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Workingdan...the star of the show, my alter ego, the main character on this blog, it's all about him, me. He is basically a translation of my own life. An outlet. He is a documentation of my own thoughts, feelings, or actions. He is a representation of my own life experiences, with some douchebaggery mixed in for entertainment purposes. He is me. I am him. We are one. We are.....Workingdan

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So where did the idea of Workingdan come from? It could be as simple as me being a blue collar working man whose name is Dan, standing up against the hardships that folks like myself must endure to survive. Or perhaps Workingdan means a little bit more? 

Maybe he was a calling. I got this urge to just Write. I didn't want to write a novel or anything of significance. I always enjoyed writing, whether it was writing a story for school or writing letters, I enjoyed it and took pride in it. I never really practiced it, other than some mushy letters to high school girlfriends. 

And so Workingdan was born. I had found a place to come where I could just write. Again, I had no direction, no purpose to my writing, no topic, nothing. I started out writing about work, and every day reasons why people hate their jobs. As I made my way around the blogosphere I became full of ideas. I got away from writing about work and just started writing whatever came to mind. I started drawing cartoons. I got vulgar. I got personal. My popularity grew. I had a large following and was well known around the Internet. Times were great and I was having a blast. Nothing beats a good rant!

All the while I was searching for a specific angle. I was always looking to become a professional on a single topic and land some dream writing gig. It became work trying to find that niche, I lost interest and, for the most part, vanished from the blog world. As an attempt keep this blog alive and maintain what following I had left, I posted sporadically and poked my head out every now and then. I tried taking on politics and all things conspiracy, with perhaps a mix of religion. 

That, too, became tiresome. I was trying to be a professional writer on topics that are beyond my understanding. I'm no politician. Who in the hell knows politics? Every time you blink, laws are changing, and they're changing in the wrong direction. To me, when I look at a room full of politicians I see a troop of monkeys trying to fuck a football, and only for the sake of your vote, nothing else. 

source (is it me or does this resemble a certain political leader?)

It then dawned on me. Since I am no politician, nor am I a priest, the answer was simple...just go back to being me. There are no rules here. I write what I want, when I want, and however the fuck I want to write it. If I want to write about me then I'll write about me because nobody does me like I do. If I want to do a comic then by God a comic it will be. If I want to troll I'll troll and I won't care who or what it is. 

For those of you who are familiar with this blog you may have noticed an ever so small increase in activity lately. I feel this blog is calling back to me. Perhaps it is the social experience I miss, joking around with my readers, debating, or just shooting the shit. Whatever the reason, I just feel compelled  to maintain my presence and stay true to the Workingdan persona, whatever that may be. I have no  aspirations to be a published author, I just want to write and have an audience, even if it's just  a handful of people. 

I may post a diary entry. It could be a poem. It could be a small work of fiction or a comic. Who the hell knows? My brain feels like it needs to unload, maybe I want to get some things off my chest or just share my journey towards a better life. Whatever it is, I promise I will try my hardest to not be boring. 

I guess you could call this post a reintroduction to myself. A blog reborn. 

Hello, my name is Workingdan. I used to be an Internet bully, still might be one, but deep down I'm just a big teddy bear. I'm usually quite honest around here, but don't always take me seriously, if that makes any sense. I got a good sense of humor and I can rant with the best of them. I'm married with 2 kids and 40 is creeping up fast. 

My goal is to resume posting at least once a week, although I can't commit to that schedule at this time. I never was a fan of proper blog etiquette and didn't play by the rules. But I am thankful for every reader and so it is only common courtesy to return the favor. 

Whichever, I will return a visit to your web page. I solemnly swear. 

I will also respond to every comment so be sure to come back and check the comments because you just never know what I might say. I may call you a fucktard and you may never even know it. I don't know about you but that is something I would like to know so be sure to check often. I love online interaction so feel free to engage and carry on a conversation any time. 

Now that we have gotten acquainted, or re-acquainted, comments are now open. Your feedback and support is what keeps this blog going. 

Thank you and God bless! 

Now enjoy this video by Metallica!

This post first appeared on Workingdan, please read the originial post: here

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