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7 Tips to Improve Google Adsense Earnings Quickly for Beginner

Google Adsense is a pay per click programs that we can use to get money from the internet. Many online business people recommend this program to earn money from the internet. However, not a few who have failed to follow this program because they do not know how to optimize their site to earn much money. After I experimented for a little over the years, I got a few tips to increase revenue from google adsense, especially for publishers who had first time followed this program.

1. SEO and Content Quality

The first thing we notice is to bring as many Visitors. So, to bring as many visitors, we must do SEO and create good quality of content. With this tips, I get about 75% of my traffic from search engines and, in my opinion, search engine visitors are the ones most likely to click on adverts, far more so than the regular visitors (which ties into the date based adverts above). Search engine visitors are on a journey to find some information, if they can't find what they want on my site then they might as well find it on one of my advertisers sites, and that's the good thing about contextual advertising - the ads are relevant to my readers.

2. Use the Right Template

Many of us who put Adsense code but leave it alone. I had a test to distinguish the template on some other blogs and the result is increased revenue, although we can relatively, depending on the topic of the blog. If we want to maximize your Adsense income from the blog layout, we can use some of the layout that was already optimized for Google Adsense. The author is mostly Adsense publisher and when seen from the form layout, themes or templates created an experience that he experienced.

3. Colour and Position

This is probably the optimization which is mentioned most regularly, but it's for good reason. You really should experiment with different ad positions and different colour combinations. Each time you make a change leave the ads for a week and see how your earnings alter. Make a note of what works and then try something new. I was always sceptical when I read these comments before but since I have started playing with positioning my adsense revenue has multiplied by 4 times (crazy but true). Personally I've found that blending ads into the site works very well but it's not the only way and you should try all the combinations you can think of.

4. Section Targeting

This one is a very simple change and is ridiculously straight forward to implement. Google have a simple comment tag that you can place around your primary content, and this is what your ads will be targeted to.

Key page content here
The idea is that you place these comments around your core page content. That is, the content which is mostly text, and which best reflects the content of your site. On a blog this will generally be the main post content. The reason you do this is so that the adverts don't target irrelevant content such as the links in your sidebar.

You can also add regions you want Google to ignore. I haven't used these myself but they are something I intend to try in the not too distant future. You can read more on the section targeting page of the Google Adsense help.

5. Maximize the Number of Ads

In accordance with Adsense ToS, we can put Ads 3 units, 1 Link Unit and Refferal Unit 2 in 1 pages. Maximize Adsense income by placing advertising forms are in the 1st page, but do not forget to keep it from damaging the article and the form of entire pages. Perform test several times to find the right format.

6. Give Description and Recommendation

If we put Refferal Unit (Firefox for example), it would be best if the ads displayed are not left alone. Put it on the refferal unit article advocating its use, for example, instead of stress using Internet Explorer due to malware and adware, use Firefox as your browser of choice. Give an explanation why refferal unit appropriate for use.

7. Update Articles Regularly

Visitor will be happy to come back to our site because there is a new article. In addition to increasing visitors, when articles in the update will have a set of new keywords that can bring relevant ads, and we can put some high paying keywords into a topic relevant articles.

I Was do this tips and less than 1 week, my earning rising rapidly, good luck...!!!

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7 Tips to Improve Google Adsense Earnings Quickly for Beginner


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