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TECC Customer Reviews – Mia’s arc Lite E-cigarette

blog-tecc-customer-reviewsHi, my name is Mia and I would like to share my experience of using the arc Lite e-cigarette bundle.

I was very excited when my package arrived just one day after it was dispatched. I opened it up and found that the Tank, Battery and bottle of e-liquid were all nicely packaged safely and in separate boxes.

CS Air Atomizer tank.

I opened this first and was very impressed at how clean and sparkling it was. Some new tanks require a clean before first use due to machine residue but this one was definitely ready for the get go. With it being glass I needn’t worry about certain e-liquids affecting my tank over time, or worse causing it to crack.

This is a bottom fill tank and is really easy to use; the base is ridged meaning it is very easy to grip. I unscrewed the base and checked the fitted atomizer head was firmly in place, filled my tank up (avoiding the central chimney as this is airflow outlet), reattached the base, then left it to sit for 5 mins so the e-liquid had chance to soak into the coil so that it wouldn’t dry-burn.

arc Lite Battery.

The Arc Lite battery was presented in a sturdy box containing really easy to follow instructions, a 510 adaptor and a charger. The instructions were short, snappy and easy to understand.

The 510 adaptor comes in handy if you want to use a different tank with the battery – it’s so you can use a tank that has a skirted base. Whilst I probably won’t use this, it’s still a good idea to keep it safe just in case anything happened to my tank and I needed to use a temporary tank that could possibly require this attachment.

Straight away I was impressed with the USB charger as the length of cable was very generous – yes sometimes size matters – as you can use the arc Lite as a pass-through, meaning whilst it’s charging you can vape at the same time, I find this a must have in vaping devices.

I got the pearl white colour and it really does live up to its name! This is a neat, compact and rather small battery mod considering there’s a lot of power packed into it. It is also lightweight, which I really like, it means you’re not constantly aware you’re holding something and can really enjoy the vape.

Now my coil is nicely primed.

I simply screwed my CS Air Atomizer tank onto the Arc Lite Battery (while making sure not to over tighten the tank), pressed the power button and vaped away!

The draw wasn’t too loose nor too tight but I decided to experiment and loosen the airflow adjustment screw slightly, I used some eyebrow tweezers to very carefully turn the little screw head (a mini screw driver is definitely something I would have liked to have seen included, but hey!). I must add, at one point lost my little grub screw, but we were re-united so don’t worry! However, I decided I preferred the airier draw and put the screw somewhere safe, just in case I wanted a tighter draw in future.

The option to adjust the airflow gets a big thumbs up from me; I have accomplished over two years of vaping and while I appreciate the airier draw now, going back to when I first ditched the nasties I think a tighter draw appealed more, since it was closer to the smoking sensation.


On to the settings.

This little mod produced a more than adequate vape and the flavour was wonderful but me being me, I decided to experiment.

The arc Lite battery has two output modes; regulated and unregulated – regulated means the output will remain at 3.5V until the battery is discharged, whilst unregulated means it will have a higher output of 4.2V which diminishes to 3.3V over the period of the discharge – the higher the voltage, the more vapour will be produced.

So I turned off the battery by clicking the button 5 times, held the button in until it turned an orange colour, then clicked again 5 times and voilà, as easy as that, I was in unregulated mode (to get back in regulated simply do the same again) – straight away I noticed more vapour, and I liked it even more than before, before it was good, now it was amazing!

However this is my personal preference and there are pro’s for both modes;

The pro’s of unregulated mode are you get a bigger nicotine hit, great for that first vape of the day, you also get  more vapour production if you enjoy the clouds.

The pro’s of regulated mode are that the charge lasts longer and if you’re not a fan of a harsh throat hit, it’s a smoother vape.

The battery capacity of the arc Lite is 2200mAh and paired with a 1.5ohm coil, it lasted me around a day of moderate to heavy vaping before needing a charge, which I think is pretty good. After taking a vape you will see a light around the power button, now that light is telling you how much charge you have left. It will pulse slow if the battery has over 60% charge left, and slowly start to pulse faster the more the battery is drained, I found this a very good indicator of when to charge.tecc-customer-e-cig-review-mia-arc-lite-vaping

Having used this device for a little over a week I can say with no doubt I am impressed with the quality! I would recommend this arc Lite e-cigarette bundle to anyone from a complete newbie (as it really is very simple) to the intermediate vaper like myself. The only negative I have of this entire bundle is the fact the tank didn’t come with a little screw driver.


I trust TECC 100% and advise anyone who wants a safe, quality device to buy one from a reputable company such as TECC.

The device has not let me down, I feel proud when I’m out and about holding and vaping it. The battery is long-lasting, the vapour and flavour production is very good and more than satisfying for me, even after a week of using it the coil is still going strong!

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TECC Customer Reviews – Mia’s arc Lite E-cigarette


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