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5 powerful words that makes online content more trustworthy

A guest post by Alicia Clarke.

When you write any promotional material, to make your content more trustworthy for your audience you will need to know some copywriting skills. And a little bit of psychology will certainly be beneficial as well.

Adding particular words will help to enhance its appeal and maximise its trustworthiness. Various studies have researched into how people respond to certain words and phrases. This post will reveal some of the most Powerful words that increase the effectiveness of your web writing. And it can also be used to establish your online reputation.

• Quality

Even though the word ‘quality’ may seem an obvious choice, you still have to be careful how you use it. This is because quality has tended to become very overused in marketing copy.

Quality is something people associate with reputation and reassurance. It carries a positive vibe, and tests suggest that it can make your website content more trustworthy by as much as 30 percent.

Words can have a powerful affect if neuro-linguistic programming is used when writing content. Selecting the right words (in relationship to this programme) can influence people in various ways. Using NLP contributes to an important role in combining psychology and marketing.

It’s always good to emphasise the quality of your products, and that your brand focuses on quality. Therefore make sure you use this term throughout your blog posts. Be ready to explain why the quality of your products is so high. Combining quality with a suitable explanation creates an even more powerful positive influence.

• Competency

This word is similar to quality, but instead it refers to how people work in your business. ‘Competency’ is related to how services are offered, and the expertise of those responsible for creating your product.

Studies suggest that including the term competency in blog posts and articles increases trust by as much as 33 percent. This characteristic makes it even more powerful than quality, because it succeeds in making your content more trustworthy.

Since this word is slightly longer, it isn’t as overused as quality. This may be one of the reasons why competency has a higher trust rating in terms of marketing content creation.

It’s important to focus on its relevance within your content without overdoing it. Excessive overuse will simply make what you write annoying, and people won’t bother reading what you have to say.

• Change

While ‘change’ could be considered more controversial, it still provokes a certain desirable response from your audience.

How it is perceived is linked to the connotations it creates. Usually change makes people feel uncomfortable, because effort is required for it to take place. Very often corporate businesses use change as an indication of improvement and growth.

There are many ways in which the word change can be used to make your online content more trustworthy. For example, it can help tell the story of your brand and how it has evolved since your started. Also it can be used as an indicator of experience and how you’re striving towards improvement.

Because it’s both positive and negative, change needs to be placed in context and used selectively in your blog posts and advertising material.

• Always

Not many marketing experts are aware how a few simple words can have such an impact on their content. ‘Always’ is one of these simple words that has the power to change everything.

Always is a word which indicates stability and reassurance. Consider the following statement: “We promise that we’ll always give you the best price.” You’re reassuring your audience they will get what they want. The simple addition of always makes your promise much more powerful.

Again avoid overusing this phrase. It should appear only once or twice in your content to contribute towards making your content more trustworthy.

• New

‘New’ is considered to be one of the most powerful and persuasive copywriting words. There are several reasons why.

Research suggests novelty activates the brain’s reward centre. This is why people seem drawn to innovative products and brand new solutions.

Today’s products seem to age at an alarmingly fast rate. Laptops descend into oblivion after a couple of years. People are constantly looking for newer, faster and smarter versions. Therefore the word new in copywriting can have a profoundly positive effect.

You can still emphasise your experience and business longevity, but when promoting your products, new is the word you should refer to.

Have you made your content more trustworthy?

These are just some of the powerful words you can use to improve your copywriting to make your content more trustworthy.

However, remember everything you write about should be grounded in reality. Authenticity and being relatable pay off, and should be your primary focus. The clever use of powerful copywriting words will simply help enhance the original message.

Let me know if you can think of any more powerful words that excite trust in your readers. Also if you’ve already used these words, what impact have they had on your business? The comment box is just below this post.

About the author:

Alicia Clarke is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience. Follow her on Facebook.

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5 powerful words that makes online content more trustworthy


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