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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Guide, Hidden Spots and Tips

Here's a guide to help new players, using information i found on this or other pages, and adding my experience as a player of pvz gw 1 and 2. 

PvZ Gw2 Guide 

Level Progression: The progression system is different than the previous game. You will get xp by doing certain actions like killing an enemy, defending, healing, etc. It is important to know that each Character variation has its own level, so if you level up the base char to lvl 6, other variations will remain lvl1.

You can get xp by playing the missions of the backyard  or in multiplayer. Once you reach rank 10, you can promote that variation, which will give you a title and 20000 Coins, and reset your lvl to 1 (IMAGE 1), this can be done in the stats room

At level 5 and 9 you will recieve character improvements, the first two are improved zoom and reduced time before health regeneration starts.  Your account lvl will be the sum of all your character's levels, and at lvl 100 your account will be upgraded (the background of your lvl badge turns blue) and be reset to lvl 1

"Daily" Quests: Every two days you will recieve 3 types of quests (zombie, Plant, multiplayer). Completing each quest will either give you 3 stars (explained below) or 5000 coins (IMAGE 2), plus 1/5 progression towards the exp bonus. Every 5 quest, the exp bonus will increase from 1 to 1.25, 1.5 and so on until a maximum of 2.0. You can only have 5 active quests so choose those you are able to complete. It may be a good idea to complete some in the backyard battleground, for example stunning 25 plants with the zombie engineer, just raise the flag and a lot of plants will come to you

Stars and how to spend them: By completing daily  quests you will get 3 stars, which you can use to: Open treasures (3, 5, or 7 stars) and get coins, clear rubble (will allow you to customize your background with some trophies), or some extra actions (unlocking shooting range, or exchange for exp by talking to the fish) 

The Backyard Battleground: This is the place you appear every time you open the game. Here you can get campaign quests and play some mini-games. The map consists of a plant side and a zombie side, both fighting for the control of the map. You can play as either plant or zombie, each one has its own missions. Exploring the map you will find treasures you can open using stars, and it can be decorated using stars and trophies (IMAGE 3)

The sticker shop: Here you can spend your coins to get accesories, consumables (plants or Zombies to summon)  variants of skills and character variants. The 75000 pack will instantly unlock a character variant so it is recommended if you want to get new variants (you won't get any other type of item), other packs may only give some parts of the variant. The 2500 pack includes 5 consumables, i t's recommended to purchase this pack if you are interested in playing the campaign, Garden Ops, or Graveyard Ops because the consumables will help you to defend your base through different skills like freezing, damaging, or healing.

There is no in-game purchase of currency with real money, the only way is to get the deluxe edition but it can only be done once

Some hidden rewards: These are the hidden things, and all are located in the Sewers (use the cannon, it is located under the middle of the map).

70.000 Coins and items: There is a place where you can get 3 chests which do not need stars to be opened. Here you can find a video guide (it wasn't done by me) which details and shows you how to get there, you should use the imp to reach the place

7-star Treasures: If you haven't completed the campaign missions of the zombies, by traveling to the sewers you will immediately see many chests which can be opened using 7stars

Shooting range: It is located inside the sewers, it is a big door in the "main room" of the sewers, and unlocking it costs 5 stars. It is recommended you to unlock it as soon as you get a quest related to it, like "get A+ score in the shooting range with any scientist" because this type of quest can appear more than once, and 2 times the quest will already be worth it

Get exp by paying stars!: If you don't want to open chests or if you opened all of them already, in the sewers there is a fish with an exclamation mark, it will give you experience if you give him stars

Infinity Chests: Infinity is a mode unlocked by completing the campaign of the plants or zombies, and it will give you chests with increasing loot depending of the score you got. Here you can get some character variants which cannot be obtained in the shop

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Guide, Hidden Spots and Tips


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