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i know a lot of people who aren't happy with their weight - one of them people being myself.
one way i have been dealing with my weight is by thinking positively.
i believe that everyone is beautiful, inside and out.
everyone has flaws and imperfections but without those imperfections nobody would be who they are today. the world is an imperfect place. people are constantly trying to put you down for their own thrill and to make themselves feel better by calling other people:

    'fat'; 'overweight'; 'too skinny'; 'anorexic' 
but they are just names.
if you have ever been called these names i just want you to remember that you are beautiful, no matter how big or small you are, you are still you're self. your weight doesn't define you and your personality.

i suppose that if you are generally unhealthy then watching what you eat is a perfect way to cut down on the foods you need. i myself am currently watching all of the foods i eat using an app called 'the eatery' on iphone; it is just an easy way to track all the foods you have eaten and helping you keep off foods that you have already eaten that week. it is also helpful as other people rate your food telling you how healthy or unhealthy the food is, giving you an overall health rating for the week. even if you don't have an iphone or are generally unable to access the app, you can simply take photos of your food on your phone or keep a food journal informing you what foods you have eaten.

as much as i wish it wasn't, exercise is crucial if you are trying to keep fit or lose weight.
an easy way to lose weight is just going to the gym and doing about an hour a week, but if there are no gym's available to you or you are just generally too young, there are plenty of other ways to exercise at home.
i recently found a youtube channel called 'blogilaties' ( i will leave the link at the end of this post ), it is just really helpful and quick, however, it is hard. the woman who makes the videos is very motivating and makes it enjoyable.

this may not apply to everyone, but i find it more motivating to have an inspiration or a goal. when i scroll down tumblr and see all the skinny girls it makes me think how much i would like to look like that and encourages me to get up and do something. if this applies to you or think it will help, simply find a motivation and you will make it through.

i hope this helps some people, just know - you can do whatever you want if you set your mind to it.
beth x

p.s. if you are one of those people who have ever taken part in making someone feel bad about themselves due to their weight, just think about their feelings first.
for all you know the person you care calling 'too skinny' or 'overweight' may have a eating disorder or been involved in something that triggered their weight gain or loss.

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