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let's cast Roots with white folks, have i got your attention now?

yep, SNL got it right.

we have to have white people coming from Africa, because that makes sense, right?

holy shit it has been forever since I have written anything, and right now I cannot justify keeping my mouth shut anymore. WTF- black Annie. who came up with this shit? oh wait, Will Smith and his stupid ass wife, Jada.  so we have come to the conclusion that the black children of the world cannot relate to Annie as it is because she is a red-headed ginger. for fuck's sake, the one and only Annie has been in existence since 1982, so why now in 2015 does some black fuck come along and think he can re-write an iconic movie with a black lead and fucking Cameron Diaz as Ms. Hannigan?  wait, wait, I get it, I am a racist, white bitch who cannot accept a bastardization of a movie I grew up with and I should just sit back and accept it.  this goes beyond racism and actually has nothing to do with racism and has everything to do with what is wrong with Hollywood, "we can't think of anything else to write or make movies about, so let's steal an idea that we already know is big and FUCK IT UP!"  good idea, Bob.  thanks, Steve.  now let's get our big bucks for our arrogant rip-off of a movie that has been around for decades.  so what would the black community say if one day the whites said, "hey we don't understand slavery and decided to make a rendition of Roots? what if we made a movie with Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King cast as white dudes? wouldn't they be just a little pissed off too? some dumbass had the nerve to try and make a point about how movies have been casting white folks as other nationalities and we shouldn't be upset because hey, Johnny Depp played Tonto (a native American) so what's wrong with Annie being black? first, Johnny Depp didn't pretend he was anything other than the native American that Tonto was.  they cast him as a native American.  I don't quite recall all the other stupid arguments but ultimately they all fell flat and didn't help. if Will and Jada wanted to make a movie rendition of Annie, it should have been called Shanikwa and fucking been about a girl who survived the ghetto. I will never, ever, ever in my entire life watch this retarded, backward, bastardization of a movie that should never have been touched. you simply cannot change the core of what a character is.  Annie was a white, poor, red-head. simple. it is a joke and a mockery to try and even come close to what Annie is by portraying her as a black girl. I am disgusted and appalled and the gall of some people.  and the sickest thing about it is blacks will be all up in arms because "its racist to dislike the movie because Annie is cast as black" you fucking racists. again, the black population missing the fucking point, this isn't about race or black/white etc. this is simply the bottom line that you cannot change a fundamental character like Annie into another nationality, race etc. I would still be as anti-remake if they had cast Annie as a Chinese girl or anything other than what she is, a red-headed ginger.  and while I am on this soap-box let's talk about Karate Kid, another Will Smith make-over.  HEY WILL, you got a problem with white folks?! I like some of your movies but I am getting just a tad bit annoyed by you waltzing around and redoing movies that don't need to be redone just cuz you think you can! we don't give a flying rat's ass about your stupid little kid, Jaden.  KK is another iconic movie that should have been left alone and if you wanted to make some rendition, call it something else and don't try to relate it to a movie franchise that is already completed. the whole idea is to try and make some cash on a title that was already big. KK-right, black kid in China, learns kung-fu.  sorry, don't know much about this bastardization either because hey, will not watch it.  all I can say, black kid cast as KKid. yep, makes about as much sense as mustard peanut butter.  point: if race isn't an issue, why couldn't the black kids relate to a white Annie or white Danny Laruso? because someone has a problem with movies that do well with white folks in it.   here is a list of movies that I wouldn't be surprised to see a black remake of and if they do, be prepared for the backlash:

1. Titanic - (Blactanic) considering that this couldn't even happen as most blacks would have been slaves at this time and not eligible for ship-sailing
2. The GodFather
3. Gone with the Wind
4. Grease
5. Schindlers List
6. Sound of Music
7. The Wizard of Oz (Oz was made, but it did not attempt to replace the original.)
8. Robocop
9. Top Gun

this is by no means an all inclusive list, I just tried to think of the most iconic movies in my lifetime.

and so on an ending note:

as long as Will Smith, Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer exist, nothing is sacred, nothing.

*sigh, goodbye childhood

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let's cast Roots with white folks, have i got your attention now?


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