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2016-03-19 18:53
I refuse to talk about that stupid pedo! Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
An old woman sat on her rocking chair one evening rocking away her life of limitless toil. Since she had just turned eighteen and the sun was out and she was driving in her car, she did not… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
I don't get fired up often, unless I'm drunk... or haven't drank in a while, but one thing that pisses me off is when people get picked on; especially women. That's why when I read about all… Read More
2007-06-20 00:26
I'll make this a quick summation. As you may or may not beware, Mike Nifong was disbarred this weekend for the handling of the Duke LaCrosse case. Do i agree with what his disbarment? Absolu… Read More
2007-06-02 03:00
Survey One : Are Those Maggots in Your Shoes?1: What is the strangest thing you heve ever found in your shoes?Chad holding a bowl of fresh cut Avacados talking in german to a small spanish c… Read More
2007-06-01 00:41
Indeed, surveys are gay! I would do one if I could get some really rediculous questions. Perhapse, therefore, I shall create the Chad survey!Survey One : Are Those Maggots in Your Shoes?1: W… Read More
2007-05-09 09:30
Hey everybody! Don't you just hate it when in public you see someone who seems like they don't have a clue about raising a child? Doesn't it spark inside comments you would love to mention t… Read More
2007-05-06 17:48
So tonight was fight night for the long awaited De La Hoya vs Mayweather bout. I was fortunate enough to have Bridget and Rob (also the newest blogmate, see previous post) order the fight an… Read More
2007-04-29 23:15
Yes, I'm referencing the song. But the reason for the question is this... Say that one day, scientist finally tell us that they have now discovered that we can inhabit other worlds. Think a… Read More
2007-04-21 06:11
First off lets start off with a minute of silence for the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy.....In the past few weeks we have had some good news to write about. Don Imus was mentioned in… Read More
2007-04-11 13:23
You will not see this heart-stopping photo on the front page of the NY Times or on the lead story of the major news networks. The protesters put up the Mexican flag over the American flag fl… Read More
2007-03-30 22:35
Nothing signifies that spring is here like the opening of baseball season. While i have done the failed experiment that is called fantasy baseball i still enjoy the game. Season officially o… Read More
2007-03-27 04:55
I dont really have anything good to say, i just felt that i should contribute something along the lines of what we would call a "post" in this biz. Seeing as i just took a 4 day trip to Kali… Read More
2007-03-17 23:12
So in an homage to my brother Jeff keeping a running blog of NFL draft day a few years ago, I have decided to keep a running blog of my drinking on Saint Patricks Day. Since we all know St… Read More
2007-03-17 05:13
I would like welcome our new........blogmate. For reference all of you who have seen the movie blazing saddles should read that line like the towns people when the new sheriff comes to town… Read More
2007-03-10 02:00
So here is a question. I guess its tailored more to the male contingent that read this. (IE the brothers nye and sir chadley.) But i would be more then happy to hear for the ladies (IE mayb… Read More
2007-03-05 18:12
It was 1992 and the radio was telling me to look at those girls with the daisy dukes on. Not gently remarking on their existence, but, in an aggressive manner saying, "You there, gaze upon t… Read More
2007-02-17 03:54
So i am at work today. We have a two counter set up in our store. My roommate/coworker is at one counter helping an old old man. His interaction started something like this.The old man appro… Read More
2007-02-03 05:08
So i completed the most haneous of acts today.....i went into the Walmart down the street. Now as most of you know, i am sour on people that are just downright ignorant, and what is Walmart… Read More
2007-02-01 05:09
I dont mean to get heady with this, but i had a question that perhaps you would like to chime in on. My roommate Dave and I were discussing evolution today. Clearly we have a time table for… Read More
2007-01-25 18:24
This blog is in response to the conversations I have been having with people who don't understand why we are in Iraq and what we are trying to accomplish. To answer this I am almost always f… Read More

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