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Increase Android Storage Space Using Phone Cleaning

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‘Insufficient storage’ issue? How do you multiply space on your Android phone? It seems like you could use some cleaning to do so.

While several methods can help you fix this issue, you will require some managerial skills too. We are here to make cleaning easier and simpler for you.

Here are 10 phone cleaning tips to get more space on your smartphone. Check them out.

  1. Backup photos into Cloud

It is quite obvious that photos occupy a huge amount of space on your phone. If you do not have the time to go through deleting each one of them individually, use the Google Photos app. It lets you backup all your photos into the Cloud.

Backing up saves space. And in case your phone gets stolen you will still have access to all your photos. Go to the Google Photos app and sign in. Go to Settings on the app, then Backup & sync. Tap on the toggle to turn the backup on.

  1. Use the lighter version of apps

Here’s an eye-opener. Majority of the popular apps that you love so much (or cannot do without) considerably take up a lot of space. It won’t be much of an issue if your phone has a good processor and good storage. But if you have a budget phone, it’s time you swap such apps with its lighter versions.

Lighter versions help save space and bring out the expected performance of your phone. The good news is there are apps that can convert most popular apps into their lighter versions. Try them!

  1. Delete cached data

Do not let cached files pile up for no reason. Cached data are temporary files like images, text or videos saved by an app for future reference. They speed up the launching process. But, when these files multiply in number, they end up occupying a lot of space.

Therefore, it is important that you delete these files from time to time and keep your RAM cleared. You can do so manually from the settings or by using a cleaner app from the Play Store. These apps can help you delete cache files along with other junk data that you can do without.

  1. Delete WhatsApp or Facebook photos intelligently

If you are into several WhatsApp and Facebook groups, you sure will understand the pain of hundreds of unnecessary images, videos or memes being downloaded on your phone. It gets tedious to delete them manually and not to forget the burden it loads on your phone.

There’s a trick to avoid them totally. Turn off the auto-download button, and that’s it!

  1. Stream all your music online

Why download when you can stream your favorite music online, anytime? We often neglect the aspect that songs occupy majority space on most of our devices (mine surprisingly hogged around 4 GB storage). There are online song streaming app like Google Play Music. It is therefore only ideal to SWITCH!

  1. Get a memory card to add more space

Consider an adoptable storage. It formats your microSD card to merge it as part of your system. Do so, you won’t be able to remove the SD card any longer, but it is still better than insufficient storage splashing on your screen now and then.

You can also go for removable micro SD cards. You can move some apps to this card and lift the burden off your internal storage. Go to Settings -------------- > Apps and select the apps you want to move --------------- > Select the Move to SD card button. Note: This button will only appear if the apps that you have selected can be moved.

  1. Keep track of your memory usage

To increase space, first, you will need to understand what has been taking up the most memory on your phone. You can scrutinize this from your Settings menu. Go to Settings and then Storage.  Almost all Android devices offer a calculative break down of your storage into categories like Apps, Audio, Cached Data, Downloads, Pictures and Videos, Misc. Find them out and decide your move accordingly.

  1. Apps, Cached Data, and Downloads

Before actually deleting, find out how much space you can recover by clearing up your cached data and downloads. Go to settings and tap on storage. Tap on Cached data. It will ask you if you want to delete cached data for all your apps. Tap OK to substantially free up a lot more space than expected. Also, consider deleting unwanted apps and downloads.

  1. Use the ITL Phone Cleaner

ITL Phone Cleaner is a multifunctional cache cleaner, junk cleaner and phone booster for Android that does its best to find out and clean up unnecessary files taking up your space, using this you can boost android phone speed.

The primary function of this super cleaner app is to delete cache data, empty folders, residual files and junk data. There is a phone cleaner that terminates background apps to accelerate device speed. The App Manager is a simple interface that helps you pick up and uninstall applications that you do not use much.

ITL Phone Cleaner also keeps track of your battery status and monitors other resources like CPU, RAM and device details. It has an antivirus feature to stop all virus and malware attacks on your device.

With 4.7-star rating on the Play Store, ITL Phone Cleaner is completely free. Try the app for yourself and feel the difference.

  1. Delete older files wherever possible

You do not need every photo you have taken on your phone (you have Dropbox and Google Photos for that). Also, you do not need to keep every text messages you have ever received. Also, delete call logs and downloaded files. But if you have precious memories attached, shift them somewhere else.

Note: These tips should be enough to increase the amount of free space on your phone. Try to incorporate these into your daily routine, and you shall never have to witness the ‘insufficient storage’ notification anymore.

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Increase Android Storage Space Using Phone Cleaning


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