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10 mistakes every blogger should avoid to get attention

A guest post by Jake Lester.

Every blogger wants to attract visitors’ attention and stand out from the rest. However, this is a real challenge: the Visitors become more demanding, the requirements for blog advertising and search engine optimisation are difficult enough to accomplish. Also the overall number of blogs is so huge that the competition in this field is even more severe than in any type of business. Still, for success and recognition, a blogger is capable of anything.

Visitors are the most valuable metric in blogging marketing. Even though you may not be interested in the technical aspects of blog promotion, you may still be interested in how many people come to your site and read your content.

Many bloggers do not understand exactly how they can catch the attention of the visitors. They implement different strategies, but these do not bring expected results. The problem is bloggers frequently make mistakes that can ruin even the most interesting content.

Want to know them? Read on!

1. You do not know why you are blogging

Owning a blog is mainstream. For youngsters, this is an indication of popularity and social stability. However, running a blog without a purpose leads to the content not being updated, the Marketing Strategy not performed, the blog not optimised for search engines, and therefore no readers or visits.

Before you start to blog, it is important to define your goals and purposes. What do you need it for? Is it a promotional or informational site? Do you want to share your experience or perhaps use it as a platform to demonstrate your art?

2. You think that giveaways are the best tool to attract visitors

For an average Internet user, a giveaway is not enough to encourage becoming a fan of the blog. Giveaway posts regularly gather many comments, and even subscriptions. However, it is better to use giveaways as a part of a marketing strategy once you are popular enough to attract visitors with your content, and not with free gifts.

3. You do not edit the permalinks

Each post has a unique link that should remain unchanged no matter what happens. In you want to enhance new visitors to browse your blog, edit these links in your posts. You just need to make sure that the link is coherent with the post’s subject, contains a suitable keyword, and is really useful to the reader.

4. You ignore comments

If you close the comments facility, you diminish your responsibilities to your readers. When the comments are activated, you need to be attentive and reply to all comments to communicate effectively with your readers. If you choose to ignore this step, the visitors do not get their chance to leave feedback and therefore are less likely to be interested in visiting your blog.

5. You write only when you are inspired

Inspiration is a powerful tool. When you are suitably inspired by something, you can change the world. But avoid waiting for inspiration to arrive if you want to attract your readers’ attention. You need to update your blog’s content regularly to make your readers remember you. And this content also needs to be interesting and captivating.

If you want to achieve this, create a content marketing strategy for your blog. If you have to write without inspiration, make post writing a habit. It will be easier to unleash your creativity once you have a clear goal.

6. You do not use visual content

The main failure of the Internet users is being too lazy to read long posts. They just read the title and glance through the article. If there is nothing catchy, they just leave. The easiest way to attract a reader’s attention is to add something visual, such as an Infographic, a funny gif or a video that supports or develops the idea of the post.

7. You do not format the text

If you do not believe in an effectiveness of a visual content (and you have made a big mistake!), you need at least make your text more readable. Format it to make it look more attractive by using bold and italics to highlight relevant ideas and divide the whole text into several paragraphs.

8. You do not include a call to action

A call to action is a marketing strategy that you can use at the end of your blog posts to encourage your readers to communicate with you, read more posts or participate in the comments to stimulate a discussion.

9. You do not say anything about yourself

A blog is not a newspaper or a magazine. It is a personal space that belongs to you. And you need to treat everyone who comes to your blog as your guest. Even though you cannot get to know everyone personally, you can take a step forward by presenting yourself.

Your readers will want to know who you are, what interests you, and even some facts from your biography. You can create an introductory post with the most important information, or you can create an About page describing who you are and what you do. Also, add links to your social profiles so your readers can find you on Facebook and other social media.

10. You do not personalise advertising posts

Advertising is one of the main sources of income for a blogger. However, you should introduce adverts into your blog very carefully, unless you do not care what your visitors think.

I am not going to suggest you give up using sponsored and advertising content, but I do recommend that you personalise these posts. If you write a quality review, never lie to your readers. Remember that they will buy or order it because of what you have said. So if there are some drawbacks, restrictions or problems, it is better to mention these in the post.

These are 10 common mistakes that can ruin your blogger career. Now you know how to fix them and how to manage your blogging. I hope these recommendations will help you make your blog successful and attract the attention of many more visitors!

About the author

With a background in education and entrepreneurship, Jake Lester currently writes for the educational blogging project LWW. Jake writes for many blogs and gives useful advices for entrepreneurs, students and educators. He likes to cover stories in blogging, careers and education.

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10 mistakes every blogger should avoid to get attention


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