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2022-11-24 20:02
is there any chances to track only 12 groups of 3 numbers at my choice? Read More
2022-11-23 15:31
There is a 50% OFF sale for Black plan ) Read More
2022-11-23 11:48
Attached isthe tracke -- simply hide the fields you don't need (click on column letter→hide), & paste the permanence in the black column.Real casino permanences are here, including… Read More
2022-11-22 18:07
Hi I'm looking for real spin data for even chances coded like BEHREH ROL BOL LIKE THIS for testing does anyone have any data Regards Read More
2022-11-21 21:32
Does anyone have a spins record of Spintec electronic roulette machines? Read More
2022-11-21 17:37
Hi, i need coding to do more tests for a lot of spins, manual tests are good but a lot of time is needed.the system must play, with no progression, the non extracted numbers from last 37 spi… Read More
2022-11-15 16:35
For example, suppose you are playing with 10 euro and you want to make 200 euro profit. You start by putting 10 euro on red. If you win, you have 20 euro to play with. You then bet on black… Read More
2022-11-15 13:05
Parlay strategy already stale, since first casino open shop.Nevertheless,since I see that some people, new to roulette here, and unableto find the answer...I just wanna help. here, I tr… Read More
2022-11-05 03:06
Hi guys! The new RIBOT software is online.There are three versions: FULL, GIFT and DEV.If you want a freebie, RIBOT GIFT has modules for the community.If you want the complete set of modules… Read More
2022-11-02 19:45
I know from 2016 one tipster who gave around every fokin month 10+% roi. I know a horse betting team too, and a worldwide tipster with 10%+ roi with 7-8 years professional paid tipster. Each… Read More
2022-11-02 18:35
Hi.I just wanted to open a thread out of roulette, where are you able to invest your incomes. First for me is crypto. In crypto you should diversificate your portfolio at least for 20 differ… Read More
2022-10-29 14:14
Avoid emotional tradingTrading psychology describes how a trader handles generating gains and handling losses. It represents their ability to deal with risks and not deviate from their tradi… Read More
2022-10-10 01:12
Hi, I am Sweet, I had refrain to post anymore but cant help with this post , How Kimo Li, bet straight away, without any reference to past spins? Very simple, by betting a signature event… Read More
2022-10-10 01:09
Kimo Li says, in his blog:The ultimate strategy, does it exist?How many spins do you need to record before you start placing your bets?I use to say 12 spins, then 8 spins, then, 4 spins, all… Read More
2022-10-03 03:16
Hello, I qualify the time period.In my case, I moved from the outside bets to the inside bets and playing less numbers.Even my "parachuting" evolved from the 36-unit one (EC/Dozen/DS) to usi… Read More
2022-10-02 22:26
Hello.I am wondering where are the old members here, like from 2010-2012 era.....are they found their way to win constantly? Are they created their HG? Or they folded up, or moved away from… Read More
2022-10-01 03:47
Thanks for sharing your method with such a clear explanation.These mechanical bets are suitable for automated long-term testing Appreciated! Read More
2022-10-01 01:35
This system involves betting on inside number and a maximum of 3 numbers bet at any one time. RulesTRIGGER to start playing = Wait until you have a 44 spin window that has NO number hit 4 ti… Read More
2022-09-30 11:28
Just thought i'd share this way with everyone, i look for patterns in double and single numbers, so i see 1,3,6,5,4 then double numbers are due so i bet on 2nd and 3rd dozen and comes in 99%… Read More
2022-09-27 21:07
Hi all Thought I'd share this system I created couple months back. Maybe some of you guys can improve or give good longterm stats. I really like the principals behind it... in numbers that h… Read More
2022-09-27 05:32
This set up works pretty good with the right progression and stop loss.It tracks and says what the bet on. The default is tracking dozens/rows and 8 unique numbers. Read More
2022-09-26 23:42
Just going to start my test on roulette simulator even if I do have hundreds of resets. That's roulette right we test we reset when we know the system isn't working or needs tweaking. Blah b… Read More
2022-09-26 23:25
Straight to the point, I test daily for past 20 years, became more of a hobby like most. But when you know you have something special I just feel it's worth seeing if anyone trust my experie… Read More
2022-09-23 12:17
S&P 500 Inclusion CriteriaThe S&P 500 was created in 1957 and is one of the most widely quoted stock market indexes. S&P 500 stocks represent the largest publicly-traded companie… Read More
2022-09-17 12:26
The top picture is the numbers posted in this thread. Using top3. You would tell me you could not make a profit with #9. Those in the know; when was #1 picked up.The second picture we can se… Read More
2022-09-15 22:19
Thanks Atlantis. I always like Matrix systems.What about if we don't wait for 4 virtual loses. I test it for a few hundreds of spins without waiting for 4 virtual loses and I noticed that 1/… Read More
2022-09-14 20:03
Notepadding this Matrix idea for dozen betting...MATRIX 7 GRID (DOZEN STRATEGY=======================Record consecutive lines of 7 dozen results horizontally, left to right.Each new line of… Read More
2022-09-12 20:45
I made another tracking tool. This one shows the numbers before and after every number. Maybe it will help in seeing a bias in the wheel or dealer signature. It is on a free site, so it is w… Read More
2022-09-11 21:48
Quote from: ego on Today at 11:51 AMYou can find the description on Victor's new forumTopic: Read More
2022-09-11 13:22
Betting on a rolling basis, two optionsFirst LW-Registry with clusters with four losses.LW W LW W W W LLW W LW W W LW LLW LLLW W LLW LLLW LW W W W W LLLL LW W LW W W LW LW LLLL LLW W LLLL LW… Read More
2022-09-09 03:50
This is a global problem. People just want the answer to their simple question, but get a phd dissertation on the subject starting from the history of galaxy from wikipedia, or sent to a 45… Read More
2022-09-09 03:40
What do you think of this system. Start at 1 and move to 7 as it loses. Reset on a win. It costs 35 to do the run of 7 bets. I was thinking to do all 3 colors. Starting with the first color… Read More
2022-09-04 15:10
Just click on the avatar of someone you like to know more about.Then click on "show posts"Then click on "topics"an you will see all systems they have offered.And most of all:Read the whole t… Read More
2022-09-03 16:38
You offer 10.000 dollar for a losing HG? Acting like a big chad boy with 2x bankroll, betting 1 3 5 10 15 25 30 105 500 progression?Are you done with these kind of scams?The method which no… Read More
2022-09-03 12:31
My idea needs some software or excel help, I think manual testing is too difficult.1. Playing 8 numbers (turbo perhaps is playing 8 numbers)2. The 8 numbers are the last 8 numbers to be extr… Read More
2022-09-02 17:14
hi, the file is allready written.the system is playing the same numbers, 1 group, in progression.can anyone help me to insert 8 more groups, to have 9 in total?pls pm me Read More
2022-08-31 18:22
That is a bit difficult bcs let's say y want 1+ units and the payout is 35 so for y at least 1+ should first bet look like 0.03 * 35!If y have a casino with that kind of bet, or am I wrong? Read More
2022-08-31 16:57
hi.i'm testing a system involving playing not the same amount of numbers per spins. the tool must calculate allways to have minimum 1 unit win.example:1 play 2 numbers e plein1 play 2 number… Read More
2022-08-30 00:50
Yes ive solved the vaddisMysteryLook at the last 8 unquie And bet the 29 that havent showedHA CHA CHA CHA Read More
2022-08-25 21:38
Existential-humanisticPsychologist Abraham Maslow in 1943 posited that humans have a hierarchy of needs, and it makes sense to fulfill the basic needs first (food, water etc.) before higher… Read More
2022-08-25 20:24
link::// someone edit this system to play only the splits?tks Read More
2022-08-24 11:48
I'm no Excel expert.You want to know the last 8 numbers of the second halve of appeared numbers if you bring always last number to front.6th recently posted a kind of such a tracker in Excel… Read More
2022-08-24 11:32
there are 9 groups of 4 numbers (everyone can choose the groups)GROUP 1GROUP 2GROUP 3GROUP 4GROUP 5GROUP 6GROUP 7GROUP 8GROUP 9system 1: i want to know what is the coldest group of them, so… Read More
2022-08-24 09:38
My best advice is don't play here, they are going the same way as smart live casino did .They want a pile of personal  documents even for smallish wins, if you win big i wouldbe surpris… Read More
2022-08-19 11:45
I've been practicing online roulette for quite some time now and I think I am ready to play for real money. While practicing, I managed to win more than lose, so I think I might profit a lot… Read More
2022-08-17 23:36
A year is passed and my deal with the old buyers is unfortunately expired. Some have been less serious than others, but overall i'm really satisfied with how they respected their part of the… Read More
2022-08-11 07:47
Hello all,After many years, my host provider tripled the price so I had to close shop at loothog.comI have shared all the source code in google drive for anyone who wants to still use the to… Read More
2022-08-06 20:00
i use to charge prescription for it but anyone can have it for free...i made it so..just extract software and give me the code that appears i can authorise you ,,,i always try to be he… Read More
2022-08-06 19:39
lol...u do know i got alessio to make me my application software solely based on the wheel and felt...either one or the other...or both ?you may not realise also that the wheel behaves like… Read More
2022-08-06 14:12
Hi Time to wake you guys up about rouletteWhat is roulette exactly ?Its a croupuer spinning a ball around a roulette wheel So play the wheel The dozens on the matt are sacttered all around t… Read More
2022-08-05 21:54
Currently onto a system I created. Here are my stats so far Stoploss is -597 set from day 1Average profit per winning game = +20 Average spins per session = 30spinsIv currently just hit 100… Read More
2022-08-01 23:54
  Exactly 5 times my account has been closed. Because I really hacked roulette. there are 1000 proof videos. Now I have opened a new youtube channel. But no one knows. Because… Read More
2022-07-31 21:04
Quote from: sturrock on Yesterday at 12:06 PMI have found a roulette software that works!!!IGreat, I don't like to work tomorrow, could your software go instead of me?I'm so excited, what a… Read More
2022-07-31 16:07
I have found a roulette software that works!!!Its called roulettewon Look it up.I am not an affillate or anything like that, I am just putting it out there foryou to use it or not. You can t… Read More
2022-07-31 16:06
I have found a roulette software that works!!!Its called roulettewon Look it up.I am not an affillate or anything like that, I am just putting it out there foryou to use it or not. You can t… Read More

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