so very glad that summer break is nearly here. 3 months of being able to sleep in and not having to drag a very cranky child out of the bed every… Read More
Spring 2017 The Wordy Traveler Review
2017-04-25 17:48
Ok, so I think it's pretty apparent to anyone that knows me that I am obsessed with books. I can't help it! I love literature and nothing makes me happier than holding a real book in my hand… Read More
April 2017 The Corporate Gal Box Review
2017-04-24 16:17
In just a few weeks time, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. Where is the time going? In high school, 30 seemed so old and so far away that it was hard to imagine ever actually being th… Read More
April 2017 The Happy Parcel Review
2017-04-16 20:41
It's such a beautiful, lovely day outside! It really is a perfect Easter Sunday. I'm decked out in bright and happy colors and am ready to spend a great day with the people I love. And since… Read More
March 2017 Uppercase Box Review
2017-04-15 23:52
So I got a touch curious the other day and decided to count how many new books have been added to my shelf since the year begin. Ready? 107. Yup, mind you, I didn't buy all of these and most… Read More
March 2017 Valor Blocks Review
2017-04-12 17:13
There are a great many occupations in this world I respect, but I hold those that serve in the military to be at the top of that list. There are numerous, courageous members of my immediate… Read More
March 2017 Mommy Mailbox Review
2017-04-09 22:46
 I hate getting older. My 30th birthday is swiftly approaching and while my baby face allows me to  still pass for a teenager, by joints and muscles keep reminding me that I'm not… Read More
February 2017 OwlCrate Review & Coupon
2017-03-30 20:04
        What's your favorite place? I know that DisneyWorld is often considering to be the 'happiest place on earth' but for me, Disney can't hold a Candle to the ma… Read More
February 2016 Mommy Mailbox Review
2017-03-13 15:29
         It snowed yesterday. Now I know that to most of you, this is nothing amazing, but considering this is mid-March in the Southern United States and it wa… Read More
January 2017 Emma & Chloe Review
2017-03-02 00:19
        Ever have one of those days that just seems to exist only to mess with you? Yeah, that's me today. The highlight of it all?  I'm at the gas station, gra… Read More
January 2017 Uppercase Box Review
2017-02-12 02:09
        Yeah, it's another book subscription box, what if it? I may be just a bit obsessed with them right now. I don't care though. I gotta add pretty books to the… Read More
January 2017 LitJoy Crate Review
2017-02-09 23:48
        I'm so happy! Happy, happy, happy! And I'm sure you know why! Because my new bookcases are finally assembled and I am just completely in love with them. As I… Read More
January 2017 Your Bijoux Box Review
2017-02-07 11:26
        Excuse my delay on posts this past week, my Dolls. I've been undertaking a bit of s home improvement project that has pretty much consumed me over the last f… Read More
January 2017 OwlCrate Review & Coupon
2017-02-03 19:33
        I'm so excited!!! Want to know why? I'm getting new bookshelves! Yay! Yes, I am as excited as a tiny child on Christmas morning over a bookcase. Seriously th… Read More
January 2017 LitCube Review
2017-01-21 03:45
        So, you may have noticed that I've been on a teeny bit of a book box binge lately. Yes, I am a book nerd and I am not even a little ashamed of it. For as lon… Read More
January 2017 Mommy Mailbox Review
2017-01-11 22:04
        The unthinkable has happened. Yes, my Dolls, Hell has frozen over in my house - my husband finally caved and got me a cat. This is something I have begged fo… Read More
December 2016 Hive Box Review
2017-01-08 21:34
        There are so many little things that just take me back to my childhood.  One such thing is wonderful, glorious honey. My dad used to rent land to a beek… Read More
December 2016 Your Bijoux Box Review
2016-12-29 19:39
       So, with the New Year only days away, I still haven't figured out what our plan is for New Years Eve. I used to love parties and doing it up big but these days I'm… Read More
December 2016 Fair Trade Crate Review
2016-12-29 02:26
       Well my Dolls, the holiday season may be approaching its end but my life most definitely won't settle down until after the new year. My son turns 10 this weekend (… Read More
December 2016 OwlCrate Review & Coupon
2016-12-25 07:01
       It's Christmas Eve and the chaos has officially begun. Today has been spent with the in-laws and tomorrow will be spent with my side of the family. I'm already exh… Read More
December 2016 The Attic Box Review
2016-12-19 03:28
       Well, it was about 75 degrees outside 5 hours ago, now there is sleet hitting my bedroom window. What the crap, Mother Nature?! What. The, Crap. Find a reasonable… Read More
December 2016 Peaches + Petals Review
2016-12-16 03:49
       How? How does my entire household keep getting sick? Its killing me. We've all been hit with a absolutely terrible cold this week and I've honestly been so miserab… Read More
December 2016 Mommy Mailbox Review
2016-12-13 03:54
       Every so often, I tend to find myself completely obsessing over som thing (aside from my boxes!). It's just a weird quirk, I suppose. Right now, I am obsessed with… Read More

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